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Waikiki Queen seeds are cross between Hawaii Sativa and White Queen. This strain is great for those who want to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun. The high is happy and energetic, good for a day at the beach. Those who are looking for a fresh taste should grow a plant from Waikiki Queen seeds and saddle a wave of raw Sativa dominance! Her sweet and tropical taste with hints of citrus and pineapple will blow peoples’ minds. The superb mix of White Queen and Hawaii Sativa flowers in late October provides great yields.

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Growing Waikiki Queen Strain Seeds

Waikiki Queen seeds are Sativa dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Hawaii Sativa with White Queen. It’s a medium-tall plant that produces dense buds covered in resin.  The aroma is fruity and sweet with a tropical undertone. The effects are calming, energetic, and relaxed.

Waikiki Queen seeds were created for those who admire a strong sativa buzz and marijuana strains with a smooth taste. A cross between White Queen and Hawaii is going to be a favorite among avid marijuana consumers thanks to this phenotype’s strong THC presence. The THC level of this strain is very high, up to 23%, so Waikiki Queen is a perfect strain for those who want to get super-stoned! CBD levels, on the other hand, are very low, from 0.1 to 1%.

Plants grow up to 35.4-inch plants indoors and 98.4-inch plants outdoors. Waikiki Queen requires a lot of sunlight. It is better to have some experience in growing cannabis seeds to get a good yield out of this one.

Let’s start with the fact that Waikiki Queen seeds are suitable for growing both indoors outdoors. Growers can even grow them on the lawn near their homes, as long as the plant is in a location that provides adequate sunlight. With sufficient watering and nutrient-rich soil, at the end of October or the beginning of November, the plant will make growers happy with its harvest of succulent buds covered with orange hairs.

One can expect to harvest up to 30 ounces (850 grams) per plant when grown outdoors and up to 1.7 ounces per square foot (500 grams per square meter) indoors – these are very high yields! If growers want to increase their yield, experienced gardeners advise using fertilizer. With this approach, they will be able to increase the productivity of the plant by as much as 30% and enjoy an enhanced yield.

The flowering time of this marijuana plant is 70 to 84 days, which makes it a long-maturing hybrid that requires patience from growers. However, the wait is definitely worth it!  Waikiki Queen seeds produces dense buds covered in resin that exude some impressive crystals – this marijuana seeds would make any grower proud! In addition, Dutch Seeds Shop offers 90% germination for all our seeds, so anyone can start growing today!

Waikiki Queen Seeds Preferred Climate and Conditions

Waikiki Queen seeds are Hawaiian Sativa that was crossed with White Queen. The result is a medium-tall, beautiful plant that produces large, resinous buds. This strain is perfect for those who want an energetic and euphoric high. Waikiki Queen can be grown indoors or outdoors, but it prefers a warm climate.


If growing Waikiki Queen seeds indoors, make sure to have enough space for the plants to grow! Waikiki Queen can reach heights of up to six feet if left unchecked, so indoor growers need to use low-stress training techniques like bending and super cropping in the vegetative phase. Give the Waikiki Queen at least 18 hours of light during the vegetative period so they don’t stretch!

When it comes to soil, Waikiki Queen prefers a light and airy mix. The ideal temperature for growing this strain is between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. pH should be around 6.0-7.0, and the soil should be well-draining. For monitoring purposes, it’s best to keep the plants in a grow room or tent.


Waikiki Queen seeds are great choice for outdoor growers. The plant is quite resilient and can easily withstand outdoor conditions. Waikiki Queen will reach maturity and be ready for harvest in late October to early November when grown outdoors.

Waikiki Queen thrives in a warm climate with plenty of direct sunlight. However, growers in milder climates can still expect a healthy crop of buds if they provide the plants with plenty of water and fertilize them regularly. To get the most out of the outdoor Waikiki Queen crop, make sure to give the plants plenty of space to grow (at least one square foot per plant).

Waikiki Queen Seeds Yield

Waikiki Queen Seeds Yield

Waikiki Queen seeds are heavy yielder, producing large, resinous buds with a unique flavor profile. These plants will get quite tall, so be prepared to stake and trellis them. Growing indoors, one can expect to get 1.4 to 1.7 ounces per square foot planted (equals 400 grams to 500 grams per square meter) of growing space using a 12-12 lighting schedule. Outdoors, expect 25 to 30 ounces per plant in a warm climate that harvests in late October or early November.

Flowering Time

Naturally, the flowering phase is going to be a bit longer for this strain. The Waikiki Queen seeds have a flowering time of 70 to 84 days. This Hawaiian Sativa dominant hybrid is a tall plant that can grow up to 8 feet tall. During the flowering phase, the Waikiki Queen strain will produce large buds that are covered in trichomes. Do not force the Waikiki Queen to flower early, as this will result in a lower yield. In this phase, growers should not let the temperature drop below 68 degrees Fahrenheit.


Waikiki Queen is a beautiful Hawaiian strain that will leave users feeling happy and relaxed. This hybrid marijuana strain has a high THC content of 21% to 23%. The Waikiki Queen high hits quickly with cerebral effects that leave people feeling energetic and happy. As the high progresses, they start to feel more relaxed and calm. The Waikiki Queen strain is perfect for enjoying on a sunny day with friends. The tropical flavors of this strain are sure to please users’ taste buds.

