Weed Brownies: Recipe, Dosage, Health Benefits & More

Weed Brownies

These two magical words conjure up fond memories of stoned freshman adventures in cooking for many among us. Quite often, those memories contain grittily textured brownies as well, as if someone just ground up the grass and mixed it with the recipe!

Brownies are, most of the time, the first marijuana-laced edible that folks try, simply for the reason that they are so obvious. And trust us, learning to make weed brownies is neither quantum mechanics nor rocket science!

Ganja-infused edibles offer great texture and taste if done right. The high is longer and more profound than that of one gets from smoking. The recipe for traditional easy pot brownies uses cannabutter (regular butter infused with cannabis), which allows to prepare them without being gritty.

However, preparing infused butter is indeed a job that requires a pretty good amount of time. One can purchase a special slow cooker manufactured solely for herbal infusions that does cut the time, mess, and labor in half. Buy Kush seeds from Dutchseedsshop.com to grow the most delicious plants.


  • Preparation time: 5 Minutes
  • Cook time: 40 to 45 Minutes
  • Serving size: 1 Brownie
  • Yield: About 16 to 25 Brownies


  • Half a cup MagicalButter or cannabutter, melted
  • One package brownie mixture
  • Half a cup of water
  • One egg


  • Toaster oven or oven
  • Large mixing bowl
  • 9 Square baking pan
  • Spatula
  • Toothpick


  1. Preheat the oven to 3250F
  2. Thoroughly blend all the ingredients mentioned above in the mixing bowl until you get a luxuriously creamy and smooth batter
  3. Pour the freshly prepared batter into the baking pan and spread the mixture evenly to all the four corners.
  4. Bake it on the center tray for 40 to 45 minutes and use a toothpick to place a brownie in the central part of the pan
  5. Be careful about not to overcook the brownies

TIP: It is crucial to develop the sense; when to take them out from your oven at the appropriate time, when trying to learn how to bake brownies of any kind, weed or no weed

  1. The weed brownies should ideally be somewhat more most than they are going to be in the end, and this will make them keep cooking for a little more time even after taking out from the oven
  2. Let the easy-peasy brownies cool down, then cut them, and serve


  • If you are a rookie, start with just a half or a quarter-brownie and wait for 60 to minutes for gauging the actions before having more.
  • The recipe described above typically contains 30mg THC per brownie. High THC strains will yield a greater effect. You can safely buy high THC cannabis seeds at our online store and cook the most potent weed brownies.
  • Some states like Colorado and Washington have standardized the official dosage at 10mg THC per serving for recreational edibles that can be sold commercially, and trust us, that is indeed a wallop for novices.


  • While cannabis is not going to hurt you, it may scare you sometimes if you consume too much of it and are yet to develop a tolerance, and if that ever happens; try reminding yourself that though you may become sleepy, paranoid, and/or ravenous; the effects will always disappear eventually.
  • Eating too many marijuana brownies may very well leave you virtually impaired for hours, and large enough doses will change your perception of time and space for sure.
  • Do NOT drive any vehicle or engage in other activities that require motor coordination before you regain your senses


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  • 100% Vegan marijuana brownies
  • Ganja brownies with butter


  • When you are consuming weed, it is absorbed by the liver and the digestive system even before it gets an opportunity to enter the bloodstream
  