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Every cannabis fan “hearts” New York for one reason: NYC Diesel seeds. Just one sniff of these gasoline-drenched buds and you’ll feel as if you’re in Midtown Manhattan. Once you start smoking this sativa hybrid, get ready for an electrifying high brighter than the lights on Broadway. NYC Diesel is a cross between Sour Diesel, Afghani, and Hawaiian. NYC Diesel seeds was created in New York City, hence the name. It is one of the most popular diesel strains. It has a pungent diesel smell with a hint of grapefruit. The taste is also diesel with a citrusy aftertaste. The high is uplifting and energetic. See for yourself why critics place NYC Diesel seeds “top of the heap.”

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Growing NYC Diesel Strain Seeds

NYC Diesel Seeds are cross between Sour Diesel, Afghani, and Hawaiian. It’s a very popular strain among cannabis growers and users for its uplifting and energetic effects. The aroma of this particular strain is diesel-like with hints of citrus and grapefruit. The high can be slightly psychedelic. Smokers who have some experience with sativas, however, should give this highly-lauded strain a try.

NYC Diesel is a potent strain with an average THC content of 18%. However, some samples could contain up to 21% THC. This strain typically contains between 0.1% and 1% CBD, with average levels of around 0.5%.

NYC Diesel is a tall plant that can grow up to 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall when grown outdoors. When grown indoors, it can reach a height of 3-4 feet (0.9-1.2 meters).

The flowering time of NYC Diesel seeds is between 70 and 84 days, which makes it a long-maturing hybrid that requires patience from growers. Growers can expect to harvest up to 15 ounces (425 grams) per plant when the plant is grown outdoors and up to 1.4 ounces per square foot (400 grams per square meter) indoors – these are very high yields! NYC Diesel produces dense buds covered in resin that exude some impressive crystals – NYC Diesel seeds would make any grower proud!

We won’t lie: these seeds aren’t for beginner growers or smokers. First off, cultivators need to set aside at least 10 – 12 weeks for this strain to flower. They also have to prepare the grow space for plants that could soar as high as a skyscraper-metaphorically, of course. However, with a little bit of patience and attention, it is possible to grow this strain without too much trouble

Because NYC Diesel seeds take such a long time to grow, most professional growers recommend indoor cultivation in a reliably warm and dry environment. However, the wait is well worth it, as this strain can produce some seriously impressive yields.  Cultivators should feel confident topping, training, and pruning the plants regularly.

NYC Diesel does best in warm climates and needs lots of sunlight to thrive. When growing indoors, make sure to use plenty of ventilation and air circulation to prevent mold and mildew from taking hold. With proper care and attention, growers can expect some seriously high-quality buds from the crop of NYC Diesel!

To grow NYC Diesel, you’ll need to start with some quality seeds or clones. We are proud to offer some of the world’s highest quality cannabis seeds to global ganja growers.

NYC Diesel Seeds Preferred Climate and Conditions

NYC Diesel is a marijuana strain that was bred for warm, humid climates. This incredibly potent strain was a favorite among the 1960s counterculture and has gained legendary status. The NYC Diesel plant thrives in a sea of green set-up with its large, healthy leaves and extensive root system.


Cannabis that’s bred from NYC Diesel female marijuana seeds produces sturdy plants with a rich and pungent aroma featuring sweet and earthy notes. Growers can grow NYC Diesel seeds indoors or outdoors, preferably in Mediterranean climates. The harvest can be produced indoors, too, if the plants are given enough space to develop (at least one square foot per plant). It’s recommended to give marijuana plants enough light (around 18 hours) during the vegetative stage of its life – this will ensure healthy development. It’s also essential to provide plenty of nutrients, especially phosphorous, if growing in soil or soilless mediums. LEC or LED grow lights are also highly recommended since they promote proper growth while reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.


