Blueberry Haze Strain Review and Info

Quick Guidelines for Blueberry Haze Strain

  • Type: Sativa dominant
  • Genetics: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
  • Parents: Blueberry x Haze
  • THC: 18 – 22%
  • CBD: 0.8%
  • Fragrance: Spicy / Skunky / Earthy / Blueberry
  • Flavor: Sweet / Woody / Berry / Blueberry
  • Effect: Uplifted / Euphoric / Relaxed / Happy / Energetic
  • Medical Use: Migraines / Stress / Anxiety
  • Cultivation: Indoors & Outdoors
  • Growth Difficulty: Hard
  • Flowering Time: 63 – 70 days
  • Indoor Yield: 1.1 – 1.3 oz/ft² (350 – 400 g/m²)
  • Outdoor Yield: 14 – 16 oz (400 – 450 gr) per plant
  • Climate: Mediterranean Climate
  • Consumption time: Late afternoon

Blueberry Haze Strain Info

Blueberry Haze strain is a Sativa dominant strain that boasts complex aroma and flavors, and potent buds produce high THC levels ranging between 18 – 22%.

This hybrid cannabis strain possesses strong genetics as it’s a pairing of two powerful parents, Blueberry and Haze, hence its name.

Blueberry Haze contains 40% Indica and 60% Sativa genetic, making it perfect for social occasions as it gives you a mental high that allows you to talk freely and with confidence.

Blueberry Haze Strain Info

Blueberry Haze Strain Parents


Blueberry is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that gives off the fresh aroma of blueberries. This hybrid strain has a strong genetic background as it’s a three-way cross between Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai. The strain was developed in the 1980s by a famous breeder dubbed as ‘Willy Wonka of the pot.’

This award-winning strain is popular worldwide because of its high THC content that ranges between 15 – 24%.

Blueberry is suitable for persons suffering from stress, PTSD, chronic pain, and anxiety. You can also use it if you are having issues with sleep as it imparts a deep relaxation that calms your mind, soothing you into a deep and long-lasting sleep.


Unlike its name, Haze strain does not give a mind and body numbing high; instead, it induces energetic and uplifting effects, making it a perfect daytime strain. The strain boasts of a delicious mix of flavors, comprising spice, citrus, and pine.

Haze seeds are an offspring of South American, South Indian, and Thai, and it is Sativa dominant (80% Sativa / 20% Indica).

It is perfect for people with attention deficit disorders to enhance their focus, enabling them to finish tasks quickly. You can also use it if you are suffering from stress, depression, fatigue, and appetite loss.

Cannabinoids Profile

Blueberry Haze marijuana strain is a product of two potent strain, so it’s not a wonder to find that it gives users a potent and long-lasting high. The strain’s THC content ranges between 18 – 22%, and sometimes, the THC content can go up to 26%. CBD content in Blueberry Haze is minimal, as it is below 1%. Blue Haze has a low CBD content, Blue Haze is a medical strain as patients use it to treat migraines, stress, and anxiety.

Blueberry Haze strain is rich in terpenes, with the most dominant ones being Myrcene and Caryophyllene; you will also find small traces of Pinene and Humulene. Myrcene handles the anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, pain-relieving, and sedative properties of Blueberry Haze. Caryophyllene is accountable for the strains’ antioxidant, stress, and anxiety-relieving properties. Humulene helps in appetite issues as it can either induce or curb an overactive appetite.

Blueberry Haze Strain Appearance

Blueberry Haze inherited all its parents’ best features from the blue and purple hues, potency, and taste. If you are looking to plant a cannabis strain that is stunning to look at, then Blueberry Haze marijuana strain is your best bet.

The strain has a beautiful, tightly packed bud that sits in a dark green of leaves, giving it a beautiful contrast. The flowers take on blue and purple hues, with a dewy, crystalline trichomes layer covering the buds.

Blueberry Haze Strain Appearance

Blueberry Haze Strain Smell

When you walk into a field of Blueberry haze, you will be hit with a strong aroma of spice and berry, thus its name. When you touch Blueberry Haze buds, apart from the spice and berry aroma, you will also notice earth hints.

The aromas blend nicely, giving you the overall fragrance, which is nice. Upon inhalation, Blueberry Haze smoke is smooth and does not make you feel like coughing. The aroma remains in the air long after smoking, which adds to the overall experience.

Blueberry Haze Strain Flavors

Like its name, Blueberry Haze weed strain tastes like blueberry with cherry and earth notes on top. If you love blueberry muffins and spiced lattes, then this strain can be a perfect alternative. It is quite a delight to smoke this strain because the flavors awaken your tastebuds.

As you inhale, you are hit with a warm mix of blueberry and cherry flowing smoothly. And as you exhale, your tongue is left with a sweet berry flavor.

Blueberry Haze Strain Effects

Blueberry Haze Strain Effects

Because of its mental effects, Blueberry Haze cannabis strain is perfect for social events as it stimulates your mind, thus removing all the anxiety and instilling confidence. With Blueberry Haze weed strain, you will communicate with others freely.

Better yet, you are given a creativity boost, so you will never lack topics to discuss. It is also popular among content creators, as it helps them when they are experiencing a block.

Some users attest to feeling energetic after taking Blueberry Haze strain, thus perfect for an afternoon when you need extra energy to tackle a rather challenging project.

As the effects wear off, you are hit with a wave of exhaustion, given your mind and body have been active over the past few hours. You feel relaxed, and the only thing on your mind is chilling, so it’s best you just put on your favorite series and watch.

It is perfect for late afternoon use because after you have completed your tasks, you can sit, relax, and enjoy the full effects of Blueberry Haze.

