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Pink Plant seeds are a cross between High Level Sativa and TNT Kush Indica. The plant is tall and reaches a good height very quickly. It produces large buds with high levels of THC. The CBD content is relatively low, so Pink Plant is not a good choice for medicinal users. It is resistant to climate changes and humidity thus making it a sturdy strain to breed. The color of the plant is purplish pink and the flowers are resinous, compact and loaded with buds. The aroma from the plant is of fresh fruit. It grows well both indoors, outdoors and in greenhouse. The effects are mainly cerebral and they induce a sense of relaxation and creativity. The body gets loose and relaxed. It is a suitable strain for social gatherings and parties.

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Growing Pink Plant Strain Seeds

The name Pink Plant comes from the pink pistils that can be developed when growing Pink Plant Seeds. This hybrid marijuana seeds are cross between High level Sativa and TNT Kush Indica. It was created to be a powerful and relaxing strain with a high THC content. The Pink Plant strain has a moderate THC level of 17-21% and a CBD level of 0.05-0.4%. It is a tall plant that can grow up to 85% sativa.

The Pink Plant seeds like a mild climate and a flowering time of 55-60 days. It is a moderate difficulty to grow. The Pink Plant strain has a distinct eucalyptus flavor with earthy undertones. It’s scents are reminiscent of fresh fruit, and loquat as well. It is known for its relaxing, creative, and euphoric effects.

Pink Plant Seeds Grow Info

The Pink Plant strain is a tall and lanky plant, so it’s best to grow it outdoors where it has plenty of space to stretch out. It’s a moderately easy seeds to grow, so it can be a good choice for beginner and experienced growers. The Pink Plant strain flowers in about 55-60 days, and it’s ready for harvest in early October.

Pink Plant seeds enjoys mild and humid conditions, so make sure you protect your plants from frost. The buds can be susceptible to mold if they’re not dried and cured properly. The buds are light green in color and covered in pinkish-red hairs. Pink Plant leaves tend to turn pink or purple when the temperatures drop at night, so if you’re growing Pink Plant seeds indoors you may want to keep a close eye on the temperature levels.

Pink Plant THC and CBD Content

Pink Plant has a THC content that falls in the middle of the pack. The average is around 20%, but some samples have been known to contain up to 21% THC. This means that the high from Pink Plant will be more psychoactive than many other strains. The CBD content of this strain is on the lower end, with an average of around 0.4%. However, some Pink Plant samples could contain as much as 1% CBD.

Pink Plant Seeds Preferred Climate and Conditions

Pink Plant Seeds Preferred Climate and Conditions

Pink Plant is a Cannabis strain that’s a hybrid of Sativa and Indica, and it’s known to be a tall plant. The ideal climate for Pink Plant seeds is mild, and it prefers sunny conditions. When growing Pink Plant cannabis seeds, make sure you provide your plants with plenty of space to grow!


Pink Plant seeds grows best indoors with at least 18 hours of light exposure per day during the vegetative stage. Keep an eye on humidity levels, as Pink Plant seeds prefers high humidity during the vegetative stage and lower humidity during the flowering stage. You can use LED or LEC lights to promote healthy growth during the vegetative stage, and you can also use natural sunlight during the flowering stage. This marijuana strain is tall, so indoor growers should give each plant at least one square foot of space.


When growing Pink Plant cannabis seeds outdoors, you should plant them in an area that receives lots of sunshine. Pink Plant seeds prefers a mild climate, so make sure you provide your plants with shelter if you live in a cold climate! Pink Plant is a tall plant, so outdoor growers should give each plant at least three square feet of space. This cannabis strain is ready for harvest in early October if grown outdoors in a warmer climate, or in the middle of October if grown outdoors in a colder climate.

Pink Plant Seeds Yield

You can expect to harvest up to 2 ounces per square foot (600 grams per square meter) when growing indoors and up to incredible 70 ounces (2 kilograms) per plant when grown outdoors.

Pink Plant Flowering Time

The Pink Plant strain flowers for 55 to 60 days on average. Pink Plant plants will grow about 20 to 30 inches tall indoors. Lower buds on these plants will likely receive less light when growing, so you may decide to trim some lower branches or nodes where you notice yellowing or dying leaves.

It’s more common to see enormous, sturdy strains with a much longer flowering period, so the fast-flowering Pink Plant is definitely an outlier! That being said, if you’re looking for a solid and fast-growing Sativa-dominant hybrid, Pink Plant seeds may be just right for you.

Like most strains, the first two weeks are crucial as it takes time to establish roots and begin growing and filling out buds. Keep an eye out at the start of flowering to avoid under or over-watering, and be sure a significant nutrient deficiency does not occur! If you notice any nutrient deficiencies at any stage of growth, it’s essential that you treat your cannabis crop quickly before it’s too late – especially during budding!

The Pink Plant plants grow noticeably faster than most other Sativa strains during their vegetative cycle because the dominant Sativa genetics are potent in this strain. This allows them to fill out their buds with lots of resin in only 60 days. It’s also vital not to trip yourself up while trimming – make sure everything is cut even and loose; by doing this, you will end up with incredible yields if your plants turn out great!

Pink Plant Effects

Pink Plant seeds are a potent and productive cannabis strain that can stand independently. With THC levels ranging from 17% to 21%, this strain is appropriate for smokers looking for a potent yet manageable high. Pink Plant can be used to tackle anything from your day-to-day tasks at work or home to an all-nighter party!

