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White Queen Seeds – Feminized

White Queen Seeds – Feminized white queen seeds

With a relatively high THC content from 15 % to 20 %, it is great strand if you want to go to a level and state free from fatigue as it loosens tensed muscle from any pain or cramp. White Queen Seeds for sale are also recommended for anyone who is having a hard time in dozing off, the white queen lulls you quickly to sleep. It finishes between 55 days up to 70 days maximum. When grown outdoors, it is best to keep in mind other external environmental factors, regardless of its notable resilience. It may also be grown booth indoors and in a green house. Please check out bc big bud seeds.

Jillybean Seeds – Feminized

Jillybean Seeds – Feminized Flower from Jillybean seeds

A Full Review of Jillybean Seeds

Jillybean is a highly revered strain among marijuana enthusiasts due to its energizing effects and high potency. The medium THC level and Sativa-dominance partly explain the reason behind the crazy demand for Jillybean seeds. We cannot overlook the unique flavor, aroma, and effects since they are pivotal to this strain. Without further ado, let’s learn more about the outstanding features that make Jilly bean seeds highly revered.

PlushBerry Seeds – Auto-Flowering

PlushBerry Seeds – Auto-Flowering Plush Berry Auto Strain. Buy Plush Berry autoflowering seeds at

A Subtly Sweet & Soothing Strain

If you’re a fan of fruity flavors, then Autoflowering Plush Berry seeds will satisfy you. Filled to the brim with berry-scented trichomes, Plush Berry Auto is a delightful strain for smokers who have a sweet tooth. Plus, since it only takes about 8 – 9 weeks to grow, even new cultivators could grow this relaxing hybrid without a fuss.

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