Cheese Seeds - Feminized

Cheese Seeds - Feminized

  • THC 14% - 18%
  • CBD 0.7%

Cheese seeds are cross between Skunk #1, Afghani, and White Widow. This strain is so potent that even experienced users may not handle it.

seeds yield


Indoor 1.8 - 2.1 (oz/ft²)

Outdoor 26 - 30 oz per plant

seeds flowering time


Indoor 50 - 60 days



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TYPE seeds type INDICA HYBRID Indica (60%)
Sativa (40%)
THC LEVEL 14% - 18%
Height seeds height High
Climate seeds climate Mild
Indoor 1.8 - 2.1 (oz/ft²)
Outdoor 26 - 30 oz per plant
flowering time of seeds 50 - 60 days
Skunk #1
White Widow
Cultivate cultivate seeds Indoor / Outdoor

Growing Cheese Seeds

If you enjoy cheese dishes, you’ll love this cannabis strain that’s just as spicy, pungent, and cheesy. One of the hardiest marijuana strains around, Cheese seeds is a dominant Indica that yields abundant sticky resin and huge colas. Its potent aroma has hints of spices and acid with a smooth, earthy undertone.

This is one of the most famous cannabis strains that has attracted numerous cannabis connoisseurs for its strong taste, flavor, and physical effects. Spicy, pungent, sweet-and-sour with a hint of cheese is how it smells when growing indoors; while outdoors, its spicy aroma attracts attention immediately.

Growing Cheese Seeds

Preferred Climate and Conditions

These feminized seeds are often grown hydroponically but can be cultivated using other growing methods.


This strain can be successfully grown indoors and outdoors. Still, it’s probably best, to begin with, indoor growing because it’s easier to control temperature and humidity levels.

Cheese plants grow around 6 to 8 feet tall, so for indoor growing, you’ll have to provide enough space for your mature weed plants. It’s recommended that growers dedicate at least one square foot per Cheese cannabis plant – this way, they’ll have enough room to grow into healthy specimens before harvesting!

Although Cheese strain is easy to grow, growers must apply some techniques for indoor cultivation to produce a successful crop of marijuana.

For example, Cheese plants grow vigorously, especially during the vegetative stage. Therefore, indoor growers should encourage lateral growth and air circulation by bending and super cropping their Cheese marijuana plants!

Bend the stem while they are still young (before 10-15 days of flowering). If possible, super-crop your weed plants by bending and tying the largest branches to a support structure at about two-thirds of their length (during the same period). These techniques encourage more lateral growth than vertical growth, so you’ll end up with extra-large colas!


Cheese cannabis seeds are a great choice for outdoor growers. The plant is quite resilient and can easily withstand outdoor conditions. The cheese will reach maturity and be ready for harvest in late September or early October when grown outdoors.

As with most other cannabis strains, Cheese plants prefer a hot, dry climate with plenty of direct sunlight. However, growers in milder climates can still expect a healthy crop of buds if they provide the plants with plenty of water and fertilize them regularly.

To get the most out of your outdoor Cheese crop, make sure to give the plants plenty of space to grow (at least one square foot per plant).


Cheese is one of the most popular strains globally, and with good reason. It is a heavy yielder, producing large, resinous flowers with a unique cheesy aroma. These plants will get quite tall, so be prepared to stake and trellis them.

Growing indoors, you can expect to get 1.8 to 2.1 ounces per square foot planted (equals 550 grams to 650 grams per square meter) of growing space using a 12-12 lighting schedule. Outdoors, expect 26 to 30 ounces per plant in a Mediterranean climate that harvests in late September to early October.

Flowering Time

Thanks to Skunk #1, Afghani, and White Widow genetics, the Cheese strain can have a fast flowering time of around 50 to 60 days. The Cheese strain takes approximately 12 to 14 weeks from seed to harvest, producing a reasonable yield of about 16 to 20 ounces per square yard.

Cheese plants grow to a height of around 6 to 8 feet tall, making them an ideal choice for growing outdoors. The Cheese strain’s flowering time is fairly short compared to most other strains. Still, the yields are excellent – especially considering that this strain is easy to grow!

The Cheese strain is an excellent choice for anyone looking to grow a solid strain in a short amount of time, so is glad to offer these fantastic seeds for sale. Our helpful customer service can be reached for assistance when necessary, and you’ll be able to order the Cheese seeds with the discretion from Dutch Seeds Shop today!

Cheese Effects

Cheese won’t leave you indifferent. This hybrid strain is famous for its distinctive aroma and pungent cheese or acid taste. It will be challenging to tell these apart when you get high from Cheese strains.

The effects come on gradually, but once they reach your body, they can last for up to 2 hours! Some people that tried Cheese enjoyed it so much that it became their favorite marijuana strain.

If you were looking for an strain that could offer effective relief without a couch lock, Cheese seeds might be the right one for you!

Being a strong Indica dominant hybrid with THC levels up to 18%, this plant was made to enchant those who love physical and cerebral highs while at the same time they make you relaxed and peaceful.

Cheese Feminized Seeds

Cheese Feminized Seeds

Cheese cannabis has inherited the best genetic potential of its parents, which makes it suitable for beginners or experienced growers who want to grow a cannabis strain with maximum yield. In addition, consumption of this marijuana induces an instant relaxing sensation and improved mood.

Cheese cannabis contains over 18% THC, which means consumers will have a pleasant feeling of warmth and relaxation for several hours after just a few hits.

