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Wedding Cake Strain – Review and Info

admin / January 17, 2022

When you hear of Wedding Cake, your mouth drools as you anticipate the delicious taste of the nuptials dessert. However, the real taste does not come close to a wedding cake; instead, it has an earthy, sour, and spicy flavor. But as you exhale, you get a sweet and creamy taste.

Wedding Cake Strain is a favorite of many because of its potency and fresh and fruity flavor. If you are suffering from mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress, Wedding Cake can help you relax and uplift your mood. You can also use it to manage pain from migraines and muscle cramps.

Wedding Cake Strain Review and Info
TYPE Type INDICA HYBRID Indica (60%)
Sativa (40%)
THC LEVEL 23% - 26%
Height Height HIGH
Climate Climate MILD
Indoor 1.8 - 2 (oz/ft²)
Outdoor 21 - 27 oz per plant
Flowering time 55 - 60 days
Girl Scout Cookies
Cherry Pie
Cultivate Cultivate Indoor / Outdoor

Quick Guidelines for Wedding Cake Strain

  • Type: Indica dominant
  • Genetics: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • Parents: Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookie
  • THC: 23 – 26%
  • CBD: Low (below 1%)
  • Fragrance: Earthy, Woodsy
  • Flavor: Sweet, Spicy, Woody, Sour
  • Effect: Giddiness, Relaxed, Aroused, Creative, Euphoric, Uplifted
  • Medical Use: Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Insomnia
  • Cultivation: Indoors & Outdoors
  • Growth Difficulty: Moderate
  • Flowering Time: 55 – 60 days
  • Indoor Yield: 1.8 – 2.0 oz/ft2 (550 – 600 g/m2)
  • Outdoor Yield: 21 – 27 oz (600 – 750 gr) per plant
  • Climate: Mild
  • Consumption time: Evening

Wedding Cake Strain Info

It is also referred to as Pink Cookies or Birthday Cake, and it is Indica dominant hybrid strain. The ratio of Indica to Sativa is 60:40. It was created by crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. The strain was first bred in Southern California, and a breeder named Kind Love introduced the strain into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Wedding Cake cannabis is very potent with the THC content ranging between 23-26%. The strain enjoys the sweet and fruity aroma and taste inherited from its parents.

Wedding Cake Strain Info

Wedding Cake Strain Parents

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie strain is also referred to as Cherry Kush, and it is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. The strain is very potent, and it is created by crossing Indica dominant Granddaddy Purple and landrace Sativa, Durban Poison. It is a high THC strain as its THC content is approximately 20%. Consumers of this strain enjoy a sweet and sour taste as well as the mind and body high. The strain is ideal for treating insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain, and ADHD symptoms.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie is a hybrid strain that is known for its sweet and earthy fragrance. The strain is created by crossing OG Kush and Durban Poison. GSC has won several Cannabis Cup Awards because of its delectable aromas and flavor and potency, making it suitable for a nightcap. The strain has a high THC content averaging between 25 to 28 %. The strain also boasts of a CBD and CBN content of 1%.

If you are searching for a powerful strain to ease pain or increase appetite, Girl Scout Cookie seeds is your go-to strain. The strain leaves you feeling happy, euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted.

Cannabinoids Profile

Wedding Cake seeds are highly potent as it comes from high THC strains. Wedding Cake THC content ranges between 23-26%, which is pretty good for a classic marijuana strain. Despite the low CBD content, the strain is used to treat and manage various medical conditions, such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, and stress.

The strain enjoys a rich terpene profile comprising Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Limonene, and Humulene. The terpene contributes to the strain’s potency, aroma, and flavor.

Wedding Cake Strain Appearance

Wedding Cake plant is medium-sized and produces chunky, dense buds. Wedding Cake bud has orange hair (pistils) sprinkled throughout its entire length. The bud also has water leaves that change color from dark green to purple. The buds and the calyxes are covered with a thick layer of trichomes, giving the nuggets a glazed appearance. The trichome contributes to the plant’s potency.

If you are looking to make concentrates, bubble hash, or live resin, Wedding Cake is ideal because of its enormous resin.

Wedding Cake Strain Appearance

Wedding Cake Strain Smell

Wedding Cake strain emits a vegetal smell that is mossy and damp with subtle hints of citrus when it’s being cured. When the bud is ground, it gives off a sandalwood scent transporting you into the backwoods.

When it is first lit, Wedding Cake weed smoke is harsh with an earthy and doughy aroma, but as it continues to burn, you are treated to an enchanting, sweet fragrance. Some people compare Wedding Cake aroma to that of baked delicacies such as cookies and decadent cakes. The aromas and flavors make Wedding Cake an excellent addition to food and drinks.

Wedding Cake Strain Flavors

You might expect the strain to have a dessert-like taste, but sorry to disappoint you because Wedding Cake Strain has an earthy, sour, and spicy taste. But as you exhale, you get to taste a sweet and creamy vanilla-like taste. To get the best of Wedding Cake flavor, use a vaporizer as it sifts the smoke, ensuring that you taste the sugary notes.

Wedding Cake Strain Effects

Wedding Cake Strain Effects

Wedding Cake strain is extremely potent, and its high starts in the head and then mellows down to your body. You find that your thought process is fast-paced after using this strain, and your focus is up a notch. It also makes you feel giddy and euphoric. After smoking, your body will feel warm with a heaviness that spreads throughout your body, spine, and limbs; thus sedating you.

