Cookies Kush Seeds – Feminized

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For Both Indica & Sativa Lovers!

Cookies Kush seeds, are the great-grandchildren of Girl Scout Cookies phenotype and Rolex phenotype of the powerful OG Kush, and can relieve stress and make you happy with a sweet taste and hints of apple in it. Both an outdoor- and indoor-flowering plant with high yields it is sure to please you. Give them a try!

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Flavors Sweet
Flavor power Medium
Flowering time Short (7-9 weeks)
Height Average
THC level High (up to 24%)
CBD level Medium
Climate Temperate
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Medium
Medical Yes
Yield High
Cultivate Indoor & Outdoor
Genotype 70% Indica / 30% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis

Don’t think long about buying Cookies Kush seeds – go to your local seed bank or contact us and get them! These weed seeds will grow into potent marijuana with stable THC dominance. With a THC level of up to 18%, plants grown from Cookies Kush seeds will bring you happiness and relaxation. Thanks to the easiness of growing, Cookies Kush cannabis can be cultivated indoors as well as outdoors. When you inhale the smoke, you will taste the sweet and limey flavor with some notes of powerful mint chocolate. These feminized seeds have gained respect and fame in the cannabis community around the world.


Cookies Kush seeds are so resilient that they can grow even in the most difficult conditions. However, there is one rule that a grower should follow, and that is growing them in a warm, temperate climate. So, if you are a novice grower, this might be not the type to start with. Provided with a warm climate, Cookies Kush seeds will give you incredible results in a period of seven to nine weeks. If you are growing them indoors, you can count on 21 to 23 ounces, and 23 or more ounces per plant if you are growing outdoors. It takes approximately 60 days for Cookies Kush cannabis seeds to flower, and once it harvests – get ready for the high yields.

Character & Flavor

Talking about the smell and taste of this marijuana, it is safe to say that you will sense freshly baked cookies and mint. This high-quality weed will not leave anyone cold-hearted! A pungent, fruity, and earthy cloud will immerse you in a state of happiness, euphoria, and relaxation. Think about a hot cup of tea with a little cinnamon roll that leaves you feeling cozy and warm – that’s what you will get if you decide to buy Cookies Kush seeds, turn them into a potent plant and smoke it.

Medicinal Application

Thanks to the CBD level of Cookies Kush, which is just higher enough than other phenotypes, one can easily manage their stress levels with this weed. This marijuana also helps with chronic pain and muscle spasms. Due to such characteristics, this phenotype is perfect for patients with terminal diseases and arthritis. For those who are lucky enough to avoid such conditions, Cookies Kush can help with insomnia, nausea, and lack of appetite.


To avoid all possible adverse reactions and negatives, you have to remember: never smoke more than you can handle. Otherwise, you will be greeted by paranoia and dizziness. However, some people may experience a bit of an adverse reaction even if they smoke just a tiny piece of this plant. These symptoms are mouth and eye dryness and headaches.

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  1. Mario Bow

    This seed is so good with abundant buds and with awesome customer service. Definitely would return ordering from Dutch Seeds Shops.

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