Super Skunk Seeds - Feminized

Super Skunk Seeds - Feminized Marijuana

  • THC 17% - 21%
  • CBD 2.4%

Super Skunk seeds are a highly potent Indica-dominant strain that Sensi Seeds developed. The strain has gained massive popularity among growers and consumers alike due to its ease in growing as well as head-high effects. Other factors that have made the demand for Super Skunk seeds shoot up include potency and flavor. Read on to understand why Super Skunk marijuana seeds should be on your bucket list.

seeds yield


Indoor 1.6 – 2 oz/ft2 (500 – 600 g/m2)

Outdoor 21 – 25 oz (600 – 700 gr) per plant

seeds flowering time


Indoor 60 - 65 days



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TYPE seeds type INDICA HYBRID Indica (65%)
Sativa (35%)
THC LEVEL 17% - 21%
Height seeds height Medium
Climate seeds climate Mild
Indoor 1.6 – 2 oz/ft2 (500 – 600 g/m2)
Outdoor 21 – 25 oz (600 – 700 gr) per plant
flowering time of seeds 60 - 65 days
Skunk #1
Cultivate cultivate seeds Indoor / Outdoor

The Genotype of Super Skunk Seeds

Super Skunk cannabis seeds are highly sophisticated and contain the best genotypes you might look for as a weed enthusiast. The strain was developed after crossing Afghani with Skunk #1. The weed boasts 65% Indica and 35% Sativa.

The Phenotype of Super Skunk Seeds

Once Super Skunk seeds germinate and the genotypes are exposed to the environment, we can see features distinct from this strain. Two main features make Super Skunk stand out and attain the ‘irresistible’ tag.

First, the Super Skunk marijuana plant has a distinct orange to brown color with forest green plants. The color in this marijuana strain makes it easy to note the plant from a long distance, giving it a rare attractive appearance.

Second, the flower buds are exceptionally dense, signifying the high yields from the strain. The flower buds are covered in short orange pistils to match with the rest of the plant. You might have heavy glistering trichomes covering the flower buds during harvest time to give it an attractive appeal.

The Yield of Super Skunk Seeds

The demand for Super Skunk strain seeds among novice marijuana growers has grown exponentially due to the strain’s ease in growth. You don’t need to have massive knowledge to get high yields. To start with, when you cultivate the Super Skunk seeds indoors, you should expect to harvest between 1.6 – 2 oz/ft2 (500 – 600 g/m2).

On the other hand, when you grow Super Skunk weed seeds outdoors, you should expect to harvest between 21 and 25 oz (600 – 700 gr) per plant.

Flowering Time

The period from germination and vegetation of Super Skunk seeds for sale to the end of the flowering period is crucial to growers, especially the first-time growers.

When you cultivate Super Skunk marijuana seeds indoors and it finishes the vegetative phase, you should expect the strain to complete the flowering period between 60 and 65 days. On the other hand, when you cultivate the Super Skunk weed seeds outdoors, you should wait until mid-September when it completes its flowering period.

Taste and Aroma of Super Skunk

Super Skunk seeds have also become a top choice for enthusiastic marijuana growers and consumers due to the strain’s distinct taste and aroma from other strains.

When you break Super Skunk’s buds open, they produce an irresistible pungent ammonia aroma. Upon combustion, you might notice notes of woodiness and cheese engulfing the primary skunky smell.

During inhalation, the buds produce a mixture of sweet and fruity flavor with notes of citrus and earthiness. During exhalation, a similar taste remains in the taste buds, making you yearn for more.

Effects of Super Skunk

Super Skunk feminized seeds are in high demand due to the strain’s rollercoaster of effects on users. To start with, the Sativa properties induce a mellow uplifting high that leaves users in euphoria. However, these effects last for a short duration and are replaced by Indica properties.

Once the Indica properties kick in, a cerebral high starts to take over the body. At first, you might notice a sudden calmness taking over you. If you were stressed or depressed, you might find yourself in a state of breeze. Once the calming effects start to overwhelm you, you might find yourself in a sedated state. People with low tolerance might be knocked into a couch lock or deep sleep.

The sedating effects gradually wear out, leaving you in a state of confusion and dizziness. However, these effects only last for a short period before hunger pangs come knocking. To suppress hunger, it is advisable to take enough meals before indulging in a session of this weed.

The final most common effect with Super Skunk marijuana is cottonmouth. Cottonmouth is characterized by symptoms such as itchy throat, eyes, and dry mouth. You can suppress the cottonmouth effects by taking enough fluids before and during the session.

Recreational Effects

As a recreational marijuana consumer, you might wonder whether Super Skunk feminized seeds can harbor properties that activate your recreational part. However, if the results are anything to go by, this marijuana strain is the real deal.

First, the short-lived Sativa properties induce euphoria, triggering an adrenaline rush to users.

Second, the Indica properties induce a calming effect, allowing you to meditate in peace. If you love watching TV shows or movies, this weed comes in handy. For optimal results, you should take it in the evening after a long day.

Medical Effects

The main consumers of Super Skunk marijuana are MMJ cardholders, thanks to the numerous medical benefits. It is not surprising that the demand for Super Skunk feminized seeds has been high.

A combination of Indica and Sativa has proved to be effective as far as managing mental conditions is concerned. People battling bipolar disorder, PTSD, and depression have been taking this weed to suppress their impacts.

The THC in this cannabis has also proved to be an effective pain reliever and anti-inflammatory source. As a result, people battling chronic pain from arthritis, menstrual cramps, migraines, and muscle spasms have found Super Skunk to be a life-saver.

The Indica properties in this weed have also proved to be effective in managing eating and sleeping disorders. People battling sleeping and eating disorders have been buying Super Skunk seeds and grow plants on their own to manage these conditions.


Super Skunk cannabis seeds harbor a relatively medium THC level, with the buds registering between 14 to 18% of the cannabinoid. If you have low THC tolerance, this is not the right strain for you. THC infuses the Indica and Sativa properties to induce heavy head-high effects, leaving the user sedated.


Super Skunk seeds for sale harbor extremely low CBD content, with most flower buds having under 1%.

Final Thoughts on Super Skunk Seeds

Whether you are a novice or established marijuana grower, Super Skunk seeds should be a top priority for you. We have an experienced team to help you understand the basics of cultivating Super Skunk strain seeds indoors and outdoors. Reach out to us today for best marijuana seeds, and we will ensure that you get value for money.

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I have been a grower for almost 21 years, Dutch Seeds Shops are one of the best stores online, and super skunk is one of my favorite.

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