Wedding Cake stimulates your brain irrespective of the high, making you feel in tune with your surrounding. This makes Wedding cake suitable for performing certain activities such as creating art, composing music, exercising, or even having sex. The most common effects of Wedding Cake weed strain include:

  • Giddiness
  • Relaxed
  • Aroused
  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted

Medical Effects

Wedding Cake cannabis potency combined with its ability to relax and uplift your mood makes it ideal for dealing with psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, PTSD, and depression. The strain can eliminate all your worries and concerns while still allowing you to remain coherent and sensible. It is also appropriate for individuals who have attention deficit disorder as it improves your focus, permitting you to stay in tune with your environment.

The strain contains analgesic properties that make it ideal for easing pain and aches that occur because of conditions such as joint pains, migraines, and arthritis. Wedding Cake marijuana provokes a gentle body buzz that helps relieve pain caused by muscle spasms and muscle cramps.

If you suffer from insomnia or sleep disorder, your days of sleeplessness are over because with just a few puffs of Wedding Cake weed strain; you will be knocked off into dreamland, ensuring that you get a restful sleep. Even the most experienced user will bow down to this strain.

People undergoing specific treatments such as chemotherapy often lose their appetite along the way because of the constant vomiting and nausea. Loss of appetite may also happen because of medication or sickness. Wedding Cake marijuana is perfect for the patients as it gives them hunger pangs after consuming. Ensure that you have food or snacks on hand before setting your joint ablaze.

Wedding Cake is also suitable for people with an eating disorder, such as anorexia, to help them gain weight under a nutritionist or a physician’s helpful watch.

Adverse Effects of Wedding Cake Strain

Like any other marijuana strain, Wedding Cake also has some side effects, including cottonmouth and red eyes. If you consume wedding cake in excess, you are at risk of experiencing panic attacks and anxiety. But don’t let these keep you away from this delectable strain, as they are quickly taken care of.

To avoid having cottonmouth, make sure that you drink water before, during, and after smoking Wedding Cake, as it ensures that you are always hydrated and no risk of dry mouth. Red eyes are caused by scratching because of dryness. This can be avoided by applying eye drops to lubricate your eyes.

If you are new to marijuana, it is recommended that you pace yourself and start low, then increase your weed intake as your body adapts. Thus, preventing the occurrence of anxiety and panic attacks. The upside about beginning low and slow is that you can get your ideal dosage, and overdosing chances are reduced.

Ideal Time To Take Wedding Cake

Consumption Method

The modes of consumption are several; the only difference from one to the next is the time to react with your body. For instance, if you are in pain and need instant relief, you can smoke or vape Wedding Cake strain. But if you want the effects to kick in after several hours, then you can infuse it with your food, drinks, or take Wedding Cake Cookies. This is the most discreet method of using Wedding Cake.

Ideal Time To Take Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake is a potent strain that will knock you off into dreamland, making it a perfect strain for night time use when taken in excess. However, when used sparingly, it can be used during the day, especially when you need a creativity boost to work on a project that requires a lot of focus and creativity. Wedding Cake cannabis is ideal for treating insomnia and sleep disorders.

Wedding Cake Strain Grow Info

Wedding Cake is a medium-sized plant that can thrive in various environments. It is a pretty tricky strain to grow, and growers need to have a bit of experience to cultivate this strain, therefore, not ideal for beginner growers.

Wedding Cake’s primary challenge is that it is hard to get your hands on its seeds, and most of the growers are forced to get cuttings. However, it is difficult finding cuttings.

The strain thrives when the temperatures linger around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Wedding Cake Flowering times lasts for 60 days; then the plant is ready for harvest.

Indoor Growth

Wedding Cake strain thrives well in an indoor setting because you can easily control the temperature and humidity. Because of its medium height, you don’t need a very high grow tent, but you will need a lot of space between plants as it has a bushy appearance.

The strain’s nuggets are chunky and dense. The plants are ready for harvest after 9 weeks in the flowering phase. If you take care of your plants, Wedding Cake yields average between 1.8 – 2 oz/ft2 (550 – 600 g/m2).

Growing your Wedding Cake indoor is the most suitable option. This is because you will give it optimal care to ensure that you get quality buds, and you will never run out.

Outdoor Growth

If you wish to grow Wedding Cake outdoors, it is possible. Ensure that the temperatures linger around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and that the soil has a touch of humidity. If your growing medium has all the right conditions such as mineral and Ph, then your plant will be ready to harvest around mid-October.

Those who live in a region where the weather is moderate all year round are most suited to grow Wedding Cake weed strain outdoor. Wedding Cake plant yields outdoor is about 21 – 27 oz (600 – 750 gr) per plant.

Although it’s challenging to cultivate Wedding Cake Strain, it has some benefits. The strain fights diseases and is not susceptible to damage, such that it can withstand climatic changes, spiders, mites, mold, and bacteria.

Similar Strains

Wedding Cake does not last long in the shops because of its potency and therapeutic effects. Therefore, if you are not lucky to score this strain in dispensaries, you can opt for the following strains as they share the same features:

Wedding Cake Strain Review

Wedding Cake has garnered an enormous fan base because of its potency, aroma, flavor and desirable effects. That why Leafly has given it a rating of 4.6/5, of which 65% of users said that the strain left them feeling relaxed, 51% were euphoric and 37% uplifted. Wikileaf also awarded the strain a rating of 4.6. Some users attest to getting aroused after using Wedding Cake.

Final Thoughts on Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake strain is a heavy hitter that helps patients manage pain, anxiety, and depression. You only need a few puffs to experience a high. However, Wedding Cake Strain is not ideal for newbies. Before using this strain to treat any medical condition, consult with your physician for a way forward.

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