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Grape stomper seeds are a feminized variety of marijuana seeds. It is an Indica and Sativa strain combination that is easy to grow. Earlier this strain was called as Sour grapes. Over a period of few years many alterations have been made to develop the seeds from the clones. The lineage of these seeds is Purple Elephant Indica strain and a Sativa strong Chemdawg Sour Diesel. This cross has lead to an intense and consistent sugar supply along with grape fuel. The plant grows well both indoors and outdoors. It is a medium-sized plant with huge piles of sugary flowers. The leaf tips are frosty till the end, which is one of the original traits of the Grape Stomper variety.

The Grape Stomper leads to a Sativa high that is hard to miss along with complete relaxation of the body. It gives a feeling of walking on the clouds. It has a sweet, fruity, sour and grape-like taste that is loved by all. The smell of the seeds is an earthy berry one with a hint of sourness.

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Growing Grape Stomper Strain Seeds

Grape Stomper seeds are hybrid that was created by crossing Purple Elephant with Chemdawg Sour Diesel. This particular strain is Sativa dominant and produces dense buds that are covered in resin. Grape Stomper is also high in Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Limonene, which gives it a grapey, sweet, and pungent flavor profile. The taste is also grape-like with a hint of diesel.

This hybrid will leave its users feeling happy, sleepy, and aroused. The buds are dense and covered in crystals, making it the perfect choice for people who want to make hash or other concentrates.

The THC content of this strain ranges from 19 to 23%, making it a potent strain. The CBD content is very low, ranging from 0.2 to 0.6%. This strain is great for those who are looking for an energetic and euphoric high that can also help to increase focus and concentration.

Grape Stomper is moderately easy to grow and its flowering time is between 60 and 70 days, which makes it a long-maturing hybrid. However, the wait is worth it as the Grape Stomper seeds produces some very impressive buds!

This particular strain is known for its relatively high yields. When grown indoors, growers can expect up to 1 oz per square foot (300 grams per square meter). When grown outdoors, the yield can be as high as 16 ounces (450 grams) per plant!

Desired pH levels for Grape Stomper marijuana plants are between 6.0 and 7.0, with ideal temperatures falling in the range of 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit.  pH levels that are too high or low can prevent the Grape Stomper plant from extracting nutrients efficiently, so make sure to test and adjust the pH of the soil or water before planting. These plants are also susceptible to common pests and diseases, so be sure to keep an eye out for signs of infestation or infection.

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Grape Stomper Seeds Preferred Climate and Conditions

Grape Stomper feminized seeds grow into beautiful plants that produce large, resinous buds with a sweet grape aroma. This strain is best suited for cultivation in mild climates and does well when grown outdoors.


Grape Stomper plants grow medium-tall, so when growing Grape Stomper seeds indoors, it’s important to provide the plants with enough space to develop (at least one square foot per plant). It’s also important to keep an eye on the humidity levels in the grow room, as too much moisture can lead to mold and mildew problems. These weed plants will also need a lot of light during the vegetative stage – around 18 hours per day is ideal. It’s also essential to provide plenty of nutrients, especially phosphorous, if growing in soil or soilless mediums. LEC or LED grow lights are also highly recommended since they promote proper growth while reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.

If growing Grape Stomper feminized seeds indoors, then one can also use a hydroponic system with an air pump to ensure the roots have access to oxygen. An oscillating fan should also be used to circulate air and prevent the growth of mold or mildew.


Grape Stomper seeds best in mild climates and does well when cultivated outdoors. This strain prefers a sunny climate with moderate humidity levels.  The time for harvest is around October, and growers can expect to get about 14 – 16 ounces (400 – 450 grams) per plant. When growing this seeds outdoors, it’s important to provide the plants with plenty of space to develop (at least one square foot per plant). Also, make sure to plant the seeds in an area that receives full sunlight for at least six hours per day. It’s also essential to provide plenty of nutrients, especially phosphorous, if growing in soil.

Grape Stomper Seeds Yield

Grape Stomper Seeds Yield

This variety produces high yields and has a strong, relaxing effect on users. When Growing Grape Stomper indoors under optimal conditions, one can expect approximately 1 ounce per square foot planted (equals 30 grams per square meter) of usable product! Outdoors, each plant can yield between 14-16 ounces (400-450 grams), making this an excellent choice for commercial growers looking for a high-yielding strain!

Flowering Time

The Grape Stomper cannabis seeds have a flowering time of 60 to 70 days. This is a bit longer than most strains, but the wait is worth it! The buds produced by this strain are absolutely massive and incredibly potent. If someone is looking for a strain that will give them a serious case of couch-lock, look no further than Grape Stomper seeds! This strain is also known for its grape-like aroma, which is sure to please any fan of fruity strains.

When growing Grape Stomper seeds, it’s important to keep an eye on the nutrient levels in the soil. This strain is susceptible to nutrient deficiencies, so make sure to give the plants the nutrients they need! Growers should also be aware of the possibility of bud rot, as this is a common issue with this strain. Make sure to provide the plants with plenty of airflow to prevent mould and mildew from taking hold.


Grape Stomper is a potent hybrid cannabis strain that is sure to leave people feeling aroused and concentrated. This strain has a high THC content, ranging from 19% to 23%, and a low CBD content, ranging from 0.2% to 0.6%. The high from this Sativa strain is both physical and mental, providing users with a sense of arousal and euphoria. This strain is perfect for those looking to unwind after a long day, or for those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety. At higher doses, it also makes some users feel sleepy. Hence, it is also believed it helps those who have insomnia. The grape flavor of this strain is also sure to please those with a sweet tooth.

