Green Crack Strain – Review and Info

Green Crack Strain – Review and Info

Quick Guidelines for Green Crack Strain

  • Genetics: 35% Indica / 65% Sativa
  • Parents: Skunk #1 x Afghani Landrace
  • THC: 17 – 25%
  • CBD: Low (below 1%)
  • Fragrance: Citrus, Earthy, and floral
  • Flavor: Citrus, Earthy, and Tropical
  • Effect: Uplifting, Focused, Energetic, Happy, Creative
  • Medical Use: Stress, Fatigue, Pain, Headaches
  • Cultivation: Indoors & Outdoors
  • Growth Difficulty: Easy
  • Flowering Time: 50 – 55 days
  • Indoor Yield: 2 oz/ft2 (600 g/m2)
  • Outdoor Yield: 28 – 42 oz (800 – 1200 gr) per plant
  • Climate: Mild Mediterranean Climate
  • Consumption time: Daytime

Green Crack Strain Info

Green Crack is a Sativa dominant strain with the ratio of Sativa to Indica being 65% : 35%. It is famous for its energizing effects. The strain was initially referred to as Cush. It was named Green Crack by Snoop Dogg after experiencing the intense effects of this Sativa strain.

Green Crack strain was developed in Athens after crossing Skunk #1 and Afghani Landrace. Green Crack THC content averages between 17 – 25% with negligible amounts of CBD. Because of its potent effects, newbies should steer clear of this strain.

Green Crack Strain Info

Green Crack Strain Parents

Skunk #1Skunk No 1 is an Indica dominant strain that is recognized for its sedating and relaxing psychoactive effects. It comprises 65% Indica and 35% Sativa. Skunk #1 was created by Sensi Seeds after cross-breeding three landrace and pure genetic strains Columbian Gold, Afghani, and Acapulco Gold.

This cannabis seeds is well respected worldwide because it has been used to give rise to other popular strains.

Skunk #1 features a THC content that ranges between 15 – 19%. This weed strain does not betray its name, as it tastes like- skunk with sour and earthy hints.

Afghani Landrace

Afghani Landrace is a pure Indica strain that is well known for its potency. It is among the top cannabis strain with the most trichomes, thus its potency.

The strain has sturdy genetics, making it the go-to strain for breeders who want to create variations of this Indica strain.

The strain THC content averages between 15 – 25%, therefore users should be prepared and have everything in order before partaking in this dank bud.

It is ideal for people having insomnia, chronic pain, loss of appetite, and chronic fatigue.


Cannabinoids Profile

Green Crack is a high THC strain, so expect it to be pretty potent. The average Green Crack Sativa has a THC content of 20%, and when grown under optimum care, the level of THC can go up to 25%. This strain packs quite a punch, but not to worry because it will give you a balanced high that allows you to enjoy the psychoactive effects and remain functional. Green Crack cannabis strain has a negligible amount of CBD (less than 1%).

The terpene profile for Green Crack marijuana strain comprises Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, and Humulene. Linalool is the dominating terpene in Green Crack as it calms you and helps users focus instead of having wandering thoughts.

Green Crack Strain Appearance

Out in the field, Green Crack strain plants are tall with a bushy appearance. What captures people is the strain’s beautiful, dense buds that are small and clustered. The buds have sugar that takes on pale green and sometimes yellow.

And when some Green Crack phenotypes are exposed to cold weather, the leaves appear to be streaked with purple. Adding a striking contrast to the bud is the hairs or pistils that take on rusty red or orange color.

The buds are covered by a layer of milky white trichomes that give them a sticky feel and dazzling crystal appearance.

Green Crack Strain Appearance

Green Crack Strain Smell

Green Crack marijuana strain emits a citrusy and fruity scent with mellow undertones of earthiness and woodsy when it is properly dried and cured.

Green Crack Strain Flavors

When you smoke Green Crack weed strain, its smoke is smooth and sweet as it goes down your throat with a strong taste of fruit or citrus. You should expect your tongue to have a tang aftertaste after exhaling, leaving your tastebuds satisfied and wanting more.

The taste of Green Crack reminds you of the first time you bite into a juicy, ripe mango. If you’re going to enjoy this cannabis taste at full-spectrum, use a flower vaporizer.

Green Crack Strain Effects

Green Crack Strain Effects

The near perfect balance between Indica and Sativa genetics in Green Crack cannabis strain means that this strain offers its users a mind and body high. However, since Sativa is dominant, the high will be more focused on the mind.

Green Crack Sativa is famous for its energizing and euphoric effects. The strain provides users with an energy boost to get them through the day. Apart from being a daytime strain, Green Crack marijuana strain gives you a focus boosts in the afternoon, especially when you are low on productivity and need to work on an urgent project.

Green Crack Sativa is ideal for creative endeavors such as drawing, designing, writing music, or painting. It enhances your focus, enabling you to zero in on all the nitty gritty of your project. If you feel down or sad, you can take a few tokes of this strain as it uplifts your moods, leaving you feeling happy. It is the perfect strain for when you want to do mundane chores around the house, such as cleaning, exercising, and cooking.

Those planning on going out on a night out partying or dancing should take this strain as it makes them happy, euphoric, and energetic, allowing you to enjoy the party. Some found it arousing.