NYC Diesel cannabis seeds are ideal for cultivation outdoor because these plants love warm and sunny weather. During germination, growers should pay close attention to each plant’s growth stage as well as its size. However, there is no need to be too hasty during the vegetative stage of this weed since it has an average growth rate. Don’t let excessive watering ruin the harvest! After all, if trying to grow thick colas with high THC concentrations; the worst thing one can do to them is overwater them!

NYC Diesel Seeds Yield

NYC Diesel Seeds Yield

NYC Diesel seeds produces high yields and has a strong, relaxing effect on users. NYC Diesel may be slightly less potent than other varieties. Still, its reputation makes it popular among recreational users who enjoy smoking a joint before heading out for an evening of fun. When growing NYC Diesel seeds indoors, expect to get approximately 1.2 to 1.4 ounces per square foot, which equals 350 to 400 grams per square meter of growing space, using a 12-12 lighting schedule. Outdoors, in warm climates, the time for harvest is around early November, and cultivators can expect to get about 13 – 15 ounces (370 – 425 grams) per plant.

NYC Diesel Flowering Time

The NYC Diesel strain has a flowering time of 70 to 84 days. This is a long flowering time, so be prepared for a bit of a wait! However, the wait will be worth it – NYC Diesel seeds can produce some seriously impressive yields!

Thanks to its Sativa-dominant genetics, the NYC Diesel strain grows tall – really tall! When grown outdoors, these plants can reach heights of up to 12 feet, so growers need to make sure they have enough space before they start growing. If growing indoors, they can still expect NYC Diesel plants to reach heights of 6 to 8 feet, so be prepared for some serious vertical growth!

Because of its tall stature, it’s important to keep an eye on the plants and make sure they’re getting enough light. If the plants are starting to stretch or show signs of nutrient deficiencies, make sure to take action quickly! By taking good care of NYC Diesel plants, growers can ensure a high yield and some seriously potent buds come harvest time.

NYC Diesel Effects

NYC Diesel is a world-famous cannabis hybrid seeds that has been delighting cannabis lovers since the early 2000s. This strain gets its name from its pungent diesel aroma and taste, which is reminiscent of New York City’s streets. The high THC content (18% to 21%) makes NYC Diesel one of the most potent marijuana strains available on the market today. When this strain is smoked, expect an uplifting and energetic high that will feel happy and euphoric. Smokers may also experience increased creativity and productivity levels. For those looking for a strain that can help them get things done, NYC Diesel is definitely worth trying!

Feelings – Body high: 60%; Social: 55%; Uplifting: 45%;

Helps With – Anxiety: 30%; Chronic pain: 25%; Cramping: 22%;

Negatives –  Although NYC Diesel is a well-balanced hybrid, some users say the high can be intense. People prone to panic attacks should take the proper precautions.

Medicinal Application

With its sativa dominant genetics and high THC count, NYC Diesel usually has a euphoric and uplifting effect on users. Patients with anxiety often report positive effects using this strain. (Warning: Consuming cannabis without consultation with a doctor is strongly discouraged!)

NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds

NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds

NYC Diesel seeds are Sativa-dominant feminized seeds with a 60/40 ratio. With THC levels up to 21%, this marijuana strain induces an energetic, uplifted, and euphoric high. NYC Diesel plants are tall with long, thin leaves that turn yellow and red in the fall when they reach maturity. The plant’s buds are covered in orange hairs and have a diesel smell.

NYC Diesel Appearance

The NYC Diesel marijuana seed strain has a unique appearance. Its buds are covered in bright orange hairs, with the leaves and calyxes with purple tips. The exterior of its calyxes is primarily dark green with hints of brown or purple pistils, while the interior is bright orange with lighter orange pistils. NYC Diesel nugs are well known for their overabundance of orange pistils on a light green backdrop. Although NYC Diesel’s trichome coating isn’t as thick as some other strains, getting sticky fingers while handling these buds is inevitable.

