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Nemesis seeds have carved their way through the marijuana category with its unique THC-CBD levels and Indica-Sativa properties. The low THC and high CBD levels make this strain the perfect choice for paranoid novice marijuana users. Let’s discuss Nemesis seeds to understand the strain better.

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The Genotype of Nemesis Seeds

When Nemesis seeds germinate and grow to mature plants, the genotypes become more prevalent. The first thing to note is that Nemesis is a hybrid of Nepal and India F1 marijuana strains. The hybrid is made up of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa.

The Phenotype of Nemesis Seeds

When Nemesis marijuana seeds germinate and the plants mature, several features start manifesting due to the phenotypes present. The phenotypes in Nemesis marijuana arise due to the difference in growing conditions.

The flower buds in Nemesis cannabis are dense, with spade-shaped structures. The buds have a forest green color and are infused with dark sugar leaves and clear hairs. The whole nug is then covered with white crystal trichomes, giving it an irresistible appearance.

Flowering Time of Nemesis Seeds

The end of the flowering period for Nemesis marijuana in indoor conditions ranges from 56 and 70 days. When the weed is grown outdoors, the harvesting period ends in late September.


One of the unusual features of Nemesis seeds is that the plants produce low THC levels. The THC levels in Nemesis marijuana range from 4 to 8%, making the strain one of the least potent in the industry. The low THC content in Nemesis also explains the mellow head-high effects that last for a short period.

The low THC level in Nemesis weed makes it ideal for novice growers who cannot withstand extreme head-high effects.


Another fun-fact with Nemesis cannabis seeds is that the plants have an extremely high CBD level. The strain records an average of 16% CBD. The high CBD level explains why the Indica properties might not induce couch-lock effects to users.

Effects of Nemesis

The demand for Nemesis cannabis seeds is increasing tremendously due to the increasing number of novice users. The primary reason novice users are settling for this strain is that they can effectively manage the effects.

The Sativa properties in this marijuana induce a mellow euphoria which causes a feel-good effect to the users. If you are looking for a Sativa that lifts your spirits without paranoic effects, Nemesis marijuana got you covered.

The strain’s Indica dominance induces a calming effect with minimal possibility of getting sedated or a couchlock. The Indica causes the body and brain to relax, increasing the focus levels of the users.

Taking Nemesis weed in large doses might also induce hunger pangs due to the Indica effects. Novice users might find themselves scrambling to eat anything edible at their disposal. However, experienced weed smokers might not experience the same effects due to their high tolerance to Indica.

Finally, Nemesis marijuana might induce cottonmouth. The cottonmouth, in this case, is characterized by a dry mouth and throat. However, the intensity of the cottonmouth, in this case, is mild due to the low THC levels. Taking enough fluids during or after a session of Nemesis weed can reduce the cottonmouth significantly.

Recreational Effects

Nemesis marijuana might not offer top-of-the-shelf recreational effects due to the low THC effects. However, we cannot overlook the existing ones, regardless of their mild levels.

The Indica levels in Nemesis cause the brain to relax, making it easy for the user to concentrate. For this reason, most Nemesis users prefer using it during the evening when their minds are tired.

Taking a few puffs makes meditation more fun and effective since all the anxiety disorders are numbed. You can also have a session before or during movie time to allow you to focus better.

On the other hand, the Sativa levels are the perfect choice for lifting your spirits. If you are an introvert, taking a few puffs might unleash the beast of socializing in you. The Sativa also suppresses the sedative effects of Indica, making you more active.

Medical Effects

The major reason for developing Nemesis feminized seeds was to make strain with maximum health benefits. The numbing effects of Indica and CBD in Nemesis are crucial in the suppression of chronic pain and inflammation. An intake of this marijuana strain is vital in managing rheumatic arthritis (RA) in the elderly, injuries, muscle spasms, and migraines.

The CBD in Nemesis marijuana seeds also helps in removing toxins from the body. Using this marijuana strain detoxifies harmful components that might also cause acne. The potential explains why the beauty industry is increasingly infusing CBD extracted from plants grown from Nemesis feminized seeds.

The Indica-Sativa properties and CBD can also help in managing mental issues. For example, the calming effects in CBD and Indica are vital in managing panic attacks and stress. On the other hand, the combination of Indica, Sativa, and CBD makes Nemesis marijuana ideal for managing bipolar disorder and depression.

Taste and Aroma of Nemesis

The flower buds grown from Nemesis seeds might not give the most pleasant flavors. The most notable flavor in this marijuana is pine with earthy notes. After finishing a session of taking Nemesis marijuana, you might get some notes of chestnut on the tastebuds.

On the other hand, when you break the buds, an overwhelming aroma of earthy and woody notes fills the air. Nemesis marijuana also produces an aroma of sour and diesel upon combustion.

The Yield of Nemesis Seeds

Nemesis seeds thrive when they are grown in a mild climate. Only people with prior experience of growing marijuana should cultivate this strain. The good thing with Nemesis is that it does not disappoint when the growing conditions are optimal.

When you cultivate Nemesis seeds indoors, you can expect a yield of 1.6 oz/ft2 (350 – 400 g/m2). On the other hand, when you grow the strain outdoors, the yield ranges from 14 – 18 oz (400 – 500 gr) per plant.

Final Thoughts on Nemesis Seeds

Nemesis seeds are becoming more popular today than ever before, thanks to the increased decriminalization of marijuana and its medical benefits. The strain’s ability to induce calming and euphoric effects without overwhelming the user gives it the x-factor. If you are looking for a cannabis strain that can help you manage health conditions with minimal effects, go for Nemesis.


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