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Sour Diesel strain. Buy Sour Diesel feminized seeds at dutchseedssop.com

Sour Diesel (10 Seeds)

Sativa Strain with Gasoline Odor

The Sour Diesel strain is kind of mysterious in terms of origin, even though there is a lot of information on its background and lineage circling around. Perhaps this is a good thing and only adds to its appeal. Having acclaimed genetics, this phenotype is an all-day-long companion.



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Sour Diesel, or as some people prefer to call it, Sour D, is a spectacularly quick-operating hybrid with sativa dominance. It is thought to be an offspring of Chemdawg 91, combined with Super Skunk, and was developed in the 1990s in California. Known as a “Top Cash Crop Breed”, Sour D is an extra-dank type of weed. For people looking for a psychedelic, active stone, this is the most suitable choice. People remember it for its highly flavored presence, smelling strongly of fuel (hence, the name). Products of Sour Diesel make for some enjoyable high and all-around positive vibes.


Flavors Diesel
Flavor power Strong
Flowering time Medium (10 – 12 weeks)
Height Tall
THC level High (up to 25%)
CBD level Low
Climate Temperate
Seed sex Feminized
Grow Difficulty Medium
Medical Yes
Yield Medium to high
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors
Genotype 10% Indica / 90% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis


Sour Diesel plants grow tall and aromatic in warm and relatively dry conditions; the emphasis is on low humidity. A high concentration light source is highly recommended. It is crucial to maintain sterile cultivation settings because the plant from these cannabis seeds can be sensitive to powdery mildew. It’ll be a pain to get rid of, so taking precautions in advance will make sure that it’ll be easy for you to grow this variant.

Sour Diesel requires a little longer to flower, but the results make up for it. When planting the seeds indoors, Sour D will have an approximate yield of 1.7 ounces per ft2. As for the outdoor cultivation, the best time to begin to harvest will be early November. You will have the best results, by far, in this situation with a whopping 25 ounces of yields per plant.


A beloved choice for recreational smokers, Sour Diesel leaves users in a state of imperturbable euphoria. When growers buy Sour Diesel, they eventually provide a perfect no-fail high with overall uplifting quality. Hinting at one’s psychedelic senses, Sour D is famous for its long-lasting effects, which last for up to five hours.

As you can tell by the name, Sour Diesel has a pungent fuel aroma. It admittedly has hints of citrus and sour lemon and some herbal undertones. It tastes slightly bitter with an almost a savory aftertaste.


Generally, this marijuana strain is widely used to manage stress and depression. Since Sour D brings a high without a weighed-down feeling, good use is for daytime pain relief. People who have troubles with arthritic conditions can also take advantage of the anti-inflammatory physiological response. ADD and ADHD symptoms can be relieved, allowing users to concentrate on tasks and its appetite-inducing properties are of use after chemical radiation.


Pay attention to increased fluid intake, because after smoking Sour Diesel nugs, consumers may have a feeling of dry-mouth and dry-eyes. Sour D may also fuel paranoid perceptions of reality when users take a dosage higher than the one recommended for them. For those who have limited experience with sativa varieties, the overly optimistic high may be difficult to comprehend.

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Item Reviewed: Sour Diesel (10 Seeds)

I am impressed with Dutch Seeds Shop because I received within few days. Nice job, would definitely buy again with them.



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