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Crystal seeds are easy to grow and perfect for beginner and experienced growers. This strain has a unique genotype due to its parentage, so it’s no secret that it is in high demand. Other factors soaring its demand include high THC content, taste, aroma, mind and body high, and outrageously high yields.

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The Genotype of Crystal Seeds

Crystal cannabis seeds are incredible and have a unique set of genetics inherited from their parent strains. The strain is got by crossing two famous strains; White Widow and Northern Lights. This award-winning strain is Indica dominant with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa.

The Phenotype of Crystal Seeds

When Crystal strain seeds genotype is exposed to the environment, their unique phenotypes are activated. Crystal cannabis strain is beautiful to the naked eyes. Some of the notable features of Crystal weed seeds include:

Dense Buds: Crystal cannabis seeds grow into medium-sized bushy plants laden with well-formed large and dense buds covered with a layer of glistening crystalline trichomes, responsible for the high THC content.

Green Leaves: Crystal marijuana seeds produce buds covered with green leaves and red pistils covered with trichomes, giving the whole bud a stunning look.

The Yield of Crystal Seeds

Crystal feminized seeds boast some of the best marijuana genes, being a result of two great strains. The strain rewards growers with generous yields, and when afforded extra care, this strain can produce outrageously huge yields. When cultivated indoors, Crystal weed seeds grow into medium-sized with an average yield of 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft² (400 – 500 g/m²).

On the other hand, outdoor Crystal marijuana seeds excel in warm and sunnier climates, and you should expect yields summing up to 26 oz (700 gr) per plant.

Flowering Time

You may be wondering when you’ll get to enjoy your buds. After germination and vegetation, Crystal feminized seeds take about 56 to 70 days to complete flowering, when cultivated indoors. And since the crop is pungent during the flowering period, ensure to invest in the right odor-eliminating equipment to avoid issues with your neighbors.

However, if you are cultivating outside, ensure that your neighbors have no issues with you growing weed. Besides, outdoor plants from Crystal seeds are ready for harvesting between late September and early October.

Taste & Aroma of Crystal

Crystal seeds buds emit a pungent aroma reminiscent of diesel with sweet and pine notes. The strain also emits a citrus scent inherited from its parent White Widow. The taste of this bud is not different from the aroma. Upon inhale, the smoke has a sweet and smooth taste that is gentle on your throat. The taste has hints of pine and citrus, making Crystal strain a treat for your taste buds.

Effects of Crystal Strain

Crystal cannabis strain is pretty potent, thus perfect for experienced users. The strain provides users with a soaring head high that is coming from its Sativa genetics. The head high slowly melts into a sedating body buzz that relaxes and soothes your body.

Crystal is a creeping cannabis strain, meaning that its effects do not take hold immediately; instead, a euphoric feeling creeps up on you slowly, and by the time it is entirely noticeable, you are intensely high. So do not try to consume more as it takes longer to feel the effects, which amplify the adverse effects of this strain. This strain is ideal for relieving stress as it relaxes your body and calms your nerves.

Crystal weed also gives you a great head high that removes all the negative thoughts and uplifts your moods, making it perfect for managing anxiety. The high is followed by a deep relaxation which induces laziness and sleep.

Recreational Effects

Crystal weed is a favorite of recreational users as it offers them a mind and body high, which relaxes their bodies and uplifts their moods, making it a perfect smoke for when you are feeling down. Many users consume Crystal weed in the evening after a tiresome to unwind and relax as they settle down for a restful night. So before using this potent strain, ensure that you are settled in for the night because of its sedating effects.

Crystal marijuana strain is a great strain to take if you have friends over in the evening to talk and chill. However, take a small dosage to ensure that it doesn’t knock you out right away.

Medical Effects

Crystal marijuana strain is popular among medical marijuana patients because of its healing effects. Irrespective of having low CBD content, this strain induces a strong head high and a relaxing body high for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. However, do not try to over-consume as it could amplify your anxiety to do its creeping high.

Crystal weed strain offers users physical effects that numb and sedate them, making it a perfect candidate for managing chronic pain, joint aches, muscle spasms, and menstrual cramps. The solid cerebral buzz also helps in treating headaches and migraines. If you have insomnia, take a few puffs of this potent strain before sleep, and within no time, you will be in dreamland.

Crystal marijuana strain gives you a severe case of munchies, so ensure that you have food and snacks nearby before you start your smoking session. This makes it ideal for persons having issues with their appetites, such as those undergoing chemotherapy or having appetite and nausea as medication side effects.

So, if you want to enjoy the medical effects of this strain, get Crystal seeds for sale from us and start your grow.


Crystal strain seeds are among the highest THC strains. Being from a family rich in THC, it’s not surprising to find that Crystal seeds THC levels range between 17 – 25%. Therefore, newbies should use this strain with caution.


Crystal feminized seeds are not high CBD seeds as they contain negligible amounts of CBD, below 1%.

Final Thoughts on Crystal Seeds

Crystal weed seeds are easy to grow, thus perfect for beginner growers. New users should exercise caution when smoking Crystal weed to avoid amplifying its adverse effects. If you are looking for a superb cannabis strain to deal with pain and insomnia, Crystal seeds are your best bet.

You can get top-grade marijuana seeds from our online seed shop. We’ve established ourselves as the leading providers of high-quality, tested, and verified marijuana seeds, including Crystal feminized seeds. So what are you waiting for? Get Crystal seeds for sale and get planting.


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