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Out of stock Khalifa Kush Seeds

Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

Your Gift from an Admirer

Khalifa Kush was designed for a rap star Wiz Khalifa, a strong marijuana admirer. With a groundbreaking THC level (26%), this strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors and promises a strong wave of relaxation. If you want to buy Khalifa Kush seeds, you came to the right place.


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Khalifa Kush is a derivative of OG Kush, though the origins are kept in secret. However, it was created by Wiz Khalifa – a man who is known for his love for marijuana, so no point in doubting its quality.

You can buy Khalifa Kush seeds in Colorado and California from select distributors.

Khalifa Kush’s hit is heavy and well-known. High THC levels of this strain are reaching 29%. That’s why the strain will not be that good for newbies, only a skilled marijuana purchaser will appreciate it properly. But don’t worry, despite the rich indica origin, the effect isn’t too sedative. And if you like using marijuana for recreational purposes, you will definitely enjoy deep body relaxation and mental high while using Khalifa Kush.


Flavors Lemon




Flavor power Skunk
Flowering time Short (7-9 weeks)
Height Average
THC level High (16% to 29%)
CBD level Low (2%)
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Medium
Medical Yes
Yield Medium
Cultivate Indoor & outdoor
Genotype 80% Indica / 20% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis


If you want to plant Khalifa Kush seeds inside your house, you may want to use hydroponics and train it with Screen of Green technique. Thus, you can cut down the flowering period to nine weeks. In addition, the harvest may bring you as much as 1.7 oz. yield per square footage.

Khalifa Kush feels good both in the backyard garden and indoors, as long as it is in a warm climate. Outdoors this strain blossoms in the summer and flowers to late September or early October. Yield is similar to the indoor growing. And using fertilizers, it flowers in the last weeks of September yielding an average of 1-2 oz. per plant.

Character & Flavor

You will be right if you say that the aroma and lemon pine taste of Khalifa Kush remind you of OG Kush, though it was bred in a way to have lemonier notes than Kush. It is a combination of both sweet and woody taste simultaneously. Although it can be a little bit sharp, its smoke is not too harsh. When grown up, Khalifa Kush seeds provide green buds with orange trichomes, which are full of resin.

Medicinal Application

The lightly sedative effects of Khalifa Kush provide symptomatic relief from depression and chronic stress. This strain may be used in pain management: it reduces headaches and even migraines. If there are problems with an appetite, Khalifa Kush may also be helpful. Due to the higher than average CBD content, Khalifa Kush may be of use in the treatment of conditions that react positively to the cannabinoid.


Khalifa Kush can cause anticholinergic side effects like mouth dryness and eye dryness, like most of the strong indicas do. Another very common side effect is dizziness and sometimes anxiety. Once again – if you are new to using weed, we may not recommend Khalifa Kush to you as it may cause unusual effects.

Reviews (14)


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Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

Good strain to relax and get rid of stress, I've ordered 10 seeds, all of them popped. Will definitely order again

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

Good Stuff

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

They seeds popped so well & took off so fast, I wanna order more seeds right now.

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

Great strain. Thanks for the seeds. Popped fast and grew well

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

Reasonable prices, fast delivery. recommend

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

Khalifa Kush will make you feel relaxed. Try to grow the incredible weed, you will never regret. Fast delivery, 8 of 10 seeds that I've bought there are now bushy plants with a lot of bud

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

Khalifa Kush is a strong Indica with a high THC content. I love KK so much! Thanks for the seeds! My plants are growing strong and bushy. Germinated 4 seeds of 5. 4 stars because of 1 not germinated seed

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

Nice relaxing strain but I expected more

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

fast delivery, thank you

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

Great seller, a pleasure to be a customer. Seeds were packed well, 9 out of 10 popped.

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

As I understand it, Khalifa Kush is not my favorite strain, but good enough for daytime use.

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

It's a great strain! Every cannabis lover has to plant it once. The perfect weed is great for pain relief, chronic pain, and body relaxation. So even it is not so easy to grow the marijuana from a seed, it worth all the efforts!

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

Outstanding strain! Had this strain before and has decided to grow it again. So, a week delivery, not bad at all. All 5 my seeds were germinated, hope to get a great yield

Item Reviewed: Khalifa Kush Seeds (10 Seeds)

Not all seeds were popped, what did I wrong? Followed all the instructions...



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