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LA Confidential Strain. Buy Feminized seeds at dutchseedsshop.com

LA Confidential (10 Seeds)

LA Confidential seeds are the offspring of OG Affie and Afghan Indica. This marijuana has a high THC level, making it ideal for users who love when weed can deliver a fast and strong effect on their mind and body. Buy the seeds of LA Confidential at our website Dutchseedsshop.com!



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The LA Confidential strain is quite popular among marijuana users and there are several reasons for this. These cannabis seeds are easy to grow, the strain is fast flowering, and the yield is high. The fragrance is skunky with hints of earth and wood. Users like these high-quality weed seeds for their potent THC level and the low percentage of CBD, which brings a strong sense of euphoria and complete body relaxation.

LA Confidential seeds can be grown both outdoors and indoors and either way, you will be rewarded with a lot of big buds covered in heavy leaves.


Flavors Earth
Flavor power Skunk
Flowering Short (7-9 weeks)
Height High
THC level High
CBD level Low
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Yes
Yield High
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors
Genotype 80% indica/ 20% sativa/0% ruderalis


The seeds are the best choice if you are an inexperienced grower as this strain is easy to grow by yourself. Just plant and your bush will be good to go. However, the weed will need a lot of nutrients. It is not necessary but if you want your plant to reach its highest potential, keep that in mind and stock up on nutrients.

It is possible to grow LA Confidential wherever you want, indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse; this strain will thrive anywhere with just a little help from you. Resistant against common molds, this really is no-troubles-for-growers marijuana.

If you want to grow the strain indoors, you will be rewarded with a yield around 1.3 oz/ft², while outdoor growing is a bit more generous and the estimated yield is 16 oz/plant.

Character & Flavor

LA Confidential has a strong sedative effect which will just glue you to the couch if you use too much. If you had a long and hard day at work this strain might be the right choice to release the tension from your day.

The marijuana is quite skunky, though this doesn’t make its aroma any worse. This hybrid has earthy notes infused with a bit of pine and wood scent. The taste is sweet when you smoke it and it will leave a skunky aftertaste on your tongue.

Medicinal Application

LA Confidential is a good medicinal strain. Its effect helps a lot of people manage various conditions. This marijuana is primarily used to reduce stress and pain, as it has a strong sedative effect, both physically and mentally. These effects also help if you are suffering from insomnia, as this weed provides you a good tight night-sleep.


Keep in mind that not only does marijuana advantages, but there are also some potential drawbacks to using it. For example, some of the consumers claimed that they had extreme dry mouth and eyes after using it. Fewer people stated, that they also experienced paranoia and anxiety after smoking and a very small amount of users said that they felt dizziness.

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