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What Makes Bubble Gum Auto Seeds a Good Choice?

If you are looking for a strain that can prove to be effective against stress and anxiety, then you should check out BubbleGum Autoflower Seeds. They can produce a powerful euphoric high and offer great relaxation, particularly if you suffer from mood related disorders. Let us take a closer look at this strain’s main attributes and other important details, especially if you might be interested to grow it.

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What Makes Bubblegum Autoflower Seeds So Unique?

Bubblegum is an Indica dominant strain. Dating back to 1993, this strain did very well over the years. In fact, Bubblegum won the High Times Cannabis Cup four times. Bubblegum Autoflower seeds come from the Indiana Bubblegum. Genetics are not yet well known, but it is a fact that this is a perfectly balanced hybrid. This strain gives plants of medium size, which generally ranges between 30 – 40 inches (80 – 100 cm).

One of the best aspects of this strain is that it is quite easy to grow. In fact, many beginners gave it a go and did considerably well with it. One of the most important things to bear in mind when growing this plant is that it needs to be clipped carefully in order to keep its height under control. It is important to avoid as much side branching as possible. The BubbleGum Auto Seeds produce plants that are ready to harvest at around 56 to 63 days. The yield is quite good since it can give 1.2 oz/ft2 (350 g/m2) in an indoor setting.

The main attribute of the BubbleGum Autoflower is surely its distinctive aroma, which as the name itself implies, is just like bubblegum. Its flavor is also great, with many describing it as being sweet and fruity.

Bubble Gum Auto Seeds are best described as being a cross between the Indiana Bubblegum strain and the Indica cannabis strains. This lineage is very interesting, with the ratio being 45% Sativa and 55% Indica, thus the reason why the Bubble Gum Auto Seeds are said to be a perfectly balanced Indica Dominant Hybrid.

What Are Bubble Gum Autoflower Seeds Used For?

The most common use of BubbleGum Autoflower Seeds is to grow plants that can obtain relief from feelings of depression and anxiety. It can also be quite helpful for insomnia, pain, and nausea. The main effect includes feeling numbness in the body, along with relaxation, but at the same time, one will still be able to feel clearheaded.

The effects that are generated from BubbleGum Autoflower are euphoria and relaxation. The Indica traits are evident in the effects of this plant. It is also commonly used by people who suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia, as well as those who suffer from nausea and vomiting. It is also said to inspire creativity.

As always, it is important to be cautious, as side effects from usage may kick in. Some common side effects that were reported by some users included sleepiness and dry mouth and eyes. Dizziness is also quite common and at times headaches.

Key Traits of Growing Bubblegum Auto Seeds

As mentioned earlier the Bubble Gum auto seeds are quite easy to grow. The plant grows to be quite tall, and it produces one main cola along with long side branches. Buds fill out at every internode, and they will frost over. The growth structure of this plant is quite similar to that of a Christmas tree in that it is quite bushy. This is attributed to the fact that it comes from the Indica and Sativa strain. The fan leaves will feel rather waxy, and they will have a thin serrated pattern. The main feature of Bubble Gum Autoflower is the fact that it will emit a sweet scent very similar to that of strawberries.

Bubble Gum Auto Seeds grow relatively low, so you can easily find a place to grow them. The plant also produces several small leaves covered with trichomes. This is a strain that can manage to deliver well in all kinds of climates as it has a strong resistance. This is in fact another reason why Bubble Gum Auto Seeds are such a great choice for a beginner. The strain is also a heavy feeder able to take lots of nutrients and it can also manage to withstand long periods of dry spells or relatively harsh climates. So there is no denying that BubbleGum Auto Seeds are great, as there are so many benefits attributed to both growing as well as using it.

Bubble Gum Auto Seeds in a Nutshell

There is no denying that if you are just starting off in medical marijuana, BubbleGum Autoflower Seeds could prove to be a very good way to begin. This is because they are really easy to grow when compared to other types of cannabis seeds. Moreover, the rich flavor which is bound to be loved by anyone still delivers a potent effect. Many describe the fruity aroma and flavor as being similar to that of a smoothie.

Moreover, this plant grows quite quickly and it is not one to suffer from climatic conditions. Indeed the flowering time of plants that we get from BubbleGum Auto Seeds is not that long when compared to that of some other cannabis seeds. And, apart from that, it offers a good return. So, it is just perfect for those who are looking for a plant that is quick to harvest and still delivers a big yield.

It is also worth mentioning that the BubbleGum Autoflower Seeds are often described as being an ideal genetic mix. This is mainly attributed to the fact that it is quite like what many like to describe as an old-school strain, but at the same time, it is a well balanced autoflower. Hence we can conclude that Bubble Gum Autoflower Seeds are highly recommendable.

There may be so many types of medical marijuana you can choose from, but if you are still a beginner you need to be extra careful to choose a type that you can do well with. BubbleGum Autoflower Seeds can promise great results and are definitely worth a try.


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