Grape Ape Seeds – Feminized

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Indica Dominant Seeds With a Quick Flowering Time

Grape Ape seeds belong to a luscious strain with their Indica dominant origin. The plants that will grow from these seeds will have unique looks and complex fruity flavor, making them a simple top pick for you. The use of this weed will give you a full-body high for countless hours. The plants grown from Grape Ape seeds can cause smokers to melt into their surroundings and is best enjoyed at night – whether solo after a stressful day of work or in an intimate gathering of familiar friends.


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Indoor Yield 1.6 oz/ft2 (500 g/m2)
Outdoor Yield 25 oz (700 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 42 – 56 days
Height Medium
THC level 15 – 25 %
CBD level Low
Climate Mild
Grow Difficulty Moderate
Flavors Candy / Grape / Skunk / Musk / Hash
Effect Chronic pain / Muscular tension
Type 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
Parents Afghani x Mendocino Purps x Skunk #1
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

The Genotype of Grape Ape Seeds

The seeds are the result of crossing between Mendocino Purps, an honor winning Northern California crossbreed, the persuasive staple strain Skunk #1, and an unbelievable Afghani landrace. As the name suggests, High THC cannabis that you will get from the plants grown from Grape ape strain seeds will have a distinctive Grape like fruity smell.

The Phenotype of Grape Ape Seeds

Indica dominant plants grown from Grape Ape seeds have distinctive colors & unique aroma. Weed is one of the most popular among recreational users. The plants will have large chunky buds & tightly curved, green leaves with a pungent smell & multiple shades in different phenotypes. The plants of Grape Ape strain have sticky leaves with moderate to high trichome thickness. On the opening of the sticky flowers, you will feel a unique odor which is due to their parent strains, flavorsome skunk & thick hashish aroma from Afghani. Grape ape strain with high THC isn’t for the gutless, but it is for most moderate and experienced growers.

Flowering Time

After the germination of grape ape feminized seeds, the plants will have dense, compact buds, with deep purple leaves that will darken over time. The plants grown from these seeds will take 6 to 8 weeks to reach their maturation. The grown-up plants will have a fruity flavor & the outcome will be above average. In outdoor growing, the plants will be resistant enough to overcome infection & harsh conditions.

Even during indoor growth, the plants are easy to manage with their particular Indica looks, in which multiple lateral branches emerging from a single stem. The plants grown from grape ape seeds for sale will rarely gain more than 4 feet in height. As a grower, you may need to practice topping by trimming the superior branches so that lower parts of the plants can get adequate light.


Being the result of crossing between three top-class strains, plants grown from Grape ape strain seeds will have unique properties visually as well as chemically. That is a potent strain with 90% Indica dominance & a THC value of above 20%. That makes it a weed that you would love to take at the end of the hectic day. Just like being difficult for beginners to grow, it is difficult for them to use as well. The striking feature of slow-onset & powerful effects can be misguiding, even for the experienced recreational users. The grape ape strain is excellent to overpower you after its little bit high dose due to its very high THC.


As with the other strains with high THC, Grape ape feminized seeds will grow into plants with a low CBD value of less than 1 %.

Effects of Grape Ape

Recreational Effects

Grape Ape seeds will grow into plants, which will give you your favorite marijuana variety being a recreational user. Even a light smoke of it will take out all of your worries within no time. After the use of the Grape ape strain, even the seasonal marijuana users will feel the unusual high. You will lose your control over the mind & relaxation will take control of your worries. That is the weed to use for a night time or a lazy day off the work.

The effects of high-quality weed that you will get from plants by growing Grape Ape Strain seeds will have a lengthy onset of action. You will slowly feel the effects of being getting high, ultimately making you couch-locked. You can expect to have a cerebral high for many hours after the use of Grape ape strain. The relaxation you get is physical as well as mental, effects being slow & steady instead of being immediate.

