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Blue Mystic (20 seeds)

Blue Mystic (20 seeds)

Blue Mystic is among the “mostly-Indica cannabis strains” variety and gives a great Yield. This seed-strain is preffered by growers in densely populated areas, because it has almost neutral smell when growing and flowering, compared to other powerful marijuana strains. The parents of Blue Mystic were particularly selected because of their soft blue/purple hues, which appears in the second half of flowering, especially in cooler temperatures. It grows similarly to Northern Lights and is as potent. Blue Mystic shares all these desirable qualities and adds beautiful appearance and distinctive berry aftertaste.



Product Description

400 / 500 (g/m²)
Compact plant
Average (55 – 65 days)
THC Level
In and outdoor

Blue mystic is one of the most widely grown Cannabis strains of all time. One of the main reasons why a lot of marijuana growers vegetate this strain is due to its high yield. This Indica Cannabis strain grows in densely populated areas. However the strain, unlike the other marijuana strains does not have an intense or alluring flavour. This strain has a very basic neutral smell which remains the same while growing and flowering, against the other Cannabis strains which give a very attractive smell. Blue mystic seeds
The Blue mystic strain is a genetic cross of Cannabis strains that offered soft blue/purple hues which grow in the second half the plant’s flowering period. The strain requires a basic sunny climate but the flowers bloom in a mildly cooler temperature. The Blue mystic seeds grow similar to the Northern lights strain and is equally potent. The plant has a beautiful appearance and a distinctive berry flavour. The blue mystic seeds grow into a small compact plant which yields an interesting 400 to 500 gm per square meter.


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