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California Orange Bud (10 seeds)

All California Orange Bud (10 seeds) reviews

Welcome to the Orange California

California Orange Bud seeds have a perfect 50\50 balance of indica and sativa. This marijuana is perfect both for medical and recreational purposes. If you are looking for a strain that won’t lock you to a couch and will help to focus, California Orange Bud is what you need.

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10 Seeds5 Seeds


Created in North California, California Orange Bud seeds are not so easy to grow if you are a novice. However, if you decide to try cultivating these cannabis seeds indoors, you will be rewarded with nice yields of tight buds covered in resin. California Orange Bud seeds produce bushes that are not very tall and that can easily fit in any room. The aroma of this weed is fruity and bright, just like California’s sunsets. If you are eager to try growing this strain, buy California Orange Bud seeds by visiting our website


Flavors Orange
Flavor power Medium
Flowering time Short (7-9 weeks)
Height Medium
THC level Medium
CBD level Low
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Medium
Medical Yes
Yield Medium
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors
Genotype 50% Indica / 50% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis


Like any domestic plant, grown indoors, California Orange Bud seeds require a lot of nutrients and the right cultivation environment. The plant won’t be too high, so there’s actually no need to trim it. The leaves of this phenotype are covered in orange hair, and the buds are all covered in resin encrusted crystals. When grown properly, this strain can produce up to 1 oz. per 1 ft². California Orange Bud seeds need a warm, sunny place to grow and manifest themselves best during the summer months. The flowering period for this strain is pretty short – you can enjoy this high-quality weed in only seven weeks! Buy some seeds now and try California Orange Bud – you won’t be disappointed!

Character & Flavor

According to the name, these weed seeds will grow and turn into a plant with a citrus and orange aroma, with some hints of herbs. The smoke from this weed will be sweet and light, helping you stay focused and relieving any pain you’re experiencing at the same time. With each puff, you will go deeper into the orange wonderland. California Orange Bud is a juicy, tasty, and a pure pleasure to smoke. Try it once – and you will not be able to forget its taste.

Medicinal Application

This strain is true salvation from any symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. California Orange Bud helps people suffering from ADD stay focused and mutes all of the outside distractions. Thanks to its sativa component, California Orange Bud provides consumers with a mild high, relieving pain and stress and improving appetite.


Though California Orange Bud is used for a lot of medical purposes, there are some drawbacks that one should be aware of. For example, this strain has a very common problem: it makes users’ mouths and eyes very dry, so it would be wise to prepare a bottle of water or eye drops before use. You may also feel dizziness and in rare cases slight paranoia and anxiety.


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