Research proves – Marijuana Kills Cancer


Cancer is a lethal disease. With a huge population being diagnosed with the diseases every year, in every country, fighting the disease has become a more challenging task nowadays. But, according to a study performed in August 2015, it has been reported that Marijuana kills Cancer! You read it right! Marijuana, the medicinal plant has the potential to kill cancer and treat the patients suffering from its various painful symptoms.

Cannabis has several medicinal values which can be used to treat chronic illnesses. The plant has a history of being used as a medicinal plant for over 3000 years and is considered a miracle plant for treating even the most severe conditions including cancer.

Cancer affects our body at a galloping rate. You fail to diagnose its initial symptoms and by the time you know, you are already on the intermediate or last stage of the disease. Your appetite reduces, you feel tired, your body aches and lack of sleep, are just a few of the common symptoms of Cancer.

And, marijuana as a treatment, helps enhance these conditions, improving your health and fighting against the condition slowly.

How Marijuana kills cancer?

Marijuana has over 21 chemical components called as cannabinoids which activate certain receptors in our body to produce pharmacologic effects in the body’s immune system. THC, CBN, CBD, CBC, CBG and THCv are some of the components that produce the pharmacologic effects in our body.

CBD (Cannabidiol) a component present in Cannabis also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects which aid in treating cancer.

During the 2 year study performed on mice and rats, different doses of THC were given to the subjects. Also, a number of tests were performed on cancerous cells which gave great results. The research results found include:

– Cannabinoids present in Marijuana Seeds decrease the tumor growth by cell death. They block cell growth and block the development of blood vessels that cause tumorous growths.

– The cannabinoids kill cancer cells in the body and simultaneously protect the normal cells.

– They protect you from inflammation in the colon, reducing risk of colon cancer, also possibly treating you with its medicinal components.

– CBD is extremely effective in chemotherapy, and helps you in reviving from the side effects of the treatment. For instance, it enhances your appetite, relaxes your body, relieves you from pain, fights nausea and helps you sleep better.

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