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A Sticky “Sativa Lite” Strain

Anyone searching for an easy hybrid with double-digit THC content should pick up some White Widow seeds. First developed in the 1990s, White Widow is internationally praised for its sugar-white buds, earthy aroma, and euphoric-yet-relaxed high. Thanks to its strong resistance to mold and slight indica dominance, this strain is also ideal for beginning cultivators.


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Indoor Yield1.5 oz/ft2 (450 g/m2)
Outdoor Yield25 oz (700 gr) per plant
Flowering Time56 – 63 days
THC level18 – 25 %
CBD levelLow
Grow DifficultyEasy
FlavorsEarthy / Woody / Herbal / Spicy
EffectUplifting / Strong / Energetic / Talkative / Euphoric
Type60% Indica / 40% Sativa
ParentsBrazilian Landrace Sativa x South Indian
CultivateIndoors & Outdoors

To this day, White Widow seeds are amongst the most treasured feminized seeds on the marijuana market. Amazingly, just a few years after White Widow entered the Dutch scene, it won the highly coveted 1995 Cannabis Cup. Users immediately fell in love with White Widow’s long-lasting euphoric high, earthy aromatics, and, of course, trichome-loaded appearance. Interestingly, even though the weed is super popular, cannabis experts still aren’t 100 percent sure of the strain’s genetics. Most cultivators believe, however, White Widow is the result of a cross between a feminized variety of Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica landraces. This roughly 60:40 indica-to-sativa ratio accounts for White Widow’s balanced effects and quick grow time.


White Widow seeds are very easy to grow thanks to their strong resistance to mold and rapid flowering time. As an added bonus, White Widow doesn’t grow tall and lanky, which makes it a great strain for growers with limited space.

Although the seeds can grow indoors and outdoors, cultivators usually recommend an indoor grow. For the best success outdoors, plant your weed seeds in a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunlight.

As your White Widow seeds reach maturity, you should notice buds covered with resinous white trichomes. True to its name, White Widow has a glossy white sheen with very light green leaves.

White Widow is relatively fast flowering with an average flowering period between 8–9 weeks. Typically, White Widow yields 1.5 oz/ft2 (450 g/m2) indoor.

Character & Flavor

The first thing you’ll notice when handling White Widow buds is their sugar-white trichome coating. So, if you don’t like sticky fingers, put on a pair of gloves before handling these nugs.

In terms of flavor, White Widow has pronounced woodsy notes, especially pine. Depending on what phenotype you’re growing, you might also notice hints of spicy pepper or sour citrus.

Medicinal Application

Since White Widow is only slightly indica dominant, it has the unique ability to both relax and energize users at the same time. This makes it a perfect strain for people struggling with mental conditions like depression, social anxiety, or ADD. Oftentimes White Widow is used to enhance social gatherings or help users overcome writer’s block.


With THC levels around 16 percent, White Widow isn’t an ideal strain for newbie smokers. Definitely use White Widow sparingly on your first try and watch out for adverse side effects like paranoia. Some users also report experiencing cottonmouth and dry eyes after taking a few hits of White Widow.

Anyone who wants to buy White Widow seeds online should work with a reputable seed bank like Dutchseedsshop.com. You’ll have no problem finding high-quality original White Widow seeds for sale in our extensive seed catalog.

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