Feelings – Sleepy: 65%; Aroused: 69%; Concentrated: 58%;

May Help With – Stress: 38%; Pain: 33%; Insomnia: 27%; (Warning: People should not consume cannabis for medicinal purposes without consulting a doctor beforehand!)

Negative – Thirst. 52%; Dry eyes/mouth. 47%; Low blood pressure. 36%;

Grape Stomper Feminized Seeds

Grape Stomper Feminized Seeds

Grape Stomper marijuana seeds are Sativa-dominant hybrid with a 70/30 ratio. With THC levels up to 23%, this marijuana strain induces an energetic, euphoric, and happy high. Grape Stomper marijuana plants are green with lots of purple leaves that make it easy to identify in the optimum harvest time, which is October when the plant reaches its maturity. Grape Stomper seeds are feminized, which means that all the plants that will grow from them will be female. This is great news for growers as it saves time and effort in having to remove male plants.

Grape Stomper Appearance

The Grape Stomper marijuana strain has a unique appearance. Its buds are covered in bright purple hairs, with the leaves and calyxes being a deep green color. The exterior of its calyxes is primarily dark green with hints of brown or purple pistils, while the interior is bright purple with lighter purple pistils. This variety also features forest green and light green leaves that cultivators can watch grow under sunlight, revealing vibrant colored terpenes such as Carene, Humulene, Sabinene, Phellandrene and Bisabolol amidst its pistils.

Grape Stomper Aroma

The best way to describe the Grape Stomper scent is to think of freshly squeezed grapes dosed with kief and sugar. That sweet, earthy aroma will hit people first upon breaking open a bud from the bag. Then, some more spices give it an intense aroma to go along with its strong taste. Like a glass of freshly squeezed grape juice on a hot summer day, there’s no better time than now to smoke or vape this strain if someone requires an energy boost or just want something nice and refreshing after a long day in the sun.

Grape Stomper Fragrance

The scent of a Grape Stomper fragrance is a mix of earthy aromas that are deep, pungent and sweet. However, as soon as people open up the container where the stash is kept, they will be met with sharp fruity that are unlike typical marijuana aroma. The pure bud will carry these potent yet pleasant scents along with grape-like tones. As soon as they burn Grape Stomper weed, the aroma will be similar to that of a musky incense with hints of sweet spices luring them in for another scent. The delicious taste is mellow but potent.

Grape Stomper Flavors

The Grape Stomper strain is a delicious mix of sweet grape and pungent diesel flavors. The smoke is smooth and creamy, with a sweet grape aftertaste that lingers in the mouth long after use. The buds are dense and sticky, with a deep purple coloration. The high is very relaxing, with a happy and euphoric feeling that is perfect for unwinding after a long day. The Grape Stomper strain is perfect for those who enjoy sweet and pungent flavors, and who are looking for a relaxing and happy high.

Grape Stomper Terpenes

The terpene profile of Grape Stomper seeds is dominated by carene, humulene, sabinene, phellandrene and bisabolol. These terpenes give the strain its grape, sweet, and pungent flavors.

  1. Carene is a terpene that has a sweet, pungent, and woody aroma. It is found in rosemary, basil, and bell peppers.
  2. Humulene is an aromatic terpene that has a woody, herbal flavor similar to hops. It can be found in herbs like sage and basil.
  3. Sabinene is a monoterpene that has a spicy, woody aroma. It is found in black pepper, cloves, and nutmeg.
  4. Phellandrene is a monoterpene that has a sweet, citrusy aroma. It is found in oranges, lemons, and grapefruits.
  5. Bisabolol is a sesquiterpene that has a sweet, floral aroma. It is found in chamomile and candeia tree oil.

Grape Stomper Seeds Genetics

Grape Stomper Seeds Genetics

  1. Grape Stomper seeds are cross of Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel.
  2. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid with 70% Sativa and 30% Indica.
  3. The THC level of this strain ranges from 19% to 23%.
  4. It is a relatively high-yielding strain that produces up to 16 ounces per plant.
  5. The buds have a sweet grape flavor with pungent undertones.
  6. The effects of this strain are sleepy and aroused.
  7. The terpene profile of this strain is Carene, Humulene, Sabinene, Phellandrene, and Bisabolol.
  8. Grape Stomper seeds are moderate to grow and requires a mild climate.

Grape Stomper Seeds Final Thoughts

The Grape Stomper seeds give beautiful plant that produces some of the most delicious buds people will ever taste. But, beware, this strain is not for everyone. It can be quite potent, with THC levels reaching up to 23%. So, if one is looking for a mellow experience, this may not be the strain for them. However, if they are looking for something that will knock their socks off and leave them feeling happy and relaxed, then Grape Stomper is definitely worth trying. The flavor is amazing – sweet and pungent with hints of grapes. And the effects are just as delightful, providing an energetic euphoria that is perfect for enjoying some quality time with friends or family.

4 reviews for Grape Stomper Seeds – Feminized

  1. Samuel Smith

    Relief from chronic stress and depression. Great for finishing off your day. Not fast delivery, more than two weeks, but all seeds germinated

  2. Matilda

    Great medicine both for mental and physical problems! Grape Stomper is amazing! Great taste and smell! But not for novice smokers. Seeds came to me fast, I am really glad!

  3. Jess

    I like the strong, fruity aroma of Grape Stomper! I grow the strain both outdoors and indoors. My last outdoor harvest was about 17 ounces per plant. DSS always sends quality seeds, so I don’t switch to another seed bank

  4. mendoshocker

    Grape stomper is a good overall strain. the plant grows big and flowers early with good yields and a great smell and taste , 3+lbs per plant for me!

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