Fire OG Seeds – Feminized

Fire OG Seeds – Feminized Marijuana

  • THC 18% - 22%
  • CBD 0.5%

Fire OG seeds: Arguably regarded as the most potent strain under the OG Kush strains, Fire OG is highly revered. The strain is famous for its instant and overwhelming effects, making it suitable for experienced weed consumers. Marijuana growers have been buying the Fire OG seeds in large quantities in anticipation of massive yields, thanks to the high yielding capacity of this strain. Other factors that have made Fire OG strain seeds the dream choice of many include the exceptional taste and aroma. Here is a breakdown of what Fire OG offers:



Indoor 1.1 - 1.3 oz/ft² (400 g/m²)

Outdoor 14 - 16 oz (400 - 450 gr) per plant

Flowering time


Indoor 70 - 80 days

Outdoor Late October - Early November


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TYPE Type INDICA HYBRID Indica (70%)
Sativa (30%)
THC LEVEL 18% - 22%
Height Height Medium
Climate Climate Mild
Indoor 1.1 - 1.3 oz/ft² (400 g/m²)
Outdoor 14 - 16 oz (400 - 450 gr) per plant
Flowering time 70 - 80 days
OG Kush
Cultivate Cultivate Indoor / Outdoor

The Genotype of Fire OG Seeds

Fire OG seeds harbor a rare compilation of genotypes that have made this strain irresistible. First, Fire OG is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Fire OG strain was developed after crossing SFG Kush and OG Kush, bringing forth this highly potent strain.

The Phenotype of Fire OG Seeds

The germination of Fire OG weed seeds paves the way for activating the strain’s distinct features. Two features make Fire OG seeds stand out from other strains.

First, the flower buds in Fire OG marijuana are densely packed, complete with orange and bright red streaks to give you the perfect sight. The buds are also covered by red pistils that boast a long and curly structure.

Second, the buds are covered in heavy layers of trichomes, making it easy to identify the plant from a distance. The trichomes in Fire OG marijuana appear like frosty and glistening snow, creating a sight to behold.

The Yield of Fire OG Seeds

Fire OG seeds are reserved for experienced marijuana growers due to their difficulty in growing. For you to get optimal yields, you must grow the plants under controlled conditions. When you grow the Fire OG feminized seeds indoors under optimal conditions, you should expect to harvest 1.3 oz/ft2 (400 g/m2).

On the other hand, if you opt to grow the Fire OG weed seeds outdoors, you should expect an average yield of 16 oz (450 gr) per plant.

Flowering Time

Fire OG has one of the longest flowering periods, making it a reserve for experienced marijuana growers. After the Fire OG seeds germinate and finishes the vegetative phase, it takes between 70 to 80 days for this weed to complete its flowering indoors. On the other hand, outdoor cultivated Fire OG completes its flowering period in late October.

Taste and Aroma of Fire OG

The review on Fire OG strain seeds would be incomplete if we omitted the discussion on the aroma and taste from the buds. We can describe the flavor for fresh buds as a mixture of spicy and lemony citrus. Once you combust the buds, they produce a pungent flavor with earthy notes. If you have strong olfactory senses, you might also notice hints of herbs and pine.

An interesting fact with Fire OG marijuana seeds is that the buds taste as they smell. During inhalation, you might experience a combination of citrusy and earthy taste in your taste buds as the smooth smoke goes down the throat. After exhalation, you might experience a combination of spicy and woody aroma with pungent notes.

Effects of Fire OG

Fire OG cannabis seeds are becoming sensational to both growers and consumers due to their rich compilation of effects. Puffing or munching on this incredible weed unleashes an instant hit characterized by creativity and focus due to the sativa properties.

The uplifting high lasts for a short period and is instantly displaced by an overwhelming stoning effect. If you have a low tolerance to THC, the effect might culminate into a couch lock, leaving you sedated.

Once the sedating effects start to wear out, rare drowsiness and calm kick in. You might feel unusually calm and focused as thoughts drag through your brain. These rollercoasters of effects are why the demand for Fire OG seeds for sale is over the roof.

Another effect that might creep in after the sedation includes a rage of hunger pangs. If you had not taken enough food before the session, you might find yourself craving every available meal.

The final most common effect from Fire OG is cottonmouth. Cottonmouth is characterized by a dry mouth, an itchy throat, and eyes. You can suppress the cottonmouth symptoms by taking enough fluids before starting a session.

Recreational Effects

Fire OG has given recreational marijuana enthusiasts all the reasons to try it out. The uplifting high from the Sativa properties leaves users in a state of euphoria and adrenaline rush. Despite the short-term impact, the uplifting high boosts the user’s confidence. For instance, people who consider themselves introverted might find themselves socializing seamlessly.

The calming and sedating effects are also crucial, especially when you want to relax. You can have a session of this weed before your meditation session.

Medical Effects

Fire OG seeds for sale are also gaining popularity, especially to MMJ patients who depend on marijuana to manage various conditions. Several medical benefits are synonymous with this cannabis strain.

First, the sedating effects have proved to be effective in suppressing insomnia. People who find it hard to catch enough sleep can take the weed to make them sleep better.

Second, the numbing effects of THC have proved to be a great pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory. Taking this weed can help manage chronic migraines, muscle pain, and arthritis.

The Sativa-Indica properties are also effective in managing various mental conditions. The combo has proved to be effective in managing PTSD, bipolar disorder, and stress.


Fire OG cannabis seeds are also revered due to the relatively high THC levels in the strain, which range between 16 and 20%. The high THC level makes this strain unsuitable for novice marijuana users. Experienced marijuana users can handle overwhelming stoning effects due to the high THC and Indica properties.


Fire OG marijuana seeds harbor a very low CBD content, with the average bud registering just 0.2% of this non-psychotic cannabinoid. The low CBD content partly explains the reason behind the overwhelming head-high effects and demand for Fire OG seeds.

Final Thoughts on Fire OG Seeds

As an experienced marijuana grower, you might be worried about how you can acquire high-quality Fire OG feminized seeds. The good news is that we can sell the same to you at affordable prices. Reach out to us for unmatched quality in Fire OG seeds today.

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