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Big Bud seeds remained a grower’s favorite strain for a long time. The strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid and boasts an incredible body-high whose potency is rare to find in conventional strains. In 1989, Big Bud won the prize for the “Mostly Indica” category held by High Times Cannabis Cup. The high THC levels in this strain explain why Big Bud seeds are a buyer’s favorite in the market today. The following is a breakdown of Big Bud marijuana seeds and why you should settle for them.

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The Genotype of Big Bud Seeds

The Big Bud marijuana seeds are hybrid, with the parent strains being Afghan and Skunk. The properties in the parent strains are manifested in this strain’s potency. The Indica properties form 85% of the Big Bud seeds, while Sativa only occupies 15%.

The Phenotype of Big Bud Seeds

Although the genotypes of Big Bud seeds play a huge role in determining its features, we cannot overlook the phenotypes and growing conditions since they also affect the final product – yield. Several features set Big Bud weed apart.

The first unique feature in Big Bud seeds is the huge buds with an irresistible green color. The buds are covered with a heavy coating of silver-white trichomes, making them appear wet. The high trichomes cover makes the buds sticky and hard to break.

When Big Bud strain seeds germinate, the plant attains varying height, depending on the growing conditions. When grown indoors, the plant can grow 3 to 5 feet (90 to 150 cm). On the other hand, when the same strain grows outside, it can grow up to 7 feet (2 m).

Flowering Time of Big Bud Seeds

When Big Bud marijuana seeds germinate and the plants attain the flowering stage indoors, they take between 60 and 65 days for the stage to be complete. Most marijuana enthusiasts prefer growing Big Bud seeds feminized indoors since it is easy to regulate the growing conditions. When the same marijuana strain is grown outdoors, the flowering period ends in mid-October.


The Big Bud cannabis strain boasts massive THC levels ranging between 15% and 20%, depending on the phenotypes. The combination of high THC levels and a mix of Indica-dominant properties and Sativa properties make Big Bud cannabis seeds highly sought-after today. Regulation of the growing conditions in an indoor environment allows the plant to attain optimal THC levels.


Big Bud cannabis is one of the strains with the lowest CBD levels. The low CBD levels in Big Bud weed explain why only experienced weed smokers should use it. The high Indica levels can induce a couch-lock, destabilizing you momentarily.

Effects of Big Bud

One of the reasons why most people are settling for Big Bud seeds feminized is due to the rare strain’s collection of effects. First, the Indica properties in Big Bud marijuana induce a relaxing effect, prompting the users to be more creative. A long session of Big Bud cannabis might induce couch-lock effects, especially to the novice. The couch-lock effect manifests in the form of dreamy eyes or even blacking out.

Second, the Sativa properties in Big Bud marijuana might induce bouts of euphoria. The euphoria comes first after munching away or smoking the marijuana before the relaxation and ultimate couch-lock kicks in.

You are also likely to experience cottonmouth due to less production of saliva. However, this should not worry you since taking enough fluids can suppress the cottonmouth’s impact.

Finally, the strain might kickstart severe hunger pangs. Having a session on an empty stomach is the biggest injustice you can do yourself since you might end up taking more than what you can accommodate.

Recreational Effects

If you are a sucker for parties, you should look for high-grade Big Bud feminized seeds and grow them. The relaxing effects from the Indica allow you to gain focus when watching your favorite movie. Given the Indica-dominance, you should only use it in the evening after a tiring day.

On the other hand, the euphoric effects of Sativa make Big Bud ideal for unleashing your outgoing potential. A few puffs would leave you searching for a company. If you consider yourself an introvert, this strain is the magic solution to help you gain confidence.

Medical Effects

The demand for Big Bud seeds is increasing exponentially due to their medical benefits. The sedating effects of Big Bud cannabis make it the best choice for pain management. As a result, people suffering from muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain can use this strain medically.

The relaxing effects are also vital for inducing sleep, making the strain ideal for suppressing insomnia.

Taste and Aroma of Big Bud

Big Bud cannabis seeds harbor some of the most sought-after flavors and aroma in the cannabis industry. The flavor of Big Bud cannabis is a mix of smooth and Kush, with fruity notes. When you inhale the smoke, sweet-spicy flavors fill all the taste buds. When you exhale the smoke, fruity notes remain in the mouth, making you yearn for another session.

You can easily smell the sweet and fruity aroma in Big Bud, whether the buds are fresh or lit up.

The Yield of Big Bud Seeds

The ease of growing Big Bud feminized seeds explains why both established and novice growers like this strain. Growing this incredible cannabis strain in a warm, sunny climate increases the total yield. When you cultivate the Big Bud seeds indoors, the mature plant yield between 1.5 – 1.6 oz/ft2 (450 – 500 g/m2). However, you must keep all the conditions under control to obtain optimal yields in indoor conditions. On the other hand, growing Big Bud marijuana outdoors yields 19 oz (550 gr) per plant.

Final Thoughts on Big Bud Seeds

Getting high-quality Big Bud seeds can be a hassle, especially for the novice. Be sure to find Big Bud feminized seeds for sale from a reputable seller. Once you have bought high-grade seeds, everything flows seamlessly. The Big Bud cannabis strain is easy to grow, yields a lot, and is resistant to pests and diseases. Many strains can induce sedation, but very few can match the intensity of Big Bud cannabis.


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