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Shishkaberry seeds bring forth plants that creep up on users if they’re not ready for it, so they should arrange their daily schedules accordingly. This indica dominant breed, checking in at 80/20, was created by unidentified breeders. We know, however, that Shishkaberry is a strain coming from Afghani landrace. This didn’t stop it from winning 2nd place at the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup for high-quality indica seeds. It is a very potent strain with a high THC content. The high is very relaxing and calming, but also creative. The taste is sweet and earthy with a hint of berry. The smell is grape-like with a sweet and pungent aroma.

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Growing Shishkaberry Strain Seeds

Shishkaberry strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that is a result of crossing Afghani landrace with an unknown parent. These plants grow to a medium height and have a wide structure with long and dense buds. The buds are green in color and are covered in a thick layer of frosty white trichomes.

As anticipated by having Indica dominance in the family, Shishkaberry delivers exactly that. With a THC percentage certified at 16 – 26 %, the full-body effect is what users are signing themselves up for. The CBD content ranges between 0.3% and 0.8%. This makes it a potent strain that is perfect for experienced users. The high THC content also makes it a fast-acting strain that takes effect immediately after smoking a few puffs of weed. It produces a euphoric high that is accompanied by feelings of relaxation and creativity. It is also an analgesic, which means that it may be used to relieve pain.

Shishkaberry is known as an easy strain to grow, even for novice growers. It is a resilient plant that can withstand most common problems that plague cannabis plants, such as mold, pests, and disease. However, it is important to note that this strain can be susceptible to bud rot if the humidity levels are not carefully monitored.

This hybrid is suited for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation. When grown outdoors, this plant can reach heights of up to 5 feet tall. The perfect growing conditions for this strain are a warm climate and plenty of sunshine. When it comes to soil, Shishkaberry does best in a rich, organic mix.

The best method to grow Shishkaberry seeds is by using hydroponics and the Sea of Green (SOG) practice. Despite being relatively hands-off, growers still have to make sure that the plant is free from pests and fungus if they place it outdoors.

Indoor growers can expect yields of around 1.6 – 2 ounces per square foot. If growers are impatient, these plants are also good news since they have an extremely fast flowering period of 50-55 days and are typically ready to harvest in late September to early October. When growing Shishkaberry strain seeds outdoors, growers can expect maximum yields 15 – 20 Oz per plant.

Shishkaberry Preferred Climate and Conditions

Shishkaberry is an Indica dominant hybrid with a 80:20 Indica to Sativa ratio. These seeds thrive in warm climates and are best cultivated outdoors. The plant grows to a medium height of 3-4 feet and produces long and dense buds that are ready for harvesting from late September to early October.


Shishkaberry feminized seeds grow into medium tall and bushy plants that are best suited for indoor cultivation. They don’t require a lot of space, making them ideal for small grow tents or rooms. And the fact that they are not very tall also means that they won’t need a lot of support. When cultivated indoors, growers must ensure that the temperature within the grow room ranges between 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity should be maintained at 40% – 50% during the vegetative stage and lowered to 30% – 40% when the plant enters the flowering stage.

Always ensure adequate airflow to prevent the development of mold and mildew. This strain is easy to cultivate, thus best for beginner growers. However, growers should be knowledgeable about stress-training methods such as Sea of Green as it’s useful. Cultivators must avail the crop with optimal growing conditions, such as adequate water, fertilizers, and other nutrients to ensure quality buds.


Shishkaberry thrives in warm climates. The plant grows to a medium height of 3-4 feet and produces long and dense buds that are ready for harvesting from late September to early October. When grown outdoors, the plant requires little maintenance as it can withstand most weather changes. However, growers must ensure that the soil used is nutrient-rich and contains minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. The crop is also susceptible to pests and diseases; thus, regular checkups are necessary. And if any problems are detected, take immediate action to prevent further damage.


Shishkaberry is a high-yielding strain, and when provided with optimal growing conditions, it can produce up to 1.6 – 2 Oz per square meter indoors and 15 – 20 Oz per plant outdoors. However, the yield can be increased if the plant is trained using SOG or SCROG methods. When grown indoors, the crop is ready for harvesting after 50 to 55 days. On the other hand, outdoor crops are harvested from late September to early October.

Shishkaberry Flowering Time

The flowering period for Shishkaberry is 50 to 55 days. This is a short flowering period, and growers can expect their crops to be ready for harvest in early October. The plants are quite bushy and have long branches that need support as they grow. The leaves are broad, and the buds are dense and sticky. During the flowering stage, the temperature should be lowered to stimulate the formation of purple hues.

And as the plant enters the last week of flowering, the humidity should be maintained at 60%. The crop should be checked for deficiencies that yellowing leaves can identify. If there are any, make a point of fixing them before the crops are mature enough to harvest. Remember to flush out all the remaining nutrients in the last week by providing the plants with adequate water.

Shishkaberry Effects

Shishkaberry is an Indica-dominant hybrid. This strain has a high THC content that ranges between 16% and 26%. The effects of this strain are relaxed, analgesic, calming and long-lasting, making it perfect for evening use. Shishkaberry starts with a cerebral buzz that helps users get rid of all their negative thoughts and replaces them with happy and blissful thoughts. The head high then mellows down to the body, giving users a physical high that relaxes all their muscles and joints while numbing any pain they may be experiencing.

However, since the effects last long, users are advised to have everything they need before using this strain as they will not be able to move for hours.

