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LSD (10 Seeds)

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Marijuana buds grown from feminized LSD seeds have an earthy note with a nutty and musky undertone, which is distinct in typical indica strains. This potent cannabis boasts high THC and CBD levels, so it’s not the type of marijuana strain you’d want to smoke if you’re planning to go out. There’s a psychedelic and euphoric feel to this strain, which is what gives it the name.

LSD can yield up to 800 grams/m² (3-6 oz/ft²)  if grown indoors and can grow to be 100cm tall. Here’s more of white rhino seeds if you’re interested to check other seeds.

LSD: Unusual, Trippy Dutch Strain

LSD is a heavy on the body, light on the head indica, which affects you to the point that you’ll incubate on your couch to savor the high. This cult-favorite strain means business and its powerful high comes with a range of medical benefits that each and every person in the community appreciates.

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The LSD hybrid was developed by Barney’s Farm, in the Netherlands, by combining Mazar with the renowned super-strain Skunk #1, resulting in what we now know is an award-winning deliciously tasting hybrid. This strain was suitably named for its psychedelic effect that can only be described as an acid trip.

The LSD strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, its flowering time lasts from 8 to 9 weeks. Because of its highly potent effects, the LSD marijuana is named after the LSD drug. LSD cannabis are sturdy plants that can easily grow in almost all weather conditions, environment and planting techniques. This strain can easily thrive even in a hydroponic system. Also, on our website you can find other weed seeds for sale.

Living up to its reputation, the products from the LSD strain seeds are strong and not suitable for a first-time marijuana user, as it boasts a THC percentage that tested at 24% and a CBD percentage in the range of 1-1.5%. This degree of mental stimulation is relatively rare compared to other strains with indica dominance.


Flavors Earthy
Flavor power Strong
Flowering time Short
Height Short
THC level Above average (20-24%)
CBD level Low (<1.5%)
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Yes
Yield High
Cultivate Indoor & Outdoor
Genotype 80% Indica / 20% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis


These particular cannabis seeds are easy to grow because they inherently have resistance against commonly encountered pests and parasites. So if you’re contemplating whether or not you should buy feminized LSD seeds, bear that in mind. Another contributing factor is fast flowering and that they yield high. Plants from LSD seeds are short and can be cultivated outdoors and indoors since they aren’t delicate and don’t require constant attention.

If you feed LSD reasonably, anticipate a substantial yield provided that the cultivation conditions are humid enough. Other than that, you’ll only need to prune the bush from time to time to significantly lower the risk of mold. The flowering period lasts for roughly 8-9 weeks and then it’ll be ready for thorough plucking. Indoors, it typically yields 1.9 ounces per square foot. When LSD weed seeds are grown outside, they produce 18 ounces of good bud per plant around the middle of September.

Character & Flavor

LSD’s phenotype gives smokers a happy, invigorating feeling, which leaves them physically stuck and slow. The effect is a high-quality relaxation in a variety of ways. You will feel the high as much physically as you do mentally. Your mood will be uplifted; you’ll feel fuzzy happy thoughts and a wave of inspiration coming your way.

The scent is skunky, but there are underlying hints of fresh and earthy flowers. The taste is very much the same – sweet and skunky, with earthy undertones. You will also taste citrus notes during the exhale.

Medicinal Application

LSD is prominent in the medical marijuana scene thanks to the high content of THC and CBD. Those who are unfortunately dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety can use this strain to manage their symptoms. Its clear-headed, euphoric high can help a patient find relief from unwanted mental struggles. LSD also has analgesic properties and can be applied in cases of muscle spasms, migraines, back problems and much more.


LSD nugs have decent potency so they should be taken in measurable amounts. It can make you experience mild paranoia or a bout of dizziness. Some people reported that this marijuana can cause anxiety, but this is not a frequent occurrence. Most often, users experience cottonmouth and itchy eyes after consumption.


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