Role of cannabis in treating PTSD Symptoms


Post traumatic stress disorder is a common problem that is seen in veterans. These days, people who are involved in car accidents, other trauma are all affected by this disease. The disease is usually treated by a psychiatrist by providing affected people with prescription medications. Most of the prescription medications for this chronic disease condition can cause side effects. This can complicate matters further, leading to severe damage to the body. Several alternative treatments have been tried and many of them have not been effective. Dr. Mechoulam is a well known and popular Israeli neuroscientist. He has conducted many experiments and researches on the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder. He is also the person who identified that THC is the most important and highly effective psychoactive compound that is present in marijuana.

Dried out crossbred sativa seeds and plant

THC is the one that helps in boosting the brain signals. The use of THC helps in elevating the mood and also reducing stress and anxiety. When stress and anxiety are reduced, it effectively counters the effects of PTSD.

Role of cannabis in overcoming PTSD

1. Reduces stressful event memory: The experiment conducted by Dr. Mechoulam the neuroscientist proved that there is a definite reduction in the memory of specific events that cause PTSD. Though the experiment was conducted in rats, it was an eye opener. The experimental group rats that were given doses of marijuana did not remember a painful stimulus associated with a specific noise. The control group rats that were not fed with cannabis had severe anxiety and were fearful of the noise, which they associated with the painful stimulus.

2. Overcomes depression: The other important benefit of cannabis is that it helps in overcoming depression. There are many PTSD sufferers who suffer from severe depression. Some of the suicide notes of those who suffered from PTSD showed that they were depressed. The use of cannabis provides the affected people with THC, which is a stimulant of the brain. When the brain is stimulated, it helps in elevating the mood and reducing depression.

3. Relief from anxiety: Anxiety is usually related to depression and also PTSD. Those who suffer from this disorder will usually be fidgety and anxious. The use of cannabis in this chronic disorder helps in getting rid of anxiety once and for all.

The use of this medication makes the affected person to become a completely new person. There is reduction in stress, depression, anxiety and there is no memory of the events that caused the post traumatic stress disorder in the first place.

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