NYC Diesel Seeds – Feminized

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The Big Apple’s Best Sativa

Every cannabis fan “hearts” New York for one reason: NYC Diesel seeds. Just one sniff of these gasoline-drenched buds and you’ll feel as if you’re in Midtown Manhattan. Once you start smoking this sativa hybrid, get ready for an electrifying high brighter than the lights on Broadway. See for yourself why critics place NYC Diesel seeds “top of the heap.”

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Flavors Lemon
Flavor power Medium
Flowering time Medium (10 – 12 weeks)
Height High
THC level High (17–21%)
CBD level Low (< 1%)
Climate Temperate
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Hard
Medical Yes
Yield Medium
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors
Genotype 40% Indica / 60% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis

Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001, 2003, and 2004, NYC Diesel seeds are citrusy superstars. Despite this strain’s global acclaim, however, we still don’t know much about its origins. Some believe NYC Diesel a mix of Mexican and Afghani landraces, while others contend it’s related to Sour Diesel. All we do know for sure is Soma Seeds perfected these genetics from a mysterious batch originating in New York.

We won’t lie: these seeds aren’t for beginner growers or smokers. The high can be slightly psychedelic, and it takes at least ten weeks to grow this plant. If you have some experience with sativas, however, you should give this highly-lauded strain a try.
Anyone who wants to buy NYC Diesel seeds should look through Dutch Seeds Shop’s feminized seeds catalog. We are proud to offer some of the world’s highest quality cannabis seeds to global ganja growers. Wherever you live, we’ll find a way to send you our seeds in ultra-discreet packaging.


Like many sativa dominant strains, NYC Diesel seeds aren’t easy to grow. First off, cultivators need to set aside at least 10 – 12 weeks for this strain to flower. You also have to prepare your grow space for plants that could soar as high as a skyscraper—metaphorically, of course.

Because NYC Diesel seeds take such a long time to grow, most professional growers recommend indoor cultivation in a reliably warm and dry environment. You should feel confident topping, training, and pruning your plants regularly.

One thing you don’t have to worry about with NYC Diesel is mold. Thankfully, this strain has a reputation for its higher-than-average mold resistance.

Expect to yield about 1.4 ounces per ft² from your NYC Diesel seeds.


NYC Diesel nugs are well known for their overabundance of orange pistils on a light green backdrop. Although NYC Diesel’s trichome coating isn’t as thick as some other strains, you’ll certainly get sticky fingers handling these buds.

First-time users often claim NYC Diesel has an exotic smell with traces of citrus fruits like grapefruit and lime. Of course, this strain also has quite a pungent punch of sour gasoline.


With its sativa dominant genetics and high THC count, NYC Diesel usually has a euphoric and uplifting effect on users. Patients with depression and anxiety often report positive effects using this strain.


Although NYC Diesel is a well-balanced hybrid, some users say the high can be intense. Please take the proper precautions if you’re prone to panic attacks.

3 reviews for NYC Diesel Seeds – Feminized
  1. Luke Swarm

    Great sativa dominant hybrid. My experience has been very good. Put 10 in and 10 of them popped

  2. Johnson

    Grew 5 NYC Diesel plants from this wonderful seed store and found the strain perfect for my needs. This is such a great strain, for both day and night activities. Great for parties.

  3. Sam Morris

    Plants are doing great. Planted 15 seeds only 12 came up

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