The adverse side effects of this strain include dry mouth and eyes, so users are advised to drink plenty of fluids and use eye drops. This is pretty common with most phenotypes and is reversed by proper hydration. Also, there might be bouts of panic or paranoia and excessive sleepiness in people who have trouble dealing with its potency. Dizziness and paranoia can be avoided by consuming only the recommended dosage.


Shishkaberry may be a worthy strain for pain management as it numbs the pain and relaxes the muscles. The couch-locking effects of this strain are suitable for people who have insomnia as it induces a deep and long sleep. The sedating effects of Shishkaberry make it appropriate for use before bedtime or after a long day at work when people need to unwind and relax their bodies.

However, since the high from this strain can last up to 10 hours, users are advised not to consume large doses if they have morning commitments.

Recreational Effects

Shishkaberry is popular among recreational marijuana users as its high THC levels offer users a euphoric high that helps them forget their worries and enjoy their present time with friends or family. The berry flavor also makes it quite delicious, making it ideal for social events such as parties or barbecues.

This hybrid also offers mental stimulation when consumed in low doses; thus, it can be used during the day when working on creative projects or when someone needs an energetic boost to get through a tasking project. That’s why it is a good choice for creative minds such as artists, musicians, writers, and poets when they need an energetic boost to help them get their ideas flowing. It’s also nice for movie nights in as it enhances the senses making everything seem more intense.

Medical Application

Shishkaberry has several medical applications due to its potent effects. This hybrid may be used for managing chronic pain as it numbs the pain receptors in the brain allowing patients to find relief from conditions such as migraines, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.

This hybrid may also be helpful for people who suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression as it clears all negative thoughts and instills happy ones.

As with marijuana breeds that create a head and body high, the instantaneous perks are its anti-stress properties. This makes Shishkaberry favored in the medical community. Consequently, this strain will scale down the issues some users have, as related to their mental health: depression, anxiety, chronic stress. As previously mentioned, it makes users sleepy, so insomniacs or anyone else who needs help with their sleep patterns can take advantage of it. Some consumers use it as an appetite-inducing treatment as well.

WARNING: Consuming marijuana to treat medical illnesses without consulting a doctor is strongly discouraged!

Shishkaberry Feminized Seeds

Shishkaberry Feminized cannabis is an Indica dominant hybrid with an 80:20 ratio of Indica to Sativa. These seeds grow into medium-sized plants that produce dense and compact buds that are green and purple in color, with orange hairs and a frosty layer of trichomes. The buds have a sweet grape and berry flavor, with hints of earthiness. The high THC content of this strain leaves users feeling relaxed, creative, and analgesic. The effects are calming and can last up to 3 hours. This makes it a suitable strain for those looking to wind down at the end of the day. Shishkaberry Feminized seeds are best grown in warm climates and are ready for harvesting from late September to early October.

Shishkaberry Appearance

The Shishkaberry plant is a medium tall and bushy one, rarely growing taller than 3 feet. It produces dense green buds that are tinged with purple and have orange hairs. The nugs are quite small but very resinous. And when people hold a bud in their hands, it will feel sticky to the touch because of the high concentration of trichomes on the surface.

Shishkaberry Aroma

This strain has a pretty distinct grape-like aroma that’s also earthy and sweet at the same time. When ground up, the smell becomes more pungent. But despite its dankness, it’s still a pleasant smelling weed thanks to its sweetness.

Shishkaberry Fragrance

The fragrance of this strain can be described as musky with hints of grape and berry. When smoked or vaped, these flavors become more pronounced and leave a sweet aftertaste in the mouth.

Users won’t be able to miss its berry, grape, sweet accents with hints of earthy undertones on the exhale. This combination comes in stages: first, users smell and taste fruity flavors, and then they are met with a balancing effect of an herbal and earthy taste.

Shishkaberry Flavors

Shishkaberry is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a sweet grape and berry taste. When smoked or vaped, it leaves a sweet and earthy flavor in the mouth long after using. The buds have a high THC content, which makes it a great strain for people looking for a relaxing and creative smoke.

Shishkaberry Terpenes

Shishkaberry is an indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain that has a sweet grape and berry taste. The terpenes in this strain include:

  1. Carene: This terpene gives the strain a sweet, pungent, and musky aroma. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Myrcene: This terpene is responsible for the strain’s sedative effects. It’s also an analgesic, which helps to relieve pain.
  3. Terpineol: This terpene gives the strain a floral aroma. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  4. Caryophyllene: This terpene is responsible for the strain’s spicy aroma. It also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Shishkaberry Genetics

  1. Shishkaberry is an Afghani landrace.
  2. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid with an 80:20 ratio of Indica to Sativa.
  3. Its THC content ranges between 16% and 26%, while its CBD levels are between 0.3% and 0.8%.
  4. This strain is popular among users for its relaxed, creative, analgesic, and calming effects.
  5. It has a unique flavor and aroma profile that combines berry, grape, sweet, and earthy notes.
  6. Shishkaberry produces dense and compact buds that are covered with orange pistils and purple leaves.
  7. It is easy to grow and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors with a 50 to 55 days flowering period.
  8. Shishkaberry is ready for harvesting from late September to early October.

Final Thoughts on Shishkaberry

Shishkaberry is an indica dominant hybrid that is a cross between an Afghani landrace and an unknown berry strain. This strain is perfect for those who are looking for a relaxing and creative high. The berry flavors are a perfect way to end the day, and the high THC levels will leave people feeling happy and pain-free.



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