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OG Kush seeds are considered to be one of the most common cannabis strains that have ever graced this industry. Despite the origin of OG Kush remaining a mystery to many, one thing remains clear; its high potency cannot be ignored by both recreational and medical users. These two factors have made the demand for OG Kush seeds shoot up in the market. To understand the features surrounding this mysterious strain, read on.

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The Genotype of OG Kush Seeds

As aforementioned, the uniqueness in OG Kush seeds traces back to their origin, which has remained debatable. Expert reviews have established that OG Kush was developed after crossing Chem Dawg and the Hindu Kush. Another unique thing with OG Kush strain seeds is that, despite the strain being a product of cross-breeding the two legendary strains, it did not inherit any characteristic from her parents. Testes carried out on unadulterated buds have revealed that the strain is 75% Indica and 25% Sativa.

The Phenotype of OG Kush Seeds

After the germination of OG Kush weed seeds, the strains’ genotypes are exposed to growing conditions, activating the unique phenotypes. Three distinct features make OG Kush weed stand out.

Nugget-like buds: The flower buds in OG Kush marijuana are dense like other Indica-dominant strains. However, what makes the buds in this marijuana stand out is the nugget-like structure.

Vibrant pistils: The flower buds in OG Kush are covered in orange pistils that have a vibrant allure.

Complex leaves: The leaves in OG Kush are complex to a fault, making users keep on admiring them. To start with, the sugar leaves have a yellow-green pigmentation making them appear like they are weathering. On the other hand, the water leaves have a shade of sage.

The Yield of OG Kush Seeds

OG Kush seeds are reserved for experienced growers due to the difficulty in growing. The only way to get optimal yields is to cultivate plants from this strain in a highly controlled environment. When you cultivate the OG Kush marijuana seeds indoors, the strain yields an average of 1.5 oz/ft2 (450 g/m2).

On the other hand, when you cultivate OG Kush feminized seeds outdoors, you could harvest 16 oz (450 gr) per plant. The relatively high yields in OG Kush make it ideal for commercial purposes.

Flowering Time

After germination and vegetation of indoor-grown OG Kush weed seeds, the strain takes 55 to 60 days to complete flowering. When you cultivate the OG Kush cannabis seeds outdoors, the strain stops flowering in October.

Taste and Aroma of OG Kush

Discussing OG Kush marijuana seeds without mentioning the unique taste and aroma of the strain would be incomplete. The taste of OG Kush can be described as spicy and hashy when inhaling and exhaling. If your taste buds are highly sensitive, you might also notice some hints of dankness after exhalation.

On the other hand, the aroma of fresh OG Kush buds can be described as a mixture of lemon, lime, and spice. If you have strong olfactory nerves, you might easily identify hints of a citrusy splash in this strain. The strong aroma is partly responsible for the high demand for OG Kush strain seeds.

Effects of OG Kush

The strong hitting effects from this weed have made experienced stoners scramble for OG Kush seeds. After taking a few puffs, a cerebral high, similar to a wrecking ball, kicks in. At first, you might find yourself feeling hazy, but as the Indica continues to creep in, overwhelming drowsiness sets in. If you have a low tolerance to the Indica, this weed might sedate you to a couch lock. The sedating effects of this weed make it ideal for evening use.

After the sedating effects wear out, a relaxation effect creeps in, improving your creativity. However, this effect only lasts for a short period since it is immediately overwhelmed by hunger pangs. Taking enough meals before the session helps you to counter the hunger effectively.

The final effect of taking OG Kush marijuana is cottonmouth. The cottonmouth effect is characterized by symptoms such as dry mouth, itchy eyes, and throat. The good thing is that the cottonmouth only lasts for a short period and can be suppressed by taking enough fluids.

Recreational Effects

If you are a recreational marijuana user, OG Kush seeds for sale should be on your bucket list. The high THC level is enough to keep you high for an extended period.

The Indica properties in OG Kush are so intense that they allow you to meditate, listen, or watch your favorite show or program undisturbed.

Medical Effects

OG Kush seeds have become a top choice for MMJ cardholders due to the strain’s medical potential. Patients battling psychological and physical disorders can use OG Kush to manage their conditions effectively.

First, the numbing and sedating effects from the Indica properties in OG Kush are essential in suppressing chronic pain and inflammation. These properties make OG Kush ideal for managing menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, and arthritis. With such potential, it is now clear why MMJ cardholders are rushing to buy OG Kush feminized seeds.

Second, the hunger and sleep-inducing properties in OG Kush have proved to improve one’s appetite and suppress insomnia.

Finally, the relaxing effects from the Indica-dominant properties are also effective in managing physiological disorders. People battling PTSD, bipolar disorders, and stress or depression can take this weed to alleviate the symptoms.


OG Kush cannabis seeds are also highly revered for harboring high THC levels. Tests on this marijuana strain have revealed that the average THC ranges between 19 and 26%. Novice marijuana users are not advised to take this weed since it can knock them off into a couch-lock.


Flower buds from OG Kush seeds for sale do not contain any CBD. Numerous tests have shown that the strain has 0% CBD.

Final Thoughts on OG Kush Seeds

If you consider yourself a pro in marijuana growing, it is high time for you to try OG Kush seeds. This weed does not only have high yields but is insanely potent. We have been in the cannabis industry for a long time, offering top-grade OG Kush strain seeds to consumers. Reach out to us today, and we will guide you through every step.

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5 reviews for OG Kush Seeds – Feminized Marijuana

  1. Richi

    As an experienced grower I can say that these seeds are really nice. However, not for rookies. You have to be knowledgeable about how to deal with mildew then you’ll be able to get a very potent weed at the end.

  2. NancySee

    Og kush is such a potent strain so I really wanted to try it. Growing it is not that easy so you better consult with somebody who knows how to do it. 4 out of 5 seeds I got from here germinated and I suppose it’s good.

  3. Illin rail

    Seeds I bought here are really nice. Planted them right after I’d received them and all of them germinated!

  4. Jonny

    i have to say that everything was perfect but the delivery that took a bit more than i expected. good seeds, quite strong, i’ve grown them in a warm climate and got decent yield.

  5. OllyM

    I’ve ordered the seeds and got them pretty soon. loved the result that i got, weed makes me feel awake and energized. recommend to all!

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