This variety forest green and light green leaves can be watched under sunlight, revealing vibrant coloured terpenes such as caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene and humulene amidst its pistils.

NYC Diesel Aroma

First-time users often claim NYC Diesel has an exotic smell with traces of citrus fruits like grapefruit and lime. Of course, this strain also has quite a pungent punch of sour gasoline.  That sweet, earthy aroma will hit first upon breaking open a bud from the bag. Then, some more spices give it an intense aroma to go along with its strong taste. The pure bud will carry these potent yet pleasant scents along with earthy, herbal tones.

NYC Diesel Fragrance

The scent of an NYC Diesel fragrance is a mix of earthy aromas that are deep, woody and sweet. However, as soon as people open up the container where their stash is kept, they are met with sharp and musky scents that are unlike typical marijuana aroma. As soon as they burn NYC Diesel weed, the aroma will be similar to that of a musky incense with hints of amber and sweet spices luring in for another scent. The delicious taste is mellow but potent.

NYC Diesel Flavors

The NYC Diesel strain of cannabis is one that’s known for its diesel fuel-like taste and smell. It’s very pungent, so this probably isn’t the strain for people who don’t like the smell of diesel fuel.  The buds are dark green and covered in trichomes, making them very sticky to the touch. When ground up, the buds have a strong diesel smell with a hint of citrus. The taste is also very diesel-like, but it’s not as intense as the smell. There’s also a hint of grapefruit on the exhale. This strain is very potent, so it’s best to start with a small amount if you’re new to smoking or vaporizing it.

NYC Diesel Terpenes

NYC Diesel is a potent sativa-dominant strain that gives users an energetic, euphoric, and happy feeling. The terpene profile of NYC Diesel contains myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllenene.

  1. Myrcene is a monoterpene that gives off the earthy, herbal aroma of thyme, hops and basil. When consumed with other cannabinoids like THC or CBD, myrcene can help relieve pain and inflammation.
  2. Pinene is a monoterpene that gives off a woody, pine-like aroma and flavor. It is found in cypress and pine trees, basil, sage, rosemary, and hops (a plant used to make beer).
  3. Caryophyllenene is a sesquiterpene that smells like pepper and cloves. This terpene is found in black pepper, cloves, rosemary, and hops. Caryophyllenene is known to interact with the CB2 receptors in the body.

NYC Diesel Seeds Genetics

NYC Diesel Seeds Genetics

  1. NYC Diesel seeds are a cross of Sour Diesel, Afghani, and Hawaiian.
  2. It is a Sativa dominant strain with 60% Sativa in its genetic makeup.
  3. The buds have a diesel smell with citrus and grapefruit undertones.
  4. Its effects are happy and uplifting, making it a great choice for daytime use.
  5. The THC level ranges from 18% to 21%, while CBD levels are 0.1 to 1%.
  6. It is a tall plant that requires warm weather to grow properly.
  7. It has a flowering time of 70 to 84 days and should be harvested in early November.

NYC Diesel Seeds Final Thoughts

NYC Diesel seeds is a great strain for those who want to enjoy a good time without feeling too overwhelmed. It’s good for social situations and can help people feel more talkative and outgoing. The effects are happy and uplifting, but not too intense. Smokers will still be able to function normally and go about day-to-day activities. The flavor is diesel-y with hints of citrus, so it’s definitely not for everyone. But for people who are looking for a strain that will give them a pleasant high without being too overwhelming, NYC Diesel is a great choice!





3 reviews for NYC Diesel Seeds – Feminized

  1. Sam Morris

    Plants are doing great. Planted 15 seeds only 12 came up

  2. Johnson

    Grew 5 NYC Diesel plants from this wonderful seed store and found the strain perfect for my needs. This is such a great strain, for both day and night activities. Great for parties.

  3. Luke Swarm

    Great sativa dominant hybrid. My experience has been very good. Put 10 in and 10 of them popped

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