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Critical+ 2.0 (10 seeds)

All Critical+ 2.0 (10 seeds) reviews

The Taste of Love and Lemons

Ever tried Critical +? Well, we have a better option! Welcome potent and exquisitely pleasant Critical + 2.0 seeds. The sweet and sour taste of lemons and flowers will take your breath away for a good hit! Get ready to be on top of the world with this baby.

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10 Seeds5 Seeds


Critical + 2.0 seeds are the offspring of one of the most famous strains of cannabis seeds – Critical +. Compared to her “mother,” Critical + 2.0 has a much better aroma and high yields. This Critical provides you with a moisture resistant phenotype. And this girl has a taste of lemon, pine and spices and a strong indica dominance, which makes her light yet hard-hitting. Critical + 2.0 can grow well both indoors and outdoors, thrives in September, and provides her owner with 30-45 oz. yield per plant. This strain can be used for medical purposes in treating chronic fatigue, migraines, insomnia, and stress.



Flavors Lemon






Flavor power Medium
Flowering time Short (7-8 weeks)
Height Average
THC level High (16-20%)
CBD level Low (0.3%)
Climate Temperate
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Medium
Medical Yes
Yield High
Cultivate Indoor & Outdoor
Genotype 70 % Indica / 30% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis


One of the main advantages of high quality Critical + 2.0 seeds is their ability to grow well and vigorously regardless of environmental conditions. This strain is easy to grow, fast flowering and resistant to high humidity, heat and other troubles, which allows you to grow Critical + 2.0 effortlessly. This plant grows well both indoors and outdoors, thrives at the end of September up to 50 days – which is extremely quick! Its flowers and thin light green leaves are very bright and seem to shine from the inside, with big thick seed banks. The quality of the final product is just great! However, keep in mind – when growing Critical + 2.0 indoors, the plant may grow too much if not cultivated properly.

Character & Flavor

While Smoking Critical + 2.0, your senses will sharpen. The air around you will be filled with sour-earthy smells of pine, citrus, and spices. Critical + 2.0 tastes a lot like lemon. It is very light and easy on your throat while smoking. This strain causes a very light effect which makes you active, creative and pleasantly light-headed. Critical + 2.0 seeds are a perfect candidate for growing for yourself. By the way, you can always buy Critical + 2.0 seeds at Dutch Seed Shop.

Medicinal Application

If you are suffering from such conditions as fatigue or insomnia, if you are constantly under a lot of stress and looking for a cure, Critical + 2.0 can help you. Due to an indica dominance, this strain helps to cope with these things. You can also cure nausea and relieve pain while using it – and all of this with a slight hint of lemon. The lemon pine and spices also calm down the nervous system and help to reduce anxiety.


Unfortunately, this strain has its dark sides. A lot of consumers report that they felt paranoid while using Critical + 2.0. You may also feel standard weed mouth and eye dryness. Last but not least, the side effect of this girl is anxiety. On this basis, we may not recommend Critical + 2.0 strain for inexperienced consumers.


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