Critical Mass Strain Review and Info

Quick Guidelines for Critical Mass Strain

  • Type: Indica dominant
  • Genetics: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
  • Parents: Afghani x Skunk #1
  • THC: 18 – 22%
  • CBD: 8%
  • Fragrance: Fruity, Sweet, Skunk, Honey
  • Flavor: Citrus, Honey, Skunky, Sweet
  • Effect: Happy, Relaxing, Body-buzz, Uplifting
  • Medical Use: ADD/ADHD, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Inflammation, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress
  • Cultivation: Indoors & Outdoors
  • Growth Difficulty: Easy
  • Flowering Time: 56 – 63 days
  • Indoor Yield: 1.3 – 1.8 oz/ft² (400 – 550 g/m²)
  • Outdoor Yield: 14 – 20 oz (400 – 600 gr) per plant
  • Climate: Mild
  • Consumption time: Evening or night

Critical Mass Strain Info

Critical Mass strain is Indica dominant and best consumed evening to nighttime. It is got by crossing Afghani and Skunk #1 and comprises 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Critical Mass CBD strain is quite popular among medical marijuana patients because of the high CBD levels. The strain is a legend because of high yields and heavy and compact buds that weigh down the branches.

So, ensure that you offer the branches extra support. This is a medical strain as it contains high CBD content ranging between 8 – 12% and low THC levels, which range between 18 – 22%. You will also get to enjoy its sweet, fruity, and honeydew taste, quite a treat for your tastebuds.

Critical Mass Strain Info

Critical Mass Strain Parents


Afghani seeds are popular among marijuana users because of their potency and strong genetics. This Indica strain originated from the Middle East, thus its name.

It is a pure Indica cannabis strain. Afghani provides users with deep relaxation, euphoric, and sedating effects, therefore perfect for managing severe pain and sleep issues.

The strain’s THC content range between 15 – 25% with low CBD levels. The strain has a pleasant aroma and flavors, consisting of pine and spice with earth and herbal notes.

Because of its heavy resin production, Afghani is perfect for extracting concentrates.

Afghani is a parent of many marijuana strains, such as Northern Lights and Blueberry.

Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is an Indica dominant strain with 65% Indica and 35% Sativa. It is a three-way cross between three pure landrace strains: Afghani, Mexican Acapulco Gold, and Columbian Gold.

It is popular for its relaxed, euphoric, and creative effects. Skunk #1 gives users a relaxing and sedating high with a sour and earthy flavor profile.

The THC levels in this strain range from 15 – 19% and is best for dealing with mood disorders, pain, depression, appetite loss, and fatigue.

Cannabinoids Profile

Critical Mass cannabis strain is popular for its therapeutic effects. Most people refer to it as a Critical Mass CBD strain as the CBD levels range between 8 – 12% and just 18 – 22% THC content.

Critical Mass strain CBD has a rich terpene profile made up of Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Camphene, and Phellandrene. These terpenes are responsible for the strain’s taste and aroma. Critical Mass weed strain cannabinoid profile is similar to that of Blue Dream strain.

Caryophyllene is responsible for analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, thus perfect for pain relief. Linalool is accountable for the strain’s ability to ease stress, tension, mild depression, and anxiety. Camphene functions almost the same as Myrcene and is responsible for the earthy and fresh aroma of pine. These terpenes make Critical Mass Strain CBD a potent medical strain.

Critical Mass Strain Appearance

Critical Mass weed strain is a medium-sized plant with dense and compact buds that are attention-grabbing.

Critical Mass is a beautiful strain with faded green and light yellow water leaves and some hints of silvery gray. The bright orange pistils that twist around the sugar leaves and a thick layer of trichomes add a beautiful contrast to the whole bud.

Critical Mass Strain Appearance

Critical Mass Strain Smell

Critical Mass CBD strain has a very complex and refreshing aroma. When you break apart this strain’s bud, you are hit with a fruity and sweet scent that leaves you feeling revitalized. Because of the Skunk lineage, the stain also has a skunk hint that is masked by the sweet fragrance of fresh honey.

Critical Mass Strain Flavors

Critical Mass strain has a unique flavor profile. Upon inhale, your tastebuds are hit with a mixture of sweet and fruity taste. When you exhale, you taste skunky notes but are immediately masked by honeydew, which lingers long after smoking.

Critical Mass Strain Effects

Critical Mass Strain Effects

Critical Mass marijuana strain is a relaxing and sedating strain, so if you want to unwind after a busy day, this is your go-to bud. It gives a heavy head and body high perfect for a night to watch a movie or have a chat with friends as it uplifts your mood, leaving you feeling happier and relaxed.

After smoking Critical Mass weed strain, you will spend at least one hour feeling spacy or in a trance-like state. So ensure that you are seated in a comfortable position. The effects tend to mellow down slowly, soothing you into a deep and long-lasting sleep.

Critical Mass marijuana strain heightens your sensitivity and awareness level, meaning that you get to feel everything that comes across your body no matter how long the contact is. This is because your senses are magnified and amplified, making for a tingling experience.

You might even find yourself breaking into a fit of giggles at the slightest touch. It also gives you the munchies, so ensure that you have snacks within reach because you will need them.

If you plan to use Critical Mass weed strain, ensure that you have nothing planned and seated as its effects can be overwhelming.