Blueberry Haze Strain Medical Effects

Blueberry Haze weed strain can be used for different ailments from pain, stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. That it does not knock you out is why this strain is popular among recreational and medical users.

Blueberry Haze strain can help you manage stress and anxiety. It enables you to focus on current events and does not allow your mind to wander to non-important things that trigger stress and anxiety, thus leaving you feeling relaxed and uplifted.

The strong mental effects of Blueberry Haze marijuana strain make it ideal for dealing with migraines and headaches. It is also perfect for persons suffering from chronic pain as it numbs it, allowing them to function normally during the day.

The presence of terpenes makes it possible for Blueberry Haze strain to help with inflammation, thus easing pain. As the effects wear off, Blue Haze leaves you feeling relaxed and chill, thus best for inducing sleep.

Some users attested to feeling aroused after taking it; therefore, perfect for people having issues with their sex life, especially women in their menopause stages.

Adverse Effects of Blueberry Haze Strain

Like other marijuana strains, Blueberry Haze cannabis strain has some side effects. These include:

  • Anxiety and Paranoia

When consumed in large doses, Blueberry Haze strain effects can overwhelm, especially for new users, as it has a high THC content and its high lasts for several hours. If a few tokes of this strain are enough to last you several hours, just imagine smoking a whole joint. You are going to become anxious and probably increase the chances of experiencing paranoia. It is best that you start low and adjust the dosage slowly until you arrive at your ideal dosage.

  • Dry mouth

This is another common side effect of all marijuana strains that is easily manageable. Before you smoke marijuana, drink a lot of fluids and continue drinking as you smoke and after you are done. This ensures that you are well hydrated, thus preventing cottonmouth.

  • Dry eyes

When you smoke marijuana, your eyes will feel dry. To prevent this, have your eyedrop at hand and apply at intervals.

Ideal Time To Take Blueberry Haze

Consumption Method

You can apply many methods when using marijuana, but they all depend on the form of marijuana. There are different forms of cannabis, and Blueberry Haze weed strain can be packaged as:

  • Pills
  • Oral drops
  • Oils
  • Dry flower
  • Topical (cream and balm)
  • Patches
  • Edibles
  • Vaporizers
When you are looking for immediate relief from your symptoms, you can smoke dry flower or use a vaporizer. You can also apply topical or transdermal patches; they are instant because the medicine is delivered directly into the blood capillaries.

If you want delayed effects, you can use a sublingual mode of consumption, including using oral drops, edibles, or infuse cannabis oils with food or drinks. This is the safest and most discreet mode of consumption, and compared to smoking or vaping; their effects are much more robust, so exercise caution and use small amounts.

Ideal Time To Take Blueberry Haze?

Blueberry Haze cannabis strain does not knock you out, making it a perfect daytime strain. Since its after-effects make you feel relaxed and chill, use it in the afternoon. This is because by the time its effects are wearing off, you will have finished all your chores and ready to settle in for the night.

That being said, use Blueberry Haze strain when you have a project that requires creativity and energy, as the strain gives you creativity and an energy boost. You can also use it when attending a social event as the strain instills confidence, making you a social butterfly.

Blueberry Haze Strain Grow Info

Growing Blueberry Haze marijuana strain is tricky for new growers but perfect for cannabis growers with loads of growing experience under the belt. The strain thrives indoors and outdoors, but its best cultivated indoors as it is prone to mold and pests infestation, which are easy to control in an enclosed environment.

Before growing the strain, its seeds need to be germinated carefully.

Indoor Growth

The strain’s medium height makes it ideal for indoor growing, but you will need more space as it gets bushy. Maintain the grow room temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) for the strain to develop to its full potential.

Blueberry Haze weed strain is beautiful to look at, but you must adjust the temperature to achieve its blue and purple coloring. A drop in temperature (cold temp) at night will shock your plants, thus completing your coloration.

Indoor Blueberry Haze marijuana strain takes about 63 – 70 days to flower, after which you are ready to harvest yields ranging from 1.1 – 1.3 oz/ft² (350 – 400 g/m²).

Outdoor Growth

When grown outdoors, Blueberry Haze cannabis strain performs well in Mediterranean climates. But it’s tricky to grow this strain outdoors as it is prone to mold and pest infestation. So if you are growing it outside, pay close attention.

It is ready for harvesting towards the end of October, thus using the colder weather to the maximum and making the color pop. You expect to harvest about 14 to 16 oz (400 to 450 gr) per plant.

Similar Strains

This strain popularity is over the roof. So if you are not lucky to find some Blueberry Haze seeds in your marijuana dispensary, you can purchase other strain that shares the same characteristics. These include:

Blueberry Haze Strain Review

If you want to give your green thumb some practice, you can try growing your own Blueberry Haze weed. Buy Blueberry Haze cannabis strain seeds from our online seed shop and get planting.

Blueberry Haze strain has many fans because of its ability to keep you focused as you handle tasks that require creativity. The strain has nothing but positive reviews from users.

For instance, Leafly gave Blueberry Haze weed strain a rating of 4.3/5. Wikileaf rated it 5.0/5.0, and Askgrowers rated it at 4.5/5. This is a clear sign that Blueberry Haze cannabis strain delivers as promised.

Final Thoughts on Blueberry Haze Strain

Blueberry Haze strain is a daytime strain perfect for late afternoon. The strain requires expert growers, and although it can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, it’s best for indoor growing.

This strain is ideal for experienced cannabis users because of its high THC content (18 – 22%), which delivers an intense mental high which can disorient if consumed in large doses.

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