The effects of Pink Plant are cerebral and creative, making it a great choice for activities like socializing, brainstorming, or working on artistic projects. You may also find yourself feeling more relaxed and euphoric than usual when under the influence of this strain. Despite its energizing effects, Pink Plant is also known for causing couch lock in some smokers. This makes it a good choice for unwinding at the end of the day or kicking back on a lazy weekend afternoon.

The effects of Pink Plant are pretty well balanced between body high and cerebral stimulation. It’s not too heavy or couch-locking like some Indica strains can be, but it’s also not so energetic that it would keep you awake all night if smoking before bedtime either!

If you’re prone to anxiety or paranoia, start with a small dose of Pink Plant and increase gradually as needed. When using this strain, slight dizziness and dry mouth are par for the course, so consider drinking plenty of water before starting. It also helps if you keep busy during the onset of Pink Plant’s effects!

Pink Plant Feminized Seeds

Pink Plant Feminized Seeds

Pink Plant feminized seeds are a Sativa dominant hybrid with a THC level of 21%. The Pink Plant seeds has inherited the best genetic potential of its parents, High-Level Sativa and TNT Kush Indica. The plant grows tall and produces dense buds covered in sticky resin and glandular trichomes. These sticky trichomes make the buds covered with a layer of orange crystals. The buds have a sweet and earthy flavor with hints of loquat and eucalyptus. The effects of Pink Plant are relaxing and euphoric, making it a good choice for medical marijuana patients.

Pink Plant Appearance

The Pink Plant marijuana strain is a tall and lanky plant. Its buds are long and thin, with a light green color and hints of pink. The leaves are also a light green color, with some pink hues.

Pink Plant AROMA

The Pink Plant marijuana strain has a sweet and earthy aroma. When you first open up your container of Pink Plant, you’ll be hit with a sweet and fruity smell that is reminiscent of loquats or other stone fruit. The taste is also sweet and earthy, with hints of citrus. The sweetness is quickly replaced by an earthy smell that is both pungent and skunky. When you grind up the buds, the earthy smell becomes more pronounced, and you’ll also notice a hint of eucalyptus.


The Pink Plant OG marijuana strain has a sweet and fruity fragrance. When you grind up the buds, you’ll notice a strong citrus smell that’s quickly followed by a sweeter scent. The smoke produced by this weed is also quite fragrant, with hints of berries and lavender in the mix. The taste of this strain is quite similar to its smell. It is sweet and earthy, with a hint of skunkiness that lingers on the palate.

Pink Plant Flavor

Pink Plant seeds are a hybrid marijuana strain that’s Sativa-dominant, meaning it has more of the effects associated with those strains. However, don’t let that fool you – Pink Plant still packs a punch in terms of flavor and aroma. This particular strain gets its name from the fact that its buds are often tinged with pink or purple hues. The flavors are earthy and loquat-like, with a hint of eucalyptus on the exhale when smoked or vaporized. When ground up, these buds have an even more intense flavor that can be quite overwhelming for first-time smokers/vapers.

Pink Plant Terpenes

Pink Plant is a tall plant with a mild climate and a sativa-dominant hybrid. The aroma of this strain is eucalyptus, earthy, with hints of loquat and earthy. The taste is earthy with a sweet aftertaste.

The terpene profile of Pink Plant contains:

  1. Myrcene has an aroma that is musky, herbal, and tropical. You will find it in the aromatic herb, thyme and hops, basil, and parsley. Myrcene is the most commonly found terpene in nature.
  2. Caryophyllene is a spicy-smelling terpene. It can be found in cloves and black pepper.
  3. Pinene has an aroma that is piney and fresh. It can be found in the needles of cypress and pine trees and herbs like basil and parsley.
  4. Limonene is a citrusy terpene that can be found in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons.
  5. Linalool is a sweet-smelling terpene present in flowers, roots, and some spices. Linalool can find it in lavender, mint, and coriander.

Pink Plant Seeds Genetics

Pink Plant Seeds Genetics

  1. Pink Plant seeds are a Sativa dominant hybrid with 85% Sativa and 25% Indica.
  2. Its THC level ranges from 17% to 21%.
  3. It has low CBD levels ranging from 0.05% to 0.4%.
  4. Pink Plant is a tall plant that flowers in 55 to 60 days.
  5. It is ready for harvesting during early October.
  6. The aroma is earthy with undertones of loquat, while the fragrance is complex and has overtones of eucalyptus.
  7. This strain gives off smooth citrus tones accompanied by earthy undertones.
  8. Its effects are relaxed, creative, and euphoric.

Final Thoughts on Pink Plant Seeds

Pink Plant Seeds is the perfect plant for those who want to relax and enjoy the creative euphoria that comes with it. It’s a great choice for when you need a break from reality and want to explore your imagination. The Pink Plant will transport you to a happy place where all your troubles will disappear. The buds are covered in trichomes that give it a frosty appearance, and they smell sweet and earthy with hints of loquat fruit. When smoked, the flavor is very earthy with an aftertaste of eucalyptus. The effects are relaxing yet stimulating, making it perfect for social gatherings or creative endeavors.

Pink Plant will help you forget all your troubles and let go of all your worries. She’s a very friendly and easygoing strain, with a gentle touch that will leave you feeling euphoric and stimulated. Her buds are packed with potent THC levels, so be sure to take it easy if you’re new to cannabis. But even if you’re a seasoned smoker, you’ll still enjoy Pink Plant’s unique flavor and aroma. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!



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