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How To Grow Cannabis Plants From Red Dragon Seeds Indoors

kodinnov / May 25, 2022

How To Grow Cannabis Plants From Red Dragon Seeds Indoors

Learn how to grow a West Himalayan Kush and a Brazilian Sativa from cannabis seeds by reading our comprehensive guide. This plant also appreciates low-nitrogen cactus fertilizer and needs some support. This plant is also susceptible to invasion by aphids and mealybugs, but once established, it will thrive indoors. Dragon fruit is also loved by many birds and bats.

Growing a Brazilian Sativa

Brazil genetics produce plants that grow in warm climates and reach monstrous heights outdoors. With the use of indoor training techniques, you can moderate the plant’s growth and keep it within its boundaries. This plant’s appetite is unrivaled, and it produces delicious aromas. The dried buds evoke the scent of wildflowers and contain sticky resin. These plants make perfect candidates for making cannabis concentrates, which medical marijuana users can use to experience instant relief.

The Red Dragon is a hybrid cross of a true Brazilian Sativa and Pakistani Kush. The end result is a pleasantly relaxing indica high with a distinct aroma reminiscent of guava fruit. It finishes flowering in just eight to ten weeks and will be ready for harvest in late September. The buds have a floral, refreshing taste, with woody notes.

This Brazilian Sativa is a highly potent hybrid that has amazing genetics. This plant has been bred by a master cannabis breeder, Barney’s Farm, using two strains originating in Brazil and Afghanistan. Because it is so potent, it is ideal for both recreational and medical users. In fact, this strain is one of the easiest to grow indoors.

Growing a West Himalayan Kush

The Red Dragon cannabis strain is an exotic hybrid with unique genetics. The hybrid was bred by crossing Himalayan Kush and the landrace sativa Utopia Haze. The result is a plant that produces sativa-dominant buds with an intensely long-lasting, euphoric stone. Its sweet guava fruit aroma and heavy, cola-forming buds makes it an ideal cannabis strain for beginners.

The West Himalayan Kush strain was first seeded in California at Barney’s Farm. It is known for its intense psychoactive effects and delicious taste. While this strain is slightly sativa-dominant, it is still classified as an indica, giving it a distinctly indica-like effect. Its taste is berry-forward, with floral undertones, and the aroma lingers in the air. Red Dragon cannabis is also known for its long-lasting effects, which begin cerebral but turn into physically relaxing in later stages.

Red Dragon is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate growers alike. The plant is easy to grow and produces big yields. The strain is known for its flavor and smell, and it has an average THC and CBD content of about 23%. Red Dragon seeds are highly recommended for indoor growing and are suited for cool Mediterranean climates. A West Himalayan Kush cannabis plant from Red Dragon Seeds is an excellent choice for beginners.

Taking cuttings

If you’ve ever wanted to try growing cannabis indoors, you’ve probably thought about taking cuttings. But what about if you can’t manage a whole plant? You can buy cannabis seeds online and share them with others, but there’s a much simpler way: grow the cannabis plants from seeds. Cuttings can be very useful for replanting your plants because they will form roots more quickly than the seeds.

Cannabis seedlings thrive best when exposed to lower levels of light. Generally, they thrive in 18 hours of light and six hours of darkness. This helps them maximize photosynthesis. You can place your cuttings in a light fixture that is at least 24 inches away from the stems to avoid burning and to provide optimal energy. After that, it’s time to start watering the cuttings.

When growing marijuana plants from seeds, you should be aware of the risks associated with genetic variation. While this is a natural trait, clones may produce plants of a lower quality. Furthermore, users of marijuana seeds will develop a tolerance for their active ingredients, meaning that more marijuana is needed to get the same effect. Taking cuttings from male and female plants from feminized seeds will increase the chance of a hermaphrodite.

Proper lighting

While HPS lights provide excellent yields per watt, they are not the most efficient type of indoor grow light. Furthermore, they generate considerable heat, which can prove to be a problem if you live in a warm climate or have a small room. LED lights, on the other hand, can provide a high yield per watt but are also more energy efficient. The downsides of LED lights are also apparent: they require a larger initial investment, and they must be installed far away from your plants.

The height of your grow light should be approximately 46-52cm above the base of the plant. To ensure even lighting, place a hand above the plant’s canopy and measure the intensity. If you can feel the heat, the light is too close. If it is too warm for your hand, move the light further away. After the first week, you can feed the plant at full strength.


After a long winter, you might be wondering how to properly water a cannabis plant from red dragon seeds. While you can feed your cannabis plant with fertilizer every two weeks during its active growing season, you should avoid giving it a drink of water until the soil is dry. Watering cannabis plants from red dragon seeds indoor should be done when the top half of the soil is dry. Watering is also not the same as drowning them in water.

The cotyledons, the first oval leaves that sprout, are the signs that your plant is healthy. These cotyledons will turn into digitate leaves, recognizable fan leaves with serrated edges. To prevent this from happening, make sure you water your cannabis plant every few days with 25-30% of the total pot volume. Also, make sure to keep the relative humidity between 65 to 80%.


If you grow your cannabis plants from red dragon seeds indoors, you will need to give them a good prune every month or so. While this is a common gardening task, there are some special considerations you must take with your plants. If you want to produce more flowers, you should feed your plants regularly. For optimal results, you should use a fertilizer that is rich in phosphorus and low in nitrogen. Dilute it half strength before application and apply it once or twice a month.

When cultivating your cannabis plants from red dragon seeds indoor, it is important to prune them at the right time to increase yield, resin production, and height. There are many reasons why you should prune your plants at this time, and some of them are listed below. You can also avoid causing them to flower prematurely by using the correct tools and techniques. However, before performing any type of pruning, you should make sure your cannabis plants are already well established in their vegetative stage. You should also avoid heavy pruning because it will prevent your plants from flowering.


You can get started with marijuana growing by fertilizing the seedlings you have. Marijuana plants love carbon dioxide. They need this gas to grow strong and healthy. One way to provide carbon dioxide is to use baking soda and white vinegar. Pour them into a liter-sized bowl and mix them well. Then, leave the mixture in the aquarium for a few minutes. Your plants will benefit from the large volume of carbon dioxide the solution gives off.

Afterward, you should plant the flowers in a separate pot. Red dragon flowers grow best in shady areas. Avoid placing them under other plants because they do not like direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may damage the plant by making the stems purple and burning them. If you’re growing cannabis plants from red dragon seeds indoors, it’s best to place them in a window that provides indirect sunlight.

When to harvest

Once you have successfully grown your cannabis plants from red dragon seeds indoor, it’s time to harvest them. Before harvesting, make sure to stop fertilizing your plants and flush them with water to remove any trace elements. You can also use this time to water your plants to reduce the risk of contaminating the buds with fertilizers. Outdoor plants are not as vulnerable to fertilizer traces because they have a wider area to spread across. Several growers leave their plants without watering for one week before harvesting.

The exact date when marijuana is ready to be harvested varies from strain to strain. If you are growing a strain that will act as a sedative, wait until the pistils are almost all amber. If you want marijuana with a high THC content, harvest it when seventy-nine percent of the pistils have turned color. However, if you want a more potent high, harvest your cannabis when its pistils are orange and all the stems are green.

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