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Orange Bud Feminized (10 Seeds)

All Orange Bud Feminized (10 Seeds) reviews

Want Some Orange Pleasure?

Orange Bud seeds are a proud member of the Skunk family. This marijuana strain’s THC level can reach up to 17%; and it’s easy to grow. She provides the grower with heavy buds covered in orange hair, with large leaves, after a very fast flowering period. High-quality yields won’t let you down.

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The Orange Bud strain is hybrid with a slight Indica leaning. These cannabis seeds have such a tasty name for two reasons. First, bright orange hairs which cover the buds. And second is the fragrance. Sweet and strong, with significant hints of orange and citrus.

The seeds are a gift for growers who do not have much experience in cultivating weed seeds as they are not needy at all and don’t require any special treatment. If you want to buy Orange Bud seeds you may go to your local seed bank or you can use our website and buy them online!


Flavors Sweet
Flavor power Skunk
Flowering time Medium (8-9 weeks)
Height Average
THC level Average (16-18%)
CBD level Low (0.35%)
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Yes
Yield High
Cultivate Both indoors and outdoors
Genotype 65% indica/35% sativa/ 0% ruderalis



Orange Bud seeds will grow into an average height plant with beautiful buds and leaves. And what’s the best part? You don’t have to do anything really special or have a master’s degree in cultivating weed. The seeds can successfully grow both inside and outside of a house.

This strain has a high level of resistance to common diseases and molds, making your task even easier. The most popular way of growing Orange Bud seeds among experienced consumers is indoors, by using Screen of Green techniques. This will help your bush to thrive and produce buds. After a short flowering period, you’ll be rewarded with 1.3 oz per ft².

In case you’ve decided to grow weed outside, check first that your plant will get enough sunshine. The normal yield for growing in a natural environment is at least 1.3 oz per plant with the harvesting period starting in October.

Character & Flavor

Orange Bud hits you gently, making your mood better. This feeling of happiness will escalate into a feeling of full euphoria. And what’s more, this strain stimulates your creative side and makes you chatter. You will basically start shooting out one idea after another.

As Orange Bud is a proud member of the Skunk family, it has a strong earthy scent with tasty notes of orange and citrus. The taste is like you have just eaten a bunch of oranges with a long lasting aftertaste.

Medicinal Application

Orange Bud marijuana has a very uplifting effect. Users who have a stressful job or just feel a lot of pressure may often count on this marijuana to bring them peace and happiness close to euphoria. Sometimes, the Orange Bud strain is used to reduce the level of pain as it has a sedative effect. In rare cases, she can help fight nausea and insomnia.


Though often used for medical purposes, the marijuana has her drawbacks. For example, the majority of consumers claimed that their mouths and eyes felt very dry, so consider preparing a bottle of water or eye drops before smoking. Sometimes consumers feel a little paranoid and dizzy. In rare cases, some users claimed to get headaches.


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