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Durban Poison seeds will grow into marijuana plants that are pure Sativa Landrace and trace their roots to South Africa. The strain is famous for its uplifting head high and overwhelming potency levels, making it suitable for people with high tolerance levels. Durban Poison fem. seeds have also become popular due to the strain’s ease in grow, making them ideal for novice growers. The following is a breakdown of seeds features that make Durban Poison the go-to option for most lovers of the best genetics.

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Durban Poison Seeds Genotype

Durban Poison seeds harbor a few genotypes, which are yet to be fully explored. However, it is worth noting that the parent strain for this incredible cannabis strain is the African Landrace Strain. So, your Durban Poison plant that will grow from our feminized seed will be 100% Sativa.

Durban Poison Seeds Phenotype

After successful seed germination, Durban Poison seeds is exposed to external conditions, activating its phenotypes. The following are some of the features that make Durban Poison grow stand out:

Deep green water leaves – The water leaves in Durban Poison are deep green, with a touch of unique brightness to capture your attention.

Heavy trichomes’ cover – A heavy coating of trichomes fully covers the Durban Poison plant. Besides the heavy trichomes cover, you can easily identify Durban Poison flower by its green buds and orange pistils that cover them and even the sugar leaves.

Plump buds – Durban Poison bud contains plump, chunky, and circular buds, which give the plant an irresistible appearance. The bud structure has also made some people rush to get seeds for Durban Poison in large quantities.


The total yield for this feminized strain depends on the grow conditions that the plant is exposed to, and Durban Poison is not an exception. When the Durban Poison feminized seeds are cultivated indoors, the plant yields between 1.1 and 1.3 oz/ft² (350 – 400 g/m²). On the other hand, when seeds are cultivated outdoors, the plant yields an average of 16 oz (450 gr) per plant.

Flowering Time of Durban Poison Seeds

As a cannabis grower, it is important to understand your strain’s flowering time to plan adequately and make grow calendar. For example, when you grow Durban Poison seeds indoors, after successfully seed germinate and feminized plants go through vegetation, you should wait between 56 to 63 days from the first day of flowering for the plant to complete its flowering cycle. On the other hand, when you cultivate DP seeds outdoors, you should expect the plant to complete flowering between mid-September and mid-October.

Taste and Aroma

Durban Poison feminized seeds have gained massive popularity due to their rich blend of taste and aroma. During inhalation, you might experience a mix of a citrusy and herbal flavor with piney hints. On the other hand, during exhalation, your taste buds might experience a long-lasting piney aroma with sweet notes.

The aroma in Durban Poison marijuana is equally rich, making it irresistible. When you break fresh buds, they produce a strong sweet-spicy aroma. Upon combustion, the buds from thid feminized weed produce a thick smoke with a skunky aroma.

Effects of Durban Poison Strain

Seeds market for Durban Poison is booming, thanks to the strain’s wide palette of effects. When you complete a session of Durban Poison, the head-high effects kick right away, leaving you in high spirits.

Since this top strain is purely Sativa, you should expect uplifting high without any tiring or couchlock effects whatsoever. After the Sativa properties kick in, euphoric high creeps in instantly, leaving you in a state of confusion. The head rush might leave you giggling as thoughts cloud your brain. If you have low cannabis tolerance to cannabis or take more than what your body can manage, hallucinations might set in.

Another effect that Durban Poison assures you is energizing your body high. A session of Durban Poison leaves you physically active and ready to tackle any physical activity. This property makes Durban Poison ideal for daytime use.

The final most common effect in Durban Poison is the cottonmouth effect. It is characterized by a dry mouth, an itchy throat, and bloodshot eyes. You can suppress the cottonmouth symptoms by taking enough fluids after a session of Durban Poison.

Recreational Effects

Durban Poison strain seeds have also gained massive popularity among recreational weed consumers due to their uplifting high. The mood-boosting properties in cannabis are crucial to keeping people lively throughout. Taking Durban Poison helps you to socialize with other people easily.

Similarly, the euphoric effects are vital for keeping your attention in check. After completing a session of Durban Poison, you are assured of an adrenaline rush to keep you thrilled for a long time.

Medical Effects

Medical marijuana users and people interested in the same have admitted that Durban Poison seeds harbor all properties that make them ideal for medical use. The following are some of the medical benefits of Durban Poison:

Pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory – The THC in Durban Poison contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. People suffering from menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, and arthritis can take a dose of this med to suppress the symptoms.

