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Master Kush seeds traces its roots back to Amsterdam, Netherlands, where it was developed. The strain’s unique features like high potency, high yielding capacity, and aroma have increased the demand for Master Kush seeds. These properties made Master Kush win the Cannabis Cup in 1992 and 1993, cementing its potency further. Here is a breakdown of the features that make Master Kush seeds for sale a favorite choice for weed enthusiasts.

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The Genotype of Master Kush Seeds

The genotypes in Master Kush strain seeds have always stood out due to their rich history. Experts have confirmed that this weed was developed after crossing Hindu Kush and Skunk. Master Kush marijuana seeds are now composed of 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, making them unique.

The Phenotype of Master Kush Seeds

Once Master Kush cannabis seeds germinate, their genotypes are exposed to the environment, activating their phenotypes. Phenotypes are distinct features that make a plant stand out, and Master Kush has several of them. The features include:

Compact leaves – The sugar leaves in Master Kush marijuana have a deep green hue with a compact structure.

Short stems – Another feature that sets Master Kush aside is the short stems that infuse bright orange pistils and sticky white trichomes. The combination of these features gives the plant a great appeal to users.

Dense buds – The buds in Master Kush are dense like other indica dominant strains. However, the outstanding feature in these buds is their light green appearance that makes them stand out.

The Yield of Master Kush Seeds

If you have some experience on cannabis growing, you should try out Master Kush weed seeds since it is moderate to grow. When you cultivate Master Kush seeds indoors under controlled conditions, you can harvest an average of 1.3 oz/ft2 (400 g/m2). On the other hand, when you cultivate the Master Kush feminized seeds outdoors, the strain can yield an average of 18 oz (500 gr) per plant.

Flowering Time

The flowering time for Master Kush can be described as a medium for both indoor and outdoor-grown plants. After Master Kush seeds have germinated and finished the vegetative phase, the flowering period in indoor conditions should last 56 to 70 days. On the other hand, if you cultivate Master Kush cannabis seeds outdoors, you should wait until late September or early October to complete its flowering period.

Taste and Aroma of Master Kush

The discussion on Master Kush weed seeds would be incomplete without discussing the strain’s incredible aroma and taste. Most weed consumers have admitted that the taste and aroma in this strain have remained a significant contributor to the increasing popularity.

Fresh buds from Master Kush produce an irresistible citrus smell. Upon combustion, the buds produce an earthy aroma with floral undertones, which may be confused with incense. With this irresistible aroma, it is understandable why the demand for Master Kush feminized seeds is high.

Master Kush marijuana tastes like it smells and is highly revered for its authenticity. The deep earthy flavor with lemon and oak undertones makes you want to take more and more of this weed.

Effects of Master Kush

The effects from Master Kush can be described as a rollercoaster due to the Indica and Sativa influence. After taking a few puffs of this weed, the Sativa properties kick in, inducing mellow euphoria. You might experience lightheadedness as the Sativa moves from the brain to other parts of the body.

However, the Sativa properties only last for a short period and are replaced by Indica properties. When the Indica creeps in, the brain sinks into a cerebral high before moving to other parts of the body. These effects leave you feeling relaxed for a short period before leaving your limbs numb. If you are not used to this strain, you might also experience sedating effects, pushing you to deep sleep.

Once the Indica effects start to wear out, hunger pangs and cottonmouth effects kick in. However, taking enough food and fluids before starting a session can help you suppress these effects.

Recreational Effects

As a recreational marijuana user, you might worry if Master Kush strain seeds have anything to offer. To answer this, it is prudent to discuss some of the benefits of taking this weed.

First, the mellow euphoria from the Sativa properties comes in handy in helping you gain courage and socialize with people seamlessly.

Second, the indica properties harbored in Master Kush seeds keep your mind relaxed and focused. In this condition, you can easily watch movies, TV shows, listen to podcasts, or even meditate, whatever works for you.

Medical Effects

There are numerous medical benefits that Master Kush marijuana offers to users, making the strain a favorite. The Indica and Sativa properties in Master Kush weed seeds trigger creativity, which is good for mental health. People battling mental conditions such as stress, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD can take this weed to suppress their mental condition symptoms.

The high THC level in cannabis also contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Therefore, taking a large dose of this weed is highly effective in managing menstrual cramps, arthritis, and migraines.

Finally, the hunger and sleep-inducing properties from the strain make it ideal for improving one’s diet and suppressing insomnia.


Master Kush seeds are still a favorite choice for consumers due to the strain’s insane THC levels. Tests carried out on this strain have revealed that the average THC ranges between 20 and 24%.


Master Kush seeds for sale are not ideal for people looking for CBD-rich strain. The average CBD for this strain is less than 0.5%, which is negligible from all dimensions.

Final Thoughts on Master Kush Seeds

As a cannabis enthusiast, it is prudent to get yourself a strain that is easy to manage, and that is where Master Kush seeds come in. The strain is not only easy to cultivate but is also highly potent and high-yielding. If you are looking for top-grade Master Kush marijuana seeds, we got you covered. Place your order today and enjoy an unmatched quality.

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