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Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

Rated 4.80 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings
(10 customer reviews)
All Maui Wowie (10 Seeds) reviews

A Heavenly Hawaiian High

With a high-quality batch of Maui Wowie seeds, you could enjoy a Hawaiian getaway without getting off your couch. Reeking with pungent tropical terpenes, this classic sativa goes all the way back to the 60s. Thanks to its high resistance to mold and outdoor pests, Maui Wowie can be easily grown at home no matter what skill level you’re at. Anyone who loves fruity flavors won’t be able to resist a hit of marvelous Maui Wowie.

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The story of Maui Wowie seeds begins on Maui. Evidence suggests this sativa-heavy hybrid first emerged in the 60s as Hawaiian growers experimented with marijuana landraces. The “Maui” in Maui Wowie also highlights the strain’s exotic flavors highly reminiscent of pineapple. As for the “Wowie,” that mainly refers to Maui Wowie’s elevated THC percentage. Maui Wowie was one of the first strains to have a high average THC. Thanks to Maui Wowie’s sativa dominance, it tends to produce energizing and euphoric effects with only mild indica relaxation.

These pure indica weed seeds produce distinctive buds, wonderful for trichome extraction and fragrant properties with fuel overtones. According to personal accounts, the stone has an impressive gravity in comparison to a usual indica, which lasts up to six hours. Alien Tech has been included in the development of some of the most powerful blends such as Alien Dawg and Alien Kush.


Flavors Fruity
Flavor strength Medium
Flowering  Short (7-9 weeks)
Height High
THC level High (18-20%)
CBD level Low (<1%)
Climate Tropical
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Yes
Yield High
Cultivate Indoor & Outdoor
Genotype 20% Indica / 80% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis


Considering Maui Wowie evolved in a tropical environment, it’s understandable these cannabis seeds perform best outdoors. Anyone living in a humid & sunny environment is advised to grow these weed seeds outdoors for the best yields. That being said, it is possible to cultivate Maui Wowie seeds indoors, they just might not be as easy to grow.

This plant grows really tall (80 inches in some cases), which makes it easier to handle outdoors. Also, Maui Wowie has a strong resistance to outdoor mold, pests, and other tropical diseases. Remember, this strain has grown accustomed to humid weather conditions.

Usually, Maui Wowie is ready to harvest between 7-9 weeks. Indoor cultivators usually get about 1.3 oz. per ft² once their plant has matured. Outdoor growers, on the other hand, should expect 16 oz. per plant when harvesting in the middle of October.

Character & Flavor

The first thing most people notice about Maui Wowie is its vibrant bright green leaves complimented with bold streaks of orange and white. You’ll also see this strain’s buds covered with sticky trichomes full of cannabinoids and terpenes.

As you’d expect from a Hawaiian strain, Maui Wowie’s aromatics are extremely fruity. Underneath the prominent notes of pineapple, however, you’ll detect hints of citrus. A few prominent terpenes in Maui Wowie include myrcene, limonene, and alpha-pinene.

Medicinal Application

Because of its euphoric high, Maui Wowie is often recommended to patients struggling with issues like depression, chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia. Many people have also touted the benefits of using Maui Wowie as an appetite stimulant. Patients undergoing chemo usually notice symptom improvement using Maui Wowie.


Before you buy Maui Wowie seeds, keep in mind that it’s common for users to experience headaches when taken at higher doses. Many Maui Wowie users have also reported dry eyes, cottonmouth, and intense “munchies.”

Craving more info on premium Maui Wowie seeds? Don’t hesitate to contact the professional team on for any info on this exotic strain.

10 reviews for Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

  1. Item Reviewed: Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

    5 out of 5


    Beautiful huge plants!. Smells just like Bubblegum oh so sweet. Can’t wait to grow Rainbow Kush I have on the way. AWESOME! I have some beautiful pics but I don’t know how to send them

  2. Item Reviewed: Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

    5 out of 5



    Very easy to grow with a lot of nug to harvest at the end. The smoke is very smooth, strong, and not for a first-time smoker. My favorite weed, highly recommend!

  3. Item Reviewed: Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

    5 out of 5


    Maui Wowie is a MUST grow! A wonderful strain! DutchSeedsShop is my go-to seeds bank. Although the yield can be not huge, the nugs are dense enough.

  4. Item Reviewed: Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

    4 out of 5


    I bought 10 seeds. 8 germinated out of 10

  5. Item Reviewed: Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

    5 out of 5


    Good healthy tall plants. I grow them indoors in hydroponic buckets. This variety is growing rapidly, so be warned if you have height restrictions.

  6. Item Reviewed: Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

    5 out of 5


    I ordered 10 seeds of Maui Wowie and have been growing plants for about 5 weeks. So far so good. Plants seem healthy. I’m so happy because I’m a beginner

  7. Item Reviewed: Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

    5 out of 5


    Maui Waui is a great choice for Sativa lovers. CBD is very low, but not so easy to grow. In any case, I am glad that I ordered and grew this strain. Fast shipping

  8. Item Reviewed: Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

    5 out of 5


    I love this strain, I was so glad to find it Thank you Dutch !

  9. Item Reviewed: Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

    5 out of 5


    Yes these are great for out doors and 100%
    Struck rate I got all my seeds up and cloning
    Is really easy .
    Love it thank you men and good bless.amen

  10. Item Reviewed: Maui Wowie (10 Seeds)

    4 out of 5


    My order took a little longer than usual and I was beginning to think I lost my seeds but luckily not

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