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OG Kush (10 Seeds)

All OG Kush (10 Seeds) reviews

OG Kush seeds grow into a hybrid cannabis plant with Indica dominance. Its origin is vague but is often thought to be of the legendary Hindu Kush descent. Growers like this strain because it produces heavy buds with THC levels up to 27% after a quick flowering period.

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OG Kush seeds are loved among weed growers. Even though this marijuana is not that easy to grow and the yield is average, it still produces a lot of heavy buds of the highest quality. Moreover, OG Kush have given birth to many different phenotypes and strains, like the famous Headband or Tahoe OG. The strong effect of this strain, thanks to its high THC level, has earned the love of cannabis lovers, who become excited when it strikes them hard. OG Kush will fill the room with its strong aroma and hints of wood and earth.

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The OG Kush Weed in the Daytime

og kush seedsSmoke OG Kush weed in the daytime and not before your sleeping time as it increases heart rate and keeps you awake for a long time. For the cultivation of OG kush outdoor you will need a Mediterranean weather while for indoor cultivation all your need is a little artificial light. Enjoy its smell, flavor and kick.


Flavors Wood
Flavor power Skunk
Flowering Short (7-9 weeks)
Height High
THC level High (19-27%)
CBD level Low (0.30%)
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Hard
Medical Yes
Yield Medium
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors
Genotype 75% Indica / 25% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis


If you cannot call yourself an experienced marijuana grower, then it may be wise to consider other strains to start with. OG Kush seeds are hard to grow due to its strain’s low resistance to bugs and different diseases. Also, OG Kush is susceptible to powdery mildew, which does not make it easier to cultivate. This strain shows its best performance when grown in very optimized and suitable conditions. If it is planted outside your house, remember that it needs a lot of suns and almost a tropical climate. If these conditions are provided, your outdoor yield will be around 16 oz per plant. The harvesting time is sometime in early October. In case your bush was growing indoors and in a proper microclimate, you will be rewarded with 1.6 oz per ft².

Character & Flavor

OG Kush hits you hard as a train. The potency of this weed is world-famous; the effect it causes on your mind can be very sedating and cause a couch lock situation, especially, if you’ve used a lot. After the initial state of relaxation consumers will experience happiness and euphoria.

OG Kush has a strong fragrance with significant notes of earth and wood with little hints of lemon and pine. One more thing to consider when growing it at home: this plant makes everything around it smell like a pine forest.

Medicinal Application

OG Kush is commonly used by people who are suffering from a lot of pain, as this weed decreases your pain level. The euphoric effect of this strain makes it perfect in fighting depression. Also, it may become an irreplaceable assistant if you have a very stressful life. Thanks to the very high potency, OG Kush can make your insomnia stop for good.


Though Ocean Grown Kush is used a lot in medical purposes there are some drawbacks that one should know. For example, it has a very common problem: it makes users’ mouths and eyes very dry so it would be wise to prepare a bottle of water or eye drops. You may also feel dizziness and in rare cases paranoia and anxiety.


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