Cotton Candy Seeds – Feminized


Cotton Candy seeds are the cross type of Power Plant and Lavender Indica. This evenly balanced hybrid features 50% Indica and 50% Sativa.  Cotton Candy weed is plant that produces long lance-like buds and fantastic leaf proportion that would come helpful amid trimming and nail trim. The leaves tend to turn purple, particularly amid hot seasons. Generally, it grows best in a mild climate and can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. This strain produces large, dense buds covered in trichomes. The flowering time is average, from 56 to 63 and the yields are incredible. If grown outdoors, it can produce up to 30 oz per plant, which is a lot.

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Growing Cotton Candy Strain Seeds

Cotton Candy is an evenly balanced hybrid that is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This strain is a cross between Lavender indica and Power Plant. The result is a tall plant that can reach up to 6 feet in height.  Cotton Candy seeds are moderately easy to grow and they thrive indoors as well as outdoors. These seeds grow into plants that produce large, dense buds.

Cotton Candy is a THC-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. The THC content in this strain ranges from 15% to 22%. It also has some CBD content, which is really low and ranges from 0.5% to 1%. This makes it a good choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of THC. However, users should be aware that the high THC content in this strain can cause some negative side effects, such as anxiety and paranoia. The most common effects of Cotton Candy include relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and uplifted moods.

Cotton Candy grows best in mild climates and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. When grown outdoors, this strain can yield up to 40 ounces per plant. When grown indoors, Cotton Candy has a flowering time of 56-63 days and can yield up to 1.5 ounces per square foot. Cotton Candy is a tall plant that may need support when grown outdoors. This strain is also susceptible to mold and mildew, so be sure to monitor the plants closely.

Cotton Candy features a unique flavor and aroma that is a mix of berry, floral, earthy, and pungent notes.

Cotton Candy Preferred Climate and Conditions

Cotton Candy is a hybrid cannabis strain that grows well in an indoor or outdoor environment. This strain prefers a mild and temperate climate with lots of sunlight. The plants are tall and require plenty of space to accommodate their height. And growers are advised to use the SCROG method to control the plant’s size.


Cotton Candy can be grown indoors in a controlled environment. These plants grow relatively tall and require plenty of space to accommodate their height. Growers are advised to use the SCROG method to control the plant’s size. Not only does this training method help maximize the yields, but it also helps reduce nutrient wastage.

The plants must be exposed to enough light and fed with the proper nutrients for maximum yields. This hybrid strain must be supplied with enough light during the vegetative stage and the number of light hours should be reduced to 12 hours during the flowering phase. To bring out the strains captivating purple hue growers are advised to expose the plant to cold temperatures at night. This will shock the plant, thus bringing out the purple on the leaves, making for a stunning sight. Growers should be cautious of the humidity levels as the buds get so big that they tend to retain excess moisture, leading to bud rot.


Cotton Candy thrives in a mild and temperate climate with lots of sunlight when cultivated outside. The crop is ready for harvesting around mid-October, and under optimal conditions, each plant yields about 30 – 40 Oz. Outdoor growers should monitor the plants closely and be ready to take action if any noticeable problems appear. If the weather conditions are changing, it’s best to grow Cotton Candy indoors. However, if the climate is stable, growers can cultivate this strain outdoors and expect some good yields.


Cotton Candy is a high-yielding cannabis strain that produces generous harvests of up to 1.5 ounces per square meter indoors and 30 – 40 ounces per plant outdoors. This strain is ideal for beginner growers as it is easy to grow and rewards its growers with bountiful harvests.

Cotton Candy Flowering Time

Cotton Candy is a tall plant that takes a relatively long time to flower, with a flowering period of 56 to 63 days. However, the wait is worth it as the plant produces huge buds that are dense and covered in white trichomes. The buds have a sweet and pungent aroma with hints of berry and floral notes. This strain is quite easy to grow and is resistant to most pests and diseases. However, growers must pay close attention to the plants during the flowering period to ensure quality buds. This can be done by lowering the amount of light during this stage and checking to ensure that the moisture levels are at a minimum, as the heavy and dense buds are prone to moisture retention, which lead to rot and mold infestation.

Cotton Candy Effects

Cotton Candy is a hybrid cannabis strain that is evenly balanced between Indica and Sativa. The THC levels in this strain are moderate to high, ranging from 15% to 22%. However, the CBD levels are low, ranging from 0.5% to 1%. Cotton Candy is a tall plant with a sweet and pungent aroma. The flavors are berry, floral, earthy, and pungent. The effects are relaxing, happy, euphoric, and uplifting. Cotton Candy is a suitable strain for treating various medical conditions such as pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Negative effects may include dry mouth and eyes. However, these effects are mild and disappear quickly. Also, if consumed too much, it may lead to dizziness and paranoia. That’s why users are always advised to start slow and work their way up as they get to know the strain and gain enough confidence.


Cotton Candy is an evenly balanced hybrid cannabis strain that offers users a potent high. Cotton Candy is also a great mood booster as it helps users get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. The high starts in the head and spreads throughout the body, numbing the pain and easing muscle tension. Users can also use it to treat menstrual cramps.

Recreational Effects

Cotton Candy is a moderate THC strain that is adored by recreational users. The effects of this hybrid strain are evenly balanced between Indica and Sativa, making it convenient for use during the day as it doesn’t make users feel couch-locked. Cotton Candy can be used to unwind after a long day at work or to relax on the weekends.

