Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds


Purple Kush Autoflower seeds will give you one of the prettiest auto-flowering plants. The plants will have beautiful purple buds with orange pistils and together will make a lovely contrast with an incredible smell and taste. Purple kush autoflower marijuana seeds are one of those strains that any genuine Autoflower grower should attempt to consider himself a specialist.

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The Genotype of Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds

The Buddha Seed Company had created the Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds by crossing the original Purple Kush and an unknown Ruderalis. Original Purple Kush was a cross of Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush. By growing this auto-flowering strain, your marijuana plants will have many Indica dominant physical properties that include small height, thick branches & very compact stem. Of course, this Purple Kush auto strain isn’t as strong as the original, but it still manages to create a great growing and smoking experience.

The Phenotype of Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds

When you buy Purple Kush auto feminized seeds to grow them, you should know that it’s easy to grow purple autoflower kush seeds. That is an Indica-dominant Ruderalis hybrid, which means you are going to grow highly resistant plants that can withstand fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and pH. Confusion of new growers will not lead to the death of the plants. You don’t need to adjust the light cycle of the plants that you will have by germinating Auto Purple Kush seeds. By growing Purple Kush auto feminized seeds, you will have plants of small height. This small size also implies that you won’t get as much harvest from your Purple Kush auto plants. The taste & effects of this potent marijuana weed make it worth it to grow indoors.

The Yield of Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds

The plants that you grow will give less yield due to their small height & you will get a yield of 1 oz/ft2 (300 g/m2) indoor & 1 – 1.8 ounces (30-50 gr) per plant outdoor. We recommend you to grow this strain indoor to get maximum yield & avoid outdoor growing as you will get low yield.

Flowering Time

After successful germination of Purple Kush Autoflower seeds, they will have a flowering time of 56 to 63 days. You can grow Purple Kush auto seeds indoors and in small spaces. You can even train your plants to remain small and grow laterally to keep them at around 8 to 12 inches in height. Short flowering time & small size of the plants means that you don’t need to change the pots of the plants in indoor growing. That will protect the plants from undue stress.

Aroma & Taste Purple Kush

The plants of Purple Kush Autoflower strain will have bright purple-green leaves and flowers with a fragrant scent. The purple color of the leaves is a reaction to cold, inherited from Afghan parents. This variety also has an earthy woody aroma that translates into a fruity aroma of sweet grapes. The taste of this variety is also a real treat.

Recreational Effects

With a medium to high THC content of the buds that you will get by growing Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds, this strain will be highly effective in relaxing the body. The Indica-dominant high hits the entire body and is great for relieving pain and insomnia, as, after a few puffs, you can almost lock yourself on the couch and fall asleep easily. But the funny thing is that in the first minutes of smoking, you will feel vigorous and active. Surprisingly, the state of euphoria can last all night, although it tends to envelop the mind in a dreamy haze rather than a focus.

Those looking to take a break from overthinking can grow Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds & get high-quality marijuana buds from these plants to smoke & clear their minds. They will be able to complete a task as they enjoy the silence that surrounds it. Soon, a soothing sensation envelops the body from head to toe, serving a thrill. It relieves lingering tension, creating a feeling of complete relaxation a few moments before sleep. The strain’s moderate potency makes it quite manageable for beginners, although higher doses can cause several adverse reactions. Minor discomfort like dry mouth and dry eyes are common but dizziness & even anxiety can also occur in those who are sensitive to slightly higher THC due to these dominant Indica strains.

Medical Effects

Due to Indica dominance, the strain’s magic is believed to work best under physical conditions. Due to its analgesic properties, it acts as a prison breakout for those who are suffering from chronic pain. Patients can get rid of daily pain, arthritis, cramps, and even mild muscle cramps. While full-body effects don’t necessarily cause strong sedation, a calm body and mind can make it easier to sleep for patients who are suffering from insomnia. Purple Kush Auto weed is being used in the management of stomach issues. You can increase your metabolic rate and enjoy every meal you eat.


The dense buds that you will get from this cannabis seeds will have a THC Value of 15 – 20%, making these high-quality marijuana seeds one of the most sought after in the market. If you take proper care of the plants & protect it from stressful conditions, you can achieve a THC value of above 20% by growing plants from auto Purple Kush seeds. That high THC level will give you a dreamy mind & body high. Because of its body high relaxing effects, you should use it at night.


The plants that you will grow from Purple Kush Auto Seeds will have low CBD values of 0.7 to 1 percent. A high THC with a low CBD value means that you can use this strain for managing many mental conditions that also include stress & anxiety.


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