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Will Definitely Blow Your Mind!

THC Bomb seeds are a very famous product made by Bomb Seeds. This marijuana has a strong Indica dominance, it’s easy to grow, with a fast flowering period, which then results in generous yields of nice, high-quality buds covered in heavy leaves. Buy THC Bomb seeds on our website!


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Flavors Citrus
Flavor power Skunk
Flowering time Short (7-9 weeks)
Height Short
THC level High (20-25%)
CBD level Medium (1%)
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Yes
Yield High
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors
Genotype 65% Indica / 35% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis

The name «THC Bomb seeds» speaks for itself– the level of THC is skyrocketing here! However, don’t be afraid; these cannabis seeds won’t knock you out for good. This phenotype is a very well-balanced hybrid, that’s why, though the effect is quite strong, there won’t be any couchlock situations. THC Bomb seeds are very novice-friendly – even if you have zero experience in cultivating marijuana, you still will have no problems with it. Just follow the standard procedure, and eventually, you’ll get yourself a nice plant. By the way, these weed seeds can be safely grown both indoors and outdoors.


As stated before, THC Bomb seeds are not the seeds that will bring you any problems while cultivating. This strain flowers really fast – seven to nine weeks, and that’s it. Moreover, THC Bomb seeds have a high resistance to all common types of molds and mildew. The only recommendation one could give here is that if you have decided to cultivate this strain indoors, it may be wise to use the SOG (Sea of Green) method, to help the weed give you the best yield it can. If you do this, your indoor yield will be approximately 3-6 oz. per ft².

Outdoor growing requires a warm and sunny climate, to show you THC Bomb’s best performance. The right time to harvest your plant is at the very beginning of October. The amount of yield you will collect is rather similar to the one from indoor growing.

Character & Flavor

The first thing there is to say about the character of THC Bomb seeds is this – if you are not sure about your THC tolerance, be extremely careful. The name of this strain isn’t a joke; if you consume more than your body is ready to accept, you may face unpleasant consequences. Although the Indica will hit you pretty heavy, Sativa’s stimulating effect will get you back on your feet.

THC Bomb has a rather strong earthy flavor with hints of sweet and citrus notes.

Medicinal Application

THC Bomb is a strain that can be and is used in medicine to deal with various diseases. Its uplifting effect is perfect for treating stress-related issues or helping people to handle their depression better (though it is not a cure!). It is also very useful when it comes to headaches or lack of appetite. The CBD level in this strain allows it to numb pain in the body.


It is highly recommended to be very careful with this strain, due to its high THC level. If you consume too much, you may suffer from very annoying side effects, like dizziness or anxiety or even paranoia. Among the most common side effects people experience are dry mouth and eyes.

1 review for THC Bomb Seeds – Feminized

  1. Mario Bow

    I have a smooth transaction with Dutch Seeds Shop because of their amazing customer service. Got this seed within few days. No regrets shopping with them.

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