It can be a worthy afternoon strain when used in small doses, especially when users need to work on challenging projects that need extra energy, focus, and creativity. This is because the strain boosts the user’s energy and unlocks their creative potential, making it possible to finish their project successfully. It’s also a great strain for socializing with friends as it boosts the user’s moods and makes them happy. The high from Cotton Candy is also suitable for managing pain, anxiety, and depression.

Medical Application

Cotton Candy is a worthy medical cannabis strain as it may offer patients relief from various ailments without making them feel couch-locked. It may be used for treating pain, anxiety, and depression. Cotton Candy is also a great strain for managing appetite loss, insomnia, and stress. The high THC levels help to relax the body and mind, and to boost the user’s moods.

Thus, patients suffering from stress, depression, anxiety and PTSD can use this strain to get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with happy and positive thoughts. It’s also a great mood booster.

WARNING: People should never use cannabis to treat medical conditions unless it is prescribed by a medical worker!

Cotton Candy Feminized Seeds

Cotton Candy feminized seeds are a balanced hybrid with a 50:50 ratio. The strain has a moderate THC content ranging from 15 to 22%. Besides that, it has a CBD content that can reach up to 1%. Cotton Candy is a tall plant that produces large and dense buds. The buds are covered in orange hairs and are enveloped in a layer of white trichomes. This strain’s high THC and CBD content make it a worthy recreational and medical strain. The matured buds are ready for harvesting around mid-October.

When germinating the seeds, use the paper towel method. Place the seeds on a damp paper towel, put another damp paper towel on top of them and place them in a warm place. In about 24 to 48 hours, the seeds should sprout. Before germinating, storage is important. Potential growers should keep the seeds in a cool, dark and dry place until they are ready to plant them.

Cotton Candy Appearance

Cotton Candy is a beautiful strain that has a mix of colors, from green and purple to orange. The buds are fluffy and have a candy-like appearance. The flowers are covered with white trichomes that make the buds look like they are dusted with sugar.

Cotton Candy Aroma

Cotton Candy features a sweet and floral aroma. A well-dried and cured buds give off a pungent scent that fills the user’s nostrils with slight earthy notes.  Once this bud is lit, users enjoy a sweet smoke that is soft on their throats. And upon exhaling, users are left with a berry flavor in their mouth long after smoking.

Cotton Candy Fragrance

This strain’s sweet fragrance makes it one of the most alluring strains out in the field. Regarding with its name, it has a sweeter flavor than any berry-tasting buds.  It fills the air with an enticing floral scent that makes people feel like they are in a garden full of roses. The sharp fragrance gives an unmistakable scent that could be smelled even from afar. When well-dried and cured, its buds release an earthy smell with pungent undertones, making the fragrance more potent.

Cotton Candy Flavors

Cotton Candy is a hybrid cannabis strain that gets its name from its flavor profile which is a mix of berries and floral notes. When smoked or vaped, its smoke is smooth and light on the throat, and it has a sweet and pungent taste that lingers in the mouth long after exhaling. Upon inhale, users are hit with a berry flavor, and on exhale, they are left with a floral taste.

Cotton Candy Terpenes

Cotton Candy marijuana plants have a rich terpene profile which consists of:

  1. Carene: It gives the strain its sweet and pungent aroma. Carene is also found in rosemary, basil, and other herbs. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it appropriate for people suffering from conditions like arthritis.
  2. Terpineol: It’s responsible for the strain’s floral scent. Terpineol is also found in lilacs and eucalyptus leaves. This terpene has sedative effects that help users relax and manage pain.
  3. Sabinene: It gives Cotton Candy its spicy aroma. Sabinene is also found in black pepper, nutmeg, and cloves. This terpene has anti-inflammatory properties that may help alleviate pain and inflammation.
  4. Geraniol: It contributes to the strain’s earthy taste with hints of berry flavorings. Geraniol is an antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. It also has insecticidal properties that make it effective in repelling pests and bugs.
  5. Bisabolol: It gives the strain its pungent and floral aroma. Bisabolol is also found in chamomile and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It helps soothe the skin and can be used to treat conditions like acne.

Cotton Candy Genetics

  1. Cotton Candy feminized seeds are a mix of two strains: Lavender Indica and Power Plant.
  2. The strain is evenly balanced with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa.
  3. It has moderate THC levels of 15 – 22%, and high CBD levels of 0.5 – 1%.
  4. The strain produces a happy and uplifting high that may be appropriate for social gatherings or creative endeavors.
  5. Cotton Candy has a sweet and floral flavor profile with earthy and pungent undertones.
  6. The seeds grow into tall plants that produce large and dense buds covered in orange pistils and a thick layer of trichomes.
  7. The flowering time is 56 – 63 days, and the plant is ready for harvest in mid-October.

Final Thoughts on Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy feminized seeds are a grower and user favorite. They are easy to cultivate, have a short flowering period, and offer high yields. The strain’s potent effects make it suitable for treating various medical conditions such as pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and depression. The Cotton Candy strain has a sweet and floral taste with hints of berry and earthiness. Its aroma is pungent with notes of sweetness. The high THC content makes it great for users who want to relax and unwind after a long day.


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