Cheese Seeds – Feminized

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Marvelously Musky & Seriously Skunky

For decades, Cheese seeds have been one of the most highly coveted strains in the Skunk lineage. Beloved for its arresting aromatics and sharp cheddar-like taste, this dank hybrid offers a full-body buzz with mild sedation. As an added bonus, Cheese seeds are remarkably easy to grow, making them ideal for new home-growers.


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Indoor Yield1.8 – 2.1 oz/ft2 (550 – 650 g/m2)
Outdoor Yield28 oz (800 gr) per plant
Flowering Time50 – 60 days
THC level14 – 18 %
CBD levelLow
Grow DifficultyEasy
FlavorsAcid / Spicy / Cured cheese
EffectRelaxing / Physical / Brain
Type60% Indica / 40% Sativa
ParentsSkunk #1 x Afghani x White Widow
CultivateIndoors & Outdoors

Of the many fantastic Skunk-related seeds, Cheese seeds always seem to stand out. Developed in the 1980s in the United Kingdom, this Indica dominant Skunk #1 phenotype was an instant hit on the global cannabis scene. Although Cheese was traditionally obtained via clones, many cultivators now offer feminized Cheese seeds with authentic genetics. Thanks to their Indica dominance, Cheese weed seeds are very easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. New growers who want a strong, dank strain with a THC level of around 14 – 18 percent will be rewarded with Cheese seeds.


Don’t let the Sativa genetics scare you from growing Cheese cannabis seeds. Sure, growing Cheese marijuana seeds might not be as easy as pure Indica seeds, but they are beginner-friendly.

Although Cheese seeds can successfully be grown outdoors, most cultivators say this strain performs best when grown indoors. Indoor growers should keep their temp set between 70 – 80°F and provide plenty of light for the best results. Those who are growing Cheese outdoors should ensure their plants get plenty of sunshine in a mild Mediterranean climate.

Even though this cannabis strain is Indica dominant, bear in mind it can grow extremely tall. Indoor growers should prepare their grow space for plants that reach over 78 inches.

Cheese seeds are relatively fast flowering with a growth cycle of about 50 – 60 days. When all’s said and done, you can expect yields of about 1.8 – 2.1 oz/ft2 (550 – 650 g/m2) from good original Cheese seeds.

Character & Flavor

You should notice buds covered with thick trichomes and green leaves with the occasional orange pistil when harvesting Cheese. While Cheese usually looks quite nice, always remember this marijuana strain was named for its aroma rather than its appearance.

Obviously, sharp cheddar and pungent skunk are the prominent flavors you’ll experience with Cheese. Beneath all that cheesy dankness, try your best to pick up hints of pepper, spice, and earthiness when enjoying Cheese buds.

Medicinal Application

In terms of medicinal use, Cheese seeds are most often recommended for people with anxiety-related disorders or chronic pain. Because the Cheese strain is only slightly Indica dominant, it provides the calming effects you’d expect without deep sedation. While experts recommend patients use Cheese late in the day, it’s usually not associated with intense couch-lock sedation.


A major drawback of growing marijuana Cheese seeds is they’re extremely difficult to conceal. Not only do these weed seeds grow to ridiculous heights, but they are also extremely pungent. Do yourself a favor and invest in high-quality air filtration if secrecy is an issue.

Anyone interested in growing this deliciously dank strain should buy Cheese seeds from a reputable seed bank like Customers can easily find high-quality cheese feminized seeds in our extensive catalog. now offers stealthy shipping and guaranteed delivery to customers around the world. As an added bonus, customers who spend over $100 will get 6 extra seeds totally free of charge.

3 reviews for Cheese Seeds – Feminized

  1. williamjalexander2

    Easy water is all you need eith this strain. Heavy couchlike high. A must have indica.

  2. williamjalexander2

    Easy water is all you need eith this strain. Heavy couchlike high.

  3. bce4601

    My order was processed quick and I got 10 free, all good, all growing.

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