Medical Effects

Being a strain with a low CBD value of less than 1 & a high THC value, the Grape ape strain has found its multiple uses in the market. Grape Ape is highly effective with long-term effects in the management of muscle spasms, joint pain, anxiety & lack of appetite. Being an Indica dominant strain, this is perfect for you if you are looking for flavor & bag appeal in a single package.

Taste & Aroma of Grape Ape

High-quality Marijuana you get from plants by growing Grape Ape Strain seeds will win you with its delicious scent, aroma, and potent effects. The Grape Ape strain is tasty with strong Indica roots. Its distinctive look and complex fruity flavor make it an easy top choice – to say nothing of its unimaginably potent body high. Strikingly, the grape taste and purple flavor of Grape Ape aren’t necessarily related. Beautiful leaves in cannabis are the result of pigments called anthocyanins actuated by various conditions, similar to cooler temperatures.

The Yield of Grape Ape Seeds

Grape Ape Seeds for sale will never disappoint you with their ease to grow & above-average yield. As a genius grower, you can expect to have a crop value of 1.6 oz/ft2 (500 g/m2) indoor and 25 oz (700 gr) per plant outdoor.

18 reviews for Grape Ape Seeds – Feminized

  1. Ganjaman (verified owner)

    A perfect strain for northern coastal California

  2. robinhornblower (verified owner)

    I bought feminized seeds and grew feminized plants. satisfied

  3. seedling master (verified owner)

    this strain can make you obese

  4. alvaro (verified owner)

    my favorite indica. love it. when you are in a dark depression-induced place and get any form of instant relief, it’s a godsend.

  5. Eric Smith (verified owner)

    I was looking for some new strains and seeds and ordered seeds on DSS. I’ve got them pretty fast. I planted them indoors and got a pretty nice yield of like 430 grams per plant. Everything’s cool and now I know I like greater indica dominance when smoking.

  6. Jack D. (verified owner)

    I’m glad that I found dutchseedsshop, they sent me high-quality seeds indeed! I was pleasantly surprised when all the seeds germinated indoors and after 9 weeks I was rewarded with great dense nugs.

  7. oswaldoswald (verified owner)

    i grew my babies, i cared for them and they rewarded me with juicy dense nugs… defs happy with this strain, it eliminated my depression…

  8. Capeo (verified owner)

    Grape ape is worth the wait of 9 week flower. Thanks for seeds, I’ve got 9 big amazing plants from 10 seeds that I ordered

  9. gonzalezz1977 (verified owner)

    I started the seeds the right way, I guess, on paper towels, everything went alright until it was time to transpant them. After I moved the plants outdoors some of them wilted pretty quickly for no apparent reason.

  10. Þorkell (verified owner)

    8 seeds out of 10 popped

  11. Ian (verified owner)

    I was reading a lot about grape ape before I bought the seeds. Then I found them here on dutch seeds shop and ordered 5-pack. Fast delivery to the US I must say! I planed my seeds into a pot and 4 of them germinated.

  12. Audrey Collins (verified owner)

    The seeds came in 2 weeks which is alright I guess

  13. Mr. Kush (verified owner)

    I was looking for a strain that would help me to overcome my depression so I found Grape Ape and decided to grow it myself. I read a lot to make it properly so 4 out of 5 germinated and that was quite an achievement for me because I’m a novice in growing. So I finally got the great yield! Buds are dense and smoking this strain makes me super high and happy!

  14. Morat Sol (verified owner)

    Never tried a better strain! This weed made me so relaxed! Such a felicitous blend of indica and sativa. Love the seeds, however, you better be an experienced grower to take care of your green buddy properly.

  15. Harry C. (verified owner)

    These seeds germinate really fast if you grow them in a Mediterranean climate otherwise I’d recommend you to grow them inside. Fast delivery. I recommend

  16. Sam S (verified owner)

    Seeds are really good. But the delivery is worse than seeds:). Next time will order them in advance

  17. Lloyd Bagby

    Great company great customer service I’ll highly recommend this company all the strains popped and I’m happy with the results

  18. Luke Miles

    I am glad with this purchase and I received it on time. I would definitely recommend Dutch Seeds Shop for your weed needs.

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