Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue Seeds – Feminized

Relaxation with Exotic Origin

Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue seeds come from the ancestry of high-quality hitters, but this hybrid is more calming than its parents. It contains high THC levels and the use of it is vastly medicinal.


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Indoor Yield 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft2 (400 – 500 g/m2)
Outdoor Yield 19 oz (550 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 60 – 65 days
Height High
THC level 17 – 22 %
CBD level Low
Climate Mild
Grow Difficulty Easy
Flavors Sweet / Fruity / Caramel / Incense Notes
Effect Powerful / Relaxing / Physical
Type 65% Indica / 35% Sativa
Parents (Gorilla Glue#4 x Zkittlez) x Sweet Tooth
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

Having slight Sativa dominance from one parent and Indica-leaning qualities from the other, the Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue hybrid balances them out beautifully. This phenotype features tight buds that become a vivid green and are generously covered in resin. Plants from Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue seeds are great for setting the mind at rest and managing chronic pain flare-ups.


With its fast flowering, Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue seeds are fairly easy to grow for the average person. These weed seeds are naturally resistant to pests and molds. Moreover, its generous yields are another reason to buy Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue seeds.


When smoking this strain, the effects come quickly. The variant brings about a tranquilizing feeling, perfect for a late quiet evening. This hybrid shares a lot of Chocolate Diesel’s features but also mixes other flavors like sweet floral and berries with hints of pine upon exhaling.


Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue seeds account for marijuana with abilities to manage insomnia, depression, and anxiety symptoms. Mental clarity results in major relaxation, which is often the desired effect for many.


This variant can prompt a dry mouth feeling, matched with dry and itchy eyes. Other potential negative reactions are minor cases of paranoia and anxiety.


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