This marijuana strain tends to produce heavier yields than expected from its Indica/Sativa ratio. After all, it’s the “Skunk” in this variety that packs on the weight.

Cheese Strain Appearance

Cheese seeds deliver buds that are covered in resin. The sugar leaves grow into dense nuggets that are thick and round, with tightly interlocking branches thanks to this weed’s Indica genes.

The plants that grow from these seeds are generally tall, with dense buds covered in long orange pistils and several dark leaves, surrounding numerous diamond-shaped light green calyxes that fill up with sticky THC laden trichomes as the bud matures.

When grown indoors, the buds of this strain are mostly yellow/green with sandy orange pistils, while outdoors, it will generally feature light green tips on its dark green leaves. The coloration in one of the phenotypes is even more intense when it features orange tips on the forest green and light green leaves.

The striking contrast between the buds and calyx gives the marijuana plant a unique appearance.

Cheese Aroma

As a strain developed in the UK, Cheese marijuana is known for its sharp aftertaste. You will not only feel the sharpness in your tongue and throat but also smell it in the air.

That’s because this strain has a potent mix of aromas that will come off as pungent, acidic, spicy, cheesy, and earthy all at once. This can be quite powerful to some people’s senses, so it is best to sample it before getting high with this bud if you’re sensitive to such scents.

This is especially true when inhaling Cheese through vaporization since its smell is even more potent and concentrated.

While most strains are full of sweet or fruity undertones with an occasional hint of herbal smell or mintiness, you’ll notice that these basic elements have been replaced by opposing characteristics in Cheese cannabis strains: cheese-like notes along with zesty flavors accompanied by up-front spiciness.

Cheese Fragrance

A perfectly dry and cured Cheese marijuana bud has a fragrance that combines sharp, sweet notes with the deep woody scents of fresh earth. Inhaling the authentic Cheese aroma is like taking a whiff of everything Mother Nature offers.

The spicy acid scent comes on strong initially. Still, it will settle down into a smooth, subtle smell when combusted in a joint or vaporizer. When you smoke this strain, you’ll catch whiffs of cheese scents tempered by pungent skunk aromas as it burns and then releases its smoke.

Cheese Flavors

Cheese is one of the more pungent marijuana strains out there, a little stinky on the surface but with tasty overtones that make every puff an exciting one.

The name does indeed come from its distinct cheese scent, which is similar to almost all varieties of gouda cheese. This pungent and sappy aroma will only become stronger when smoked or vaporized at first.

But like most strong cannabis aromas, it quickly disappears once you start inhaling the smoke from your bubbler or vaporizer since it doesn’t smell exactly like a bag of Cheetos… these are real buds we’re talking about here! And what buds are they?

Cheese marijuana seeds produce Indica-dominant plants with a powerful resin on the calyxes. When ground up, these buds have a more skunky smell, with just a hint of cheese mixed in every so often to break things up.

Cheese Terpenes

Cheese seeds are hybrid cannabis that can give growers a potent nose-to-tail experience.  It has an overwhelming cheesy aroma with hints of Jamaican liqueur, which compliments its nutty and earthy taste.

The terpene profile of Cheese contains caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene, and pinene, like many other potent strains in cannabis.

  1. Caryophyllene is a spicy-smelling terpene found in hops and herbs mentioned many times before. Like most other terpenes, it helps boost the effectiveness of other cannabinoids like THC or CBD when they are consumed together.
  2. Humulene is aromatic and has a woody, herbal flavor similar to hops. It can be found in herbs like sage and basil.
  3. Myrcene is a common monoterpene found in herbs like hops, basil, and sage.
  4. Pinene gives off a woody, pine-like aroma and flavor. It is found in cypress and pine trees, basil, sage, rosemary, and hops (a plant used to make beer).

Cheese Seeds Genetics

Cheese Seeds Genetics

  • Cheese seeds are cross of Skunk #1, Afghani, and White Widow.
  • It was specially selected by the breeders who created it to produce high yields both indoors and out.
  • It is an excellent choice for hobby growers or commercial operations who value the ability for increased profits.
  • This Indica dominant seeds contains up to 18% THC, making it strong enough but also physically relaxing, even sedative in rare cases for new consumers.
  • The flavor of Cheese is sharp and strong, yet smooth with pungent undertones.

A Brave Mouse Who Loved Cheese Seeds

There was once a mouse who was always really hungry. He was an avid cheese-lover and would often dream about a gigantic piece of triple-cream Brie – the most seductive cheese ever!

He would wake up with pink cheeks because of how much he wanted this delicious treat. So one day, he decided to set out on a quest for it, along with his trusted sidekick – The Phantom Stoner!

They boarded their chill bong and sailed through the 420 zone for days but never found a way to escape back to stoner reality.

Finally, when all hope had faded, they found this extremely remote place.

It was an island paradise: tall grasses, comfortable temperature, gentle ocean waves…

Everything seemed perfect in that Aeon land where you could truly enjoy your spliff.

The Mouse knew that there should be some kind of quest reward around here, but what will it be? Cheese?

Of course not – we’re talking about cannabis products here! So, however unrealistic this goal is – our brave growers are ready for any challenge!

What awaits them on that island remains shrouded in mystery as I’d hate to spoil your journey…

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Comment 5

Easy water is all you need eith this strain. Heavy couchlike high. A must have indica.

Comment 5

Easy water is all you need eith this strain. Heavy couchlike high.

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