Critical Mass Medical Effects

Critical Mass strain CBD is a favorite among patients because of the high CBD content. The strain has a range of medical uses, and they include:

  • Chronic Pain

Critical Mass cannabis strain has an intense body high, perfect for easing chronic pain from ailments such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, pains from PMS, muscle tension, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. The strain has anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for managing pain.

  • Sleep Disorders

After the initial effects wear off, Critical Mass strain relaxes and calms your mind, soothing you into a deep sleep. Thus perfect for people who have a problem falling asleep or sleeping throughout the night as its mid and numbing effects are long-lasting. Make sure to take a higher dosage if you want to sleep immediately.

  • Appetite Loss

Critical Mass weed strain makes you feel hungry, forcing you to eat. Therefore, if you have issues with your appetite due to medication or ailment, this strain will help you. On top of restoring your desire to eat, Critical Mass strain also curbs nausea, ensuring that you get to eat and that the food gets to benefit your body. It is perfect for people undergoing chemotherapy or having an eating disorder.

  • Stress and Anxiety

Critical Mass marijuana strain can be an excellent choice for people suffering from stress and anxiety because of its calming and mood-gifting effects. However, it’s recommended that you start with a low dosage to avoid the destructive effects of overdosing. If you have chronic stress, Critical Mass strain CBD can help you by allowing you to relax and prevent overthinking, which is the main trigger for anxiety and paranoia.

Adverse Effects of Critical Mass Strain

When using Critical Mass strain, you are bound to experiencing some adverse effects, which are common in all marijuana strains but easily manageable.

Some of the adverse side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, controlled by taking a lot of fluids. This ensures that you stay moisture, but it’s also better to invest in eye drops, which can further ensure your eyes are never dry.

Critical Mass cannabis strain induces powerful body effects, and this may cause you to feel dizzy, but do not be alarmed as this is common in potent strains. Sit down, take deep breaths and remind yourself that it will pass, and within no time, you are back to enjoying the ride.

Please do not take any caffeine or alcohol as they may worsen the side effects, and the likelihood of experiencing paranoia is increased.

If you are starting, take the lowest dose and adjust as time goes by. Remember to keep a diary to track your intake. It helps avoid the adverse effects of cannabis.

Consumption Method

You can use marijuana through various modes, but they are dependent on the form of marijuana products and the type of reaction you are after. If you want immediate relief from your symptoms, you better smoke a joint or use a vaporizer. You can also apply patches or cream around the areas you are ailing, and the medicine will be delivered straight into your blood capillaries.

For instance, if you are suffering from a headache, you can apply Critical Mass CBD strain patches on your neck, shoulder, and ears; they help ease the tension and aches around these areas, thus easing the head pain. The good thing about patches is that they last for a few days and release the medicine in intervals; therefore, best if you tend to suffer from headaches often.

If you want the effect to kick in by the time you are getting home from work, you can take pills, oral drops, edibles, or infuse cannabis oils with your food and drinks. These methods are discreet, making them easy for you to use at work.

Ideal Time To Take Critical Mass?

Critical Mass strain CBD is a nighttime strain as it is a strong body relaxant. You cannot perform any other task after using it, apart from sitting, watching, or enjoying a chat with friends before sending you into dreamland. So take this strain in the evening to unwind after a long day at work.

Ideal Time To Take Critical Mass

Critical Mass Strain Grow Info

Critical Mass cannabis strain is pretty easy to cultivate, and the good thing is you can grow it indoors or outdoors, best for beginner growers. As long as you give it optimal care, you will be rewarded with generous yields. This medium-sized plant produces dense and compact buds that are pretty heavy for the branches; providing extra support is crucial.

Indoor Growth

Indoor-grown Critical Mass marijuana strain is ready for harvesting after a flowering time of 56 – 63 days. You should expect the yields to range from 1.3 – 1.8 oz/ft² (400 – 550 g/m²).

The strain’s buds are prone to fungal infections, rot, and mold, thus perfect for indoor cultivation where you can regularly monitor temperature and humidity.

Outdoor Growth

When cultivated outdoors, the strain thrives in mild climates. The good thing about Critical Mass cannabis strain is its ability to protect itself from disease and damage, as it’s very resilient against spiders and mites, making it perfect for an outdoor environment.

The strain is ready for harvesting around mid-September, and the yields range from 14 – 20 oz (400 – 600 gr) per plant.

Similar Strains

Unfortunately, it runs out quickly, so if you are not lucky to find it on the shelves, you can buy other cannabis strains that have similar characteristics, and these include:

Critical Mass Strain Review

Critical Mass strain CBD is a strong body relaxant, and its therapeutic effects are why users worldwide are seeking it. Loads of positive reviews from leader websites show that Critical Mass cannabis strain is working wonders for recreational and medical users. Leafly awarded the strain a rating of 4.2/5.0. Allbud rated it at 4.6/5.0.

Final Thoughts on Critical Mass Strain

Critical Mass strain is an excellent medical strain. It is popular among cannabis users because of its therapeutic effects and intense high. It is also a favorite of newbie cannabis growers because it is easy to grow and is resistant to disease and damage. If you are looking for a delectable strain that induces relaxation and sleep, then Critical Mass CBD strain seeds are your best bet.

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