Because of its psychedelic effects, such as visual distortions and time dilation, Green Crack strain is not recommended for night time use as it leaves users uplifted and reasonably high.

Medical Effects

Although it is not a high CBD strain, Green Crack marijuana has some medical potential as patients can use it to manage stress, fatigue, pain, and headaches. It is a potent Sativa strain that keeps you up and going irrespective of how your day turns out.

If you experience severe fatigue, consume a large dose of Green Crack cannabis strain, particularly in edibles, concentrates, or live resin. This is because these have a large than average dose, allowing you to consume more without putting too much effort.

Suppose you want to manage psychological conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression using Green Crack weed strain. It would be best to use a small dose that your body can handle because too much of this potent strain can worsen your situation. You can also use it to treat headaches, as the head high numbs all the pain and inflammation, making it pain-free.

Suppose you are sick, under medication, or undergoing chemotherapy. In that case, you are dreading your next meal because of severe nausea. This often leads to loss of appetite and eventually, weight loss. Green Crack marijuana strain helps eliminate nausea and enhances your desire to eat by increasing your food craving. Therefore, always have snacks or food nearby. It enables you to gain weight little by little.

Adverse Effects of Green Crack Strain

The most reported side effects of Green Crack weed strain is cottonmouth, which can be managed by drinking hydrating fluids during, and after smoking this weed strain. Although it is rare, users also report having experienced itchy eyes because of dryness, paranoia and dizziness. You can manage itchiness by applying eye drops to moisturize your eyes.

To avoid dizziness and paranoia, avoid consuming large doses of Green Crack strain. You should start low and slow and increase as your body adjusts. You can also try to sit back, take a deep breath, and remember that no one has ever died from overdosing on marijuana.

Please do not use Green Crack Sativa at night because its heavy Sativa effects can cause insomnia and restlessness, making it challenging for you to sleep on time.

Ideal Time To Take Green Crack

Consumption Method

Now that you understand Green Crack marijuana’s benefits, you need to learn of the different methods of using this potent strain. Your mode of use determines how long it will take for this cannabis strain to take effect. If you are having a headache or a migraine, you will want immediate relief.

You can use Green Crack vape, smoke a joint, or apply transdermal patches made of Green Crack weed strain on your neck, shoulders, and behind your ears. The upside of patches is that they release the medicine directly into the bloodstream in small amount and can last for several days.

If you want the effects to occur after a few hours, you can use the sublingual mode of consumption by taking pills, edibles, oral drops, or infusing Green Crack cannabis strain with your food and drinks.

Ideal Time To Take Green Crack?

It delivers a perfectly balanced high, making it suitable for morning and daytime use.

Green Crack Strain Grow Info

Green Crack cannabis strain tend to grow very tall to a height of 5 feet (150 cm) and expand outwards. You can cultivate Green Crack seeds both indoors and outdoors, but it performs exceptionally well outside. Why? Because there is enough space for the plant to expand and roots to develop. It is relatively easy to grow Green Crack weed strain, making it suitable for beginner growers.

Green Crack marijuana strain has a rapid flowering period which lasts for about 50 – 55 days. During the vegetative stage, you must feed your cannabis plant more with nitrogen. Other minerals that you need to provide for your Green Crack strain include phosphorous and potassium. If you want big and dense buds, you must increase the amount of phosphorous before your plants enter the flowering phase.

Green Crack Sativa is prone to mold, especially in an outdoor setting. Mold is deadly to Green Crack strain as it destroys almost every part of the plant, from flowers, buds, stems, to stalks. Therefore, monitor your plants and apply sesame oil or neem oil when you spot the mold.

Indoor Growth

Green Crack strain indoor growth requires a huge growth space because it grows tall and expands outwards. And since this cannabis strain is susceptible to mold, keep the temperature high and humidity below 50% to prevent its formation.

It would help to trim down the leaves to ensure that each part of the plant is getting light as this prevents bud rot. You must have clothes specifically for entering the grow space as the spores can latch on to anything and spread throughout your plants.

Green Crack weed is a high yielding strain with an indoor yield of 2 oz/ft2 (600 g/m2).

Outdoor Growth

Green Crack Marijuana Strain flourishes outdoor in a mild Mediterranean climate, and it is harvested outdoor by the end of September. It yields more than indoor plants with each plant producing around 28 – 42 oz (800 – 1200 gr). You may wonder, is the lighting enough? Don’t worry as long you are growing in the right climate; your plants will thrive.

Similar Strains

Green Crack weed strain has been on the top of many user’s lists as it gives them the mental buzz and energy they need to tackle their day. That’s why you find that most retail outlets run out of stock very quickly. If you not lucky to find Green Crack Sativa, you can opt for another strain with the same characteristics. You can choose from the list below:

Green Crack Strain Review

Despite its edgy name, Green Crack strain provides users with the best of everything that Sativa strain offers. The strain has garnered a loyal following throughout the years.

Marijuana users from reputable sites such as Wikileaf awarded this beautiful strain with a rating of 4.5/5. At the same time, Leafly users gave it a 4.3/5. This is to show that this cannabis strain delivers as promised.

Final Thoughts on Green Crack Strain

Green Crack Strain is a morning or daytime strain, thus perfect for personal and medical use. This marijuana strain is ideal for treating anxiety, pain, PTSD, stress, and depression. Before using this Sativa strain to treat an illness, consult with your doctor.

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