As for effect, this high-quality marijuana will give concentration and creativity. If someone is tired and doesn’t get a second wind to continue the work they have started, then they 100% need to choose this strain!

Everything has consequences, as does using this strain of marijuana. In addition to causing dryness of the eyes and mouth that smokers are used to, headaches and nausea can be another unpleasant side effect. But warned means armed, so stock up on water, eye drops, and Tylenol – and venture into the unknown!

Medicinal Application

The main medical (and generally pleasant) effect of the weed obtained from Waikiki Queen seeds is the suppression of negative thoughts and emotions. Thanks to this effect, this phenotype is suitable for the treatment of stress, panic attacks, and depression. It can also be used for light pain management and as a muscle relaxant.
(Warning: Never consume cannabis to treat medical conditions without a prescription from a doctor!)

Waikiki Queen Feminized Seeds

Waikiki Queen Feminized Seeds

Waikiki Queen feminized seeds are Sativa-dominant hybrid with a 70/30 ratio. With THC levels up to 23%, this marijuana strain induces a calming, energetic, and relaxed high. Waikiki Queen marijuana plants are tall with long, dense colas covered in sticky glandular trichomes. This tropical-tasting cannabis strain is suitable for those who want to enjoy the flavor of the islands while getting the beneficial effects of marijuana.

Waikiki Queen Appearance

Waikiki Queen is a medium-tall and slender plant with long, thin leaves. The buds are dense and lime green, with orange hairs and crystals covering the surface. The calyxes are small and round, with a light green color and orange pistils. There is also a healthy layer of trichomes that make the buds appear frosty. Waikiki Queen is a beautiful strain with vibrant colors. The leaves are dark green and have a purple hue to them.

Waikiki Queen Aroma

Have you ever had a sweet pineapple milkshake? It is this combination of flavors that resembles Waikiki Queen! Waikiki Queen seeds are worth buying for the promise of the taste alone.

The Waikiki Queen aroma is sweet and tropical, with hints of fruitiness. The first thing people notice about this fragrance is its sweet aroma, followed by a tropical fruitiness reminiscent of pineapple or even mango. Then they notice that it has an earthy aftertaste. The aroma is so distinct that it would attract people who like the smell of sweet and fruity fragrances.

Waikiki Queen Fragrance

This strain has a pleasing smell that can be described as being similar to Hawaiian punch or even Fruit Loops cereal. The fragrance is bright and cheerful, making it perfect for anytime use. When combusted, Waikiki Queen emits a smooth smoke that tastes sweet and Tropical like its fragrance. The wafting sweetness of ripe pineapples greets the nose when smelling this strain dry flower form. As one might expect from such an aroma, smoking Waikiki Queen offers an initially sweet flavor on the inhale which quickly turns tropically tangy upon exhale due to its mix of limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene terpenes.

Waikiki Queen Flavors

Waikiki Queen is a Hawaiian-themed marijuana strain that, as one might expect, smells and tastes like a tropical paradise. The buds have a sweet and fruity aroma with hints of pineapple, mango, and other tropical fruits. When ground up, the buds have a slightly pungent smell, but it’s not too overwhelming. The flavor is similar to the aroma, with a sweet and fruity taste that’s reminiscent of mangoes, pineapples, and other tropical fruits. The buds are very potent, with a high THC content that can range from 21% to 23%. The high is very relaxing and calming, with a happy and euphoric feeling that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Waikiki Queen Terpenes

Waikiki Queen is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid that gives users a happy, energetic, and relaxed feeling. Waikiki Queen can be compared to the aroma of mangoes and has a sweet, fruity flavor similar to the tropical fruit itself. The terpene profile of Waikiki Queen seeds contains myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene.

  1. Myrcene is a monoterpene that gives off the earthy, herbal aroma of thyme, hops and basil. When consumed with other cannabinoids like THC or CBD, myrcene can help relieve pain and inflammation.
  2. Caryophyllene is a sesquiterpene that smells like pepper and cloves. This terpene is found in black pepper, cloves, rosemary, and hops. Caryophyllene is known to interact with the CB2 receptors in the body.
  3. Limonene is a monoterpene that is the main component of the oil of citrus peels. It has a strong, lemony aroma and is also found in diesel fuel and other solvents.

Waikiki Queen Seeds Genetics

Waikiki Queen Seeds Genetics

  1. Waikiki Queen seeds are a cross of Hawaii Sativa and White Queen.
  2. With a THC level of 21% to 23%, this strain is not for beginners.
  3. It has a sweet and fruity flavor with tropical undertones.
  4. The effects are calming and energetic, making it the perfect strain for social situations.
  5. The buds are dense and sticky, with a high resin content.
  6. The flowering time is 70 to 84 days.
  7. Waikiki Queen seeds are best grown in a warm climate.

Waikiki Queen Seeds Final Thoughts

And now we’re off to an island in the sun, where Waikiki Queen seeds grows wild and free! This strain is a real beauty, with bright green buds covered in golden trichomes. The flavors are fruity and sweet, with a tropical aroma that will make users feel like they’re on a beach in the middle of summer. This sativa-dominant hybrid has high THC levels, which can range from 21% to 23%.  The effects are both calming and energizing, making this the perfect strain for a day at the beach or exploring a new city. Whether someone is looking for adventure or relaxation, Waikiki Queen seeds will have them feeling like royalty!


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