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Zkittlez seeds, commonly known as Skittles, is synonymous with an overwhelming fruit flavor and taste. The strain’s potency made it scoop the award for Medical cannabis in the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup. The two features, combined with others, have made Zkittlez seeds a favorite for marijuana enthusiasts. To understand these features better, read on.

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The Genotype of Zkittlez Seeds

Zkittlez cannabis seeds have a rich history as a hybrid, having been developed after crossing Grape Ape and Grapefruit strains. Crossing the two strains led to a strain made up of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The concentration of these properties has made marijuana enthusiasts rush for a share of the Zkittlez weed seeds.

The Phenotype of Zkittlez Seeds

As a cannabis enthusiast, you might ask yourself which phenotypes Zkittlez seeds possess. First, phenotypes are the distinct features in the marijuana plant after the seeds’ genotypes are exposed to a growing environment. Two features make Zkittlez weed stand out:

Small leaves – The leaves in the Zkittlez cannabis plant appear so delicate and small in an attractive way. The leaves are also covered in a big layer of white trichomes, giving them a smooth appeal and texture.

Densely packed buds – The composition of buds is another reason the demand for Zkittlez weed seeds is exceedingly high. To start with, the buds have a rich color combination of light green shades and purple hues. Second, the dense packaging makes them resemble other buds from Indica-dominant strains. Finally, the buds are covered in a heavy layer of white trichomes, making them a sight to behold for all cannabis enthusiasts.

The Yield of Zkittlez Seeds

Zkittlez strain seeds are ideal for people with some knowledge of marijuana cultivation. It is recommended that you control the growing conditions for the plant to yield optimally. When cultivating Zkittlez seeds indoors, the strain yields between 1.5 – 1.6 oz/ft2 (450 – 500 g/m2). On the other hand, if you cultivate Zkittlez cannabis seeds outdoors under optimal conditions, you should expect a yield range of 14 – 17 oz (400 – 500 gr) per plant.

Flowering Time

The cannabis plants’ time to complete flowering is crucial to all growers and enthusiasts alike, and Zkittlez is not an exception. When Zkittlez seeds for sale are cultivated indoors, the plant germinates, goes through vegetation and takes between 60 to 65 days to complete its flowering period. On the other hand, when you grow Zkittlez seeds outdoors, the plant completes flowering in mid to late October.

Taste and Aroma of Zkittlez

As aforementioned, Zkittlez strain seeds for sale harbor a wide range of flavors and aromas, making them the ultimate choice among many enthusiasts. First, the taste of Zkittlez can be described as a ‘rainbow’ due to the combination of many fruity flavors. During inhalation, you might notice a combination of berry, grape, and lemon in your taste buds. As the smoke goes down your throat, you might notice the flavor getting stronger. On the other hand, the exhale is characterized by a fruity taste with grape hints on your taste buds.

The aroma of fresh Zkittlez can be compared to Skittles with an extra touch of fruity flavor. Upon combustion, Zkittlez produces a smooth and sour tang mix, which novice smokers might find unbearable.

Effects of Zkittlez

The effects of Zkittlez marijuana kick in immediately after completing a session. The high potency has played a crucial role in increasing the demand for Zkittlez marijuana seeds. At first, you might get mellow uplifting symptoms characterized by a head rush and euphoria. However, given the small percentage of Sativa in this weed, these effects last shortly.

The mellow uplifting effects get overwhelmed by the Indica properties, which have their unique effects. At first, you might get a high cerebral effect, characterized by numbness on the feet and confusion. However, as the Indica properties continue to spread from the head to toes, a sedating effect kicks in, disorienting you. If you have a low tolerance for the overwhelming potency, you might get a couch lock.

Before the sedating effects can wear out completely, you might find yourself battling hunger pangs. Taking enough food before starting a session is crucial since it alleviates the severity of the hunger.

The final effect that is synonymous with Zkittlez marijuana is cottonmouth. The cottonmouth is characterized by dry lips, an itchy throat, and bloodshot eyes. You can suppress the cottonmouth effects by taking enough fluids before starting a session.

Recreational Effects

As a recreational marijuana user, you should get a few Zkittlez seeds since they have what it takes to keep you high and happy. To start with, the mellow, euphoric effects from the Sativa properties are the perfect recipe to activate your adrenaline, albeit for a short period.

On the other hand, the cerebral and sedative effects from the Indica properties keep your mind focused and relaxed. It becomes easy for you to watch your favorite video or listen to a podcast or even meditate in this state. The relaxing effects have also contributed to the ballooning demand for Zkittlez feminized seeds.

Medical Effects

There is a wide range of medical potentials that have made many people buy Zkittlez marijuana seeds. First, the numbing effects of THC and Indica have been crucial in suppressing chronic pain and inflammation. As a result, people with excruciating migraines, arthritis, and menstrual cramps can use them to ease the pain or inflammation.

Second, the Indica-Sativa properties in Zkittlez feminized seeds also play a crucial role in managing various medical conditions. People suffering from depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder have recorded an improvement in their condition after taking a few doses of this weed.

Finally, the sleep and hunger-inducing properties of Zkittlez cannabis also help in suppressing insomnia and poor appetite.


The THC level in Zkittlez cannabis seeds can be described as above average, making it unfavorable for novice marijuana users. Tests carried out on Zkittlez buds have shown that the average THC is 16 to 20%. The head-high effect from this THC starts with a focused mind before creeping into other parts of the body.


Zkittlez marijuana seeds harbor a negligible amount of CBD, with most buds recording less than 1% of this nonpsychotic cannabinoid.

Final Thoughts on Zkittlez Seeds

The article clearly shows that Zkittlez strain seeds harbor irresistible properties that you can tap as a grower and consumer. You can enjoy this priceless awesomeness by purchasing Zkittlez seeds from us. We guarantee quality and value for money.

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