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NYC Diesel Seeds – Feminized

NYC Diesel Seeds – Feminized NYC Diesel strain. Buy NYC Diesel seeds feminized at

The Big Apple’s Best Sativa

Every cannabis fan “hearts” New York for one reason: NYC Diesel seeds. Just one sniff of these gasoline-drenched buds and you’ll feel as if you’re in Midtown Manhattan. Once you start smoking this sativa hybrid, get ready for an electrifying high brighter than the lights on Broadway. See for yourself why critics place NYC Diesel seeds “top of the heap.”

Strawberry Diesel Seeds – Feminized

Strawberry Diesel Seeds – Feminized Strawberry Diesel strain. Buy feminized Strawberry Diesel seeds at

The Best Berry – Strawberry!

Strawberry Diesel seeds produce quite a potent and high-quality marijuana that can easily knock you down after a few puffs. These feminized seeds are a cross between NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough. Smokers love this strain for its high THC level, and the quality high it brings both to the body and mind.

Tangerine Haze Seeds – Feminized

Tangerine Haze Seeds – Feminized a7c0f6aef0df83f42e28a9edf361f701.image .750x578

The tangerine haze seeds is one of few G-13 crosses that Soma has bread from his strains. This delightful weed is an exotic combination between the aroma of old-school Thai-stick and the taste of the NYC Diesel. This strain is exclusively designed for indoor growing, and is only suitable outdoors in tropical conditions. The tangerine haze weed is suitable for soil and hydroponics setup. The high from G-13 haze x NYC Diesel is exceptionally pleasant. Its mood elevating qualities appear quite often, changing perspective to clear and happy though. This strain is also potentially helpful for depression. The smell and taste have grapefruit notes from the Diesel, but the exceptional Haze aroma comes through in the smoke. Tangerine Haze has strong medicinal effects throughout the body and mind. Very quick onset, it can be used throughout the day and night. tangerine haze strain is one of the most popular and best seller seed at dutch seeds shop website

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