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Hindu Kush seeds contain unique properties that make them a force to reckon with in the industry. Marijuana enthusiasts concluded that this strain is one of the purest Indicas that have ever graced the face of the earth due to the high potency.

A combination of the Indica properties and insane THC levels make Hindu Kush marijuana a chosen strain for the select few. Everything from the parent strains stands out, making Hindu Kush strain seeds a darling to many growers. Let’s delve and discuss the properties that make this magical strain stand out.

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The Genotype of Hindu Kush Seeds

As aforementioned, Hindu Kush seeds are pure Indica. The Hindu Kush in question was obtained from Hindu Kush landrace seeds which possess similar Indica properties. The genotypes in landrace Hindu Kush have manifested themselves well on Hindu Kush feminized seeds giving it distinctive features.

The Phenotype of Hindu Kush Seeds

The phenotype in Hindu Kush cannabis seeds plays a huge role in determining the features in the plant. When the Hindu Kush marijuana seeds germinate into ready-to-flower plants, several features start manifesting.

Hindu Kush strain is characterized by large buds clustered in the plant. The buds are covered in a thick green layer of silver-white trichomes, which give them a shiny appearance. The buds are also covered in green sugar leaves that blend with bright-orange pistils that make the buds irresistible.

Most phenotypes grown from Hindu Kush strain seeds have purple leaves. In other cases, you might find shades of green in the irresistible plants.

Flowering Time of Hindu Kush Seeds

When the Hindu Kush marijuana seeds germinate and the plants attain the flowering stage indoors, they take 50 – 70 days to complete the flowering stage. Most growers prefer cultivating the Hindu Kush seeds feminized indoors since they can easily withstand the growing conditions. However, this does not overrule the fact that Hindu Kush can give great results in outdoor environments where the flowering period ends in late October.


When the Hindu Kush feminized seeds germinate and grow to the flowering stage, THC forms in the buds. On average, the THC levels range between 15 to 19%, depending on the phenotypes. A combination of these high THC levels and pure Indica properties make this cannabis strain only recommended for few marijuana maestros. Regulating the growing conditions for this cannabis strain allows the buds’ trichomes to form fully, hence increasing the THC levels.


The CBD levels in the Hindu Kush are extremely low and therefore do not account for reasonable effects. Due to the negligible CBD levels, Hindu Kush marijuana from the Kush family is only reserved for seasoned users who can withstand the overwhelming couch-lock induced by the Indica and THC properties.

Effects of Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush serves its users with many effects, with some of them too strong to handle. First, the cannabis strain is famous for its relaxing effects due to the Indica properties that leave both the body and brain at ease. The relaxation effects also play a massive role in ensuring that you can meditate and raise your creativity levels. Taking a hefty dose of Hindu Kush can also leave you in a euphoria state, which is suitable for lifting your spirits.

Another common effect that is prevalent in all marijuana plants grown from Hindu Kush seeds is cottonmouth. Cottonmouth is a condition in which the salivary glands produce less saliva, leaving the mouth itchy, dry, and sticky. Although cottonmouth causes discomfort, it is easy to manage. Taking enough fluids before or after a session suppresses cottonmouth significantly.

Recreational Effects

If you love partying, look for Hindu Kush seeds for sale and grow the weed just if the thirst for being high comes knocking. The relaxation effects resulting from the Indica properties make the Hindu Kush the perfect partner to chill on the couch watching movies. The effects also allow you to meditate effectively, a factor that makes the strain ideal for evening sessions. However, you should regulate the amount of Hindu Kush intake to avoid couch-lock.

The Hindu Kush’s euphoric effects are the perfect solution to rekindling the extroverted self that might have otherwise locked. You only need a few puffs of this strain to pour out your heart and relieve stress buildup.

Medical Effects

Hindu Kush seeds are gaining more popularity in the medical field due to their potential in managing various conditions. The relaxing effects of this cannabis strain make it ideal for managing stress and anxiety disorders. Additionally, the high potency levels in THC make Hindu Kush cannabis an alternative solution to prescription drugs in the management of chronic pain and inflammation. Therefore, you can use cannabis to suppress the severity of inflammation and chronic pain in managing rheumatic arthritis (RA).

Taste and Aroma of Hindu Kush

When Hindu Kush seeds germinate and the plants start flowering, the distinctive flavor and aroma start to manifest. When you inhale smoke from this cannabis strain, a velvet-like smoke flows through the throat, leaving behind notes of lemony-citrus and spicy-sweet pine in the mouth.

On the other hand, Hindu Kush’s aroma can be described as a combination of earthy and piney and sweetness. When you break the bud, a combination of earthy and piney aroma fills the air, followed by notes of sweetness.

The Yield of Hindu Kush Seeds

Before we discuss the total yield that Hindu Kush can yield, it is important to note that the strain thrives in a dry climate with low humidity. Maintaining these conditions increases the quantity and potency of the yield. Cultivating the Hindu Kush seeds feminized indoors yield between 1.5 – 1.8 oz/ft2 (450 – 550 g/m2). On the other hand, when you grow the same strain outdoors, the total optimal yield ranges between 19 – 21 oz (550 – 600 gr) per plant. However, you can only achieve these yields if you optimize the growing conditions.

Final Thoughts on Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush is being used from the prehistorical era and is one of the most ancient strains of cannabis. You have to sweat before getting high-quality Hindu Kush seeds for sale, thanks to the poor regulation on the marijuana market in some states. Once you have identified a legit seller of this rare cannabis, confirm whether the parent strains were Hindu Kush landrace seeds. This reduces the chances of buying counterfeit seeds that might not give you the desired results. Once you have confirmed the authenticity of the seeds, follow the growing conditions for optimal yields.

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