Trainwreck Seeds feminized

Trainwreck Seeds – Feminized

  • THC 18% - 25%
  • CBD 2%

The craze for Trainwreck seeds does not stop soon if the high number of marijuana-tolerant users is anything to go by. Marijuana enthusiasts highly revere trainwreck feminized seeds due to their THC and Sativa dominance. A few puffs could knock you like a wrecking ball, leaving you high as a kite and all energized. Let's discuss the basics of Trainwreck strain seeds to understand these seeds better.

seeds yield


Indoor 1.5 oz/ft2 (450 g/m2)

Outdoor 18 – 30 oz (500 – 850 gr) per plant

seeds flowering time


Indoor 56 - 63 days

Outdoor October


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TYPE seeds type SATIVA HYBRID Sativa (65%)
Indica (35%)
THC LEVEL 18% - 25%
Height seeds height High
Climate seeds climate Warm
Indoor 1.5 oz/ft2 (450 g/m2)
Outdoor 18 – 30 oz (500 – 850 gr) per plant
flowering time of seeds 56 - 63 days
Mexican x Thai
Cultivate cultivate seeds Indoor / Outdoor

The Genotype of Trainwreck Seeds

Trainwreck marijuana strain is Sativa dominant, with most plants recording an average of 65% Sativa against 35% Indica. The Trainwreck was obtained after crossing Mexican (Sativa), Thai (Sativa), and Afghani (Indica) marijuana strains. The parent strains’ genetic makeup explains why the Trainwreck has a unique punchy Sativa-high and tall stature.

The Phenotype of Trainwreck Seeds

Like any other Sativa-dominant strain, Trainwreck weed seeds grow tall, with thick stems and a strong branching system. To novice marijuana growers, the robust branching system is a sight to behold while experienced growers trim the excess branches. Trimming allows light, humidity, and nutrients to spread evenly into lower parts of the plant and keep it neat.

You can identify Trainwreck marijuana by the THC-rich trichomes that give the buds a frosty appearance. The plant’s pistils appear sultry, with a red or orange color. The pistils are also famous for their ability to curl and cover the bright sugar thin leaves.

Flowering Time

Trainwreck marijuana seeds take a relatively long time to flower like any other Sativa-dominant strain. The flowering period can slightly differ, depending on the growing conditions of the Trainwreck seeds. When the plants are grown in optimal conditions, they take 56 to 63 days to finish flowering. Trainwreck cannabis seeds grown indoors will be ready for harvest within this period since it is easy to control the growing conditions. You can expect Trainwreck to finish flowering from early to late October when you plant it outdoors, where the growing conditions are harsh. Factors such as soil nutrients, heat, humidity, and diseases can also affect the flowering period by Trainwreck.


The THC levels for Trainwreck might not be high compared to other strains, given that its THC range is 15 – 20%. Despite the average THC level, Trainwreck can still knock you over with its uplifting “high” effects, especially if you take it in large doses as a novice. The mystery behind these THC effects explains better the ever-growing demand for Trainwreck weed seeds. The THC potency depends on the growing conditions for the Trainwreck feminized seeds. When the plant gets the right temperature, humidity, and light, it yields optimal THC.


The most exciting thing about Trainwreck seeds is that they contain 0.1 % CBD. Lack of CBD in this cannabis strain partly explains why Trainwreck gives unmatched head-high effects. Even when the growing conditions are optimal, the CBD level remains negligible. The 0.1 % CBD level also explains why novice weed users are advised to take Trainwreck in small doses. As a first-time user, you should take small doses of Trainwreck until your body becomes tolerant.

Effects of Trainwreck

We cannot discuss Trainwreck strain seeds without mentioning the effects of the plant. Taking Trainwreck marijuana in small doses relaxes your body and brain. Relaxation also allows you to become more creative, which leads to increased productivity. Trainwreck marijuana also lets you remain focused and cover your body against distractions.

Once the THC starts sinking into the system, hunger pangs start to kick in. You should take enough food before a Trainwreck weed session lest the hunger stops you underway. Another effect that is prevalent to marijuana users is a cottonmouth or a dry mouth. Cottonmouth occurs due to less production of saliva and can lead to a sore throat. However, you can minimize the effects by taking enough fluids.

Recreational Effects

Trainwreck cannabis seeds are mainly cultivated for recreational benefits. If you are a sucker for movies or meditation, a puff or gummies of this particular weed would be the best bet to keep you company. The relaxed mind helps you to wander in a world of zero worries. The high potency levels make Trainwreck the perfect pick for wake n’ bake. If you consider yourself reserved and an introvert, you might have to consider taking Trainwreck weed to boost your confidence. Trainwreck leaves you happy and might force you to share the happiness with others.

Medical Effects

There are few medical effects of Trainwreck marijuana that we cannot overlook. First, the relaxing effects suppress anxiety and depression, which are common health conditions. Second, Trainwreck cannabis suppresses muscle spasms and chronic pain. As a result, this cannabis is crucial in managing rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Taste and Aroma of Trainwreck

The taste and aroma of Trainwreck cannabis make this strain distinct. Trainwreck’s taste ranges from earthy to woodsy tones. The unique peppery tang leaves your taste buds yearning for more. If you take the Trainwreck marijuana keenly, you might notice differences in taste for plants grown in different conditions. The difference in taste occurs due to the phenotypes in each plant.

Trainwreck boasts of a sweet citrusy aroma, which is easily noticeable during smoking. Storing the Trainwreck weed for a long time also makes the citrusy aroma more noticeable. However, the potency in the aroma depends on the phenotypes present.

The Yield of Trainwreck Seeds

Trainwreck’s tolerance to harsh conditions comes at a cost, as evident from the yield. Trainwreck weed can survive in both indoor and outdoor conditions. However, the grower must regulate the climate too dry and warm. Such an environment allows THC potency to increase optimally.

Indoor cultivation of Trainwreck seeds for sale yields 1.5 oz/ft2 (450 g/m2). On the other hand, cultivating the Trainwreck marijuana seeds outdoor yields 18 – 30 oz (500 – 850 gr) per plant. However, you can only achieve these yields if you keep the growing conditions at optimal levels.

Final Thoughts on Trainwreck Seeds

Trainwreck weed is the hidden gem for all your recreational and medical needs. Getting quality Trainwreck seeds for sale is not easy due to the entrance of scrupulous dealers. Once you get the best Trainwreck cannabis seeds, follow all the growing guidelines for an exceptional experience.

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Nathan McC

The best strain Ive ever grown! Very good for growing outdoors. I have got a quite good yield without big problems

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