The Sativa properties are crucial in managing various mental conditions, including depression, stress, and bipolar disorder.


Durban Poison might not harbor extremely high THC levels, but it is still not ideal genetics for novice consumers. With a THC level ranging between 16 and 20%, durban poison can completely knock you off with its euphoric effects.


Seed from Durban Poison harbor an extremely low CBD profile, with most buds recording less than 1% of this nonpsychotic cannabinoid. The low CBD also explains would THC properties overwhelm even highly experienced cannabis consumers.

Final Thoughts on Durban Poison Seeds

Whether you are an experienced marijuana grower or a novice, these super SFM (seeds feminized marijuana) should be on your bucket list. Similarly, if you consider yourself a pro in enduring high THC levels in marijuana, this is the strain to experiment with. However, it is advisable to only buy top grade seeds for optimal results. Buying Durban Poison fem seeds from us assures you of premium yields and high potency.

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Is Durban Poison hard to grow?

Durban Poison seeds are easy to grow. It’s a good choice for beginners. The plants Durban P. are resistant to many of the most common plant diseases and pests, so you do not have to worry about getting sick plants. They also handle stress well, which makes them ideal candidates for outdoor cultivation in regions that experience adverse conditions during certain seasons of the year or are not always at their peak growing level depending on the time of year they are planted outdoors.

What are the benefits of Durban Poison?

The aroma of this feminized weed strain is very strong, which may be disturbing for some people who do not appreciate the smell of this cannabis. However, many smokers enjoy this aroma because it’s sweet with hints of berries accompanied by hints of citrusy flavor that lasts longer than most other strains on the market today. Another benefit of Durban P. is its high THC content (16–20%). This psychoactive component gives you an energetic high followed by relaxing effects.

Does Durban Poison have seeds?

Yes. Durban Poison has both male and female seeds – cannabis seeds feminized. The plant is pure Sativa, which means it will be easy to grow indoor for seed production because the plant can mature quickly in less than 10 weeks.

How long does it take to grow Durban Poson?

Growing Durban Poison seeds is easy. It takes about 10 weeks to flower indoors where the optimal temperature for growing this plant is between 65 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 55 – 65 degrees at night. If you are growing outdoors, you will need to wait from mid-September to mid-October before they reach maturity, depending on how warm it gets in your region of cultivation.

What is Feminized Durban Poison potency?

Durban Poison contains 16–20% THC which is very high. Some people have reported smoking Durban P. strain for many years without getting tired of its effects. It’s an excellent choice for medical users who are looking to ease the symptoms of anxiety, pain relief, muscle spasms or nausea caused by chemotherapy or other debilitating diseases that require both mental and physical relaxation to alleviate pain and discomfort during treatment and recovery periods. It also has relaxing properties that can help with insomnia because you will be able to fall asleep faster than usual when you smoke it before bedtime.

How does Durban Poison strain make you feel?

This strain is known for its relaxing, euphoric effects that are in high demand among medical users in the United States. It’s a choice for people who want to relax their minds and bodies after a hard day of work or are having trouble sleeping. These effects are also ideal for people who suffer from chronic pain and other debilitating conditions that require a lot of relaxation to ensure that they heal correctly without suffering from pain or discomfort during the healing process. It also makes this strain a good choice for people who want to relax their mind and body while relieving stress and tension caused by social interactions with family, friends, coworkers, or other people in their personal lives.

Can you grow feminized seeds from Durban Poison strain outdoors?

Yes. This feminized marijuana seeds are a good choice for outdoor cultivation because it’s resistant to many of the most common plant diseases and pests, so you do not have to worry about getting sick plants. It also handles stress well, which makes them ideal candidates for outdoor cultivation in regions that experience adverse conditions during certain seasons of the year or are not always at their peak growing level depending on the time of year they are planted outdoors.

Poison seed or best seeds from Durban?

Yes. Durban P. seeds are really from Durban. However, the name “poison” is a marketing strategy that has been used by many online seed shops over the years to promote their products.

What are Durban Poison parents’ strains?

Durban Poison is an African Landrace Sativa. This strain is also known as Poison Durban Poison how they call it in eastern countries or Durban Poison Durban

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    I am a big fan of Durban Poison. I like the way it make me feel. Durban give me a lot of energy and make me feel focused and I also like the way how this poison make me feel uplifted. I think this seeds are a great choice for people who are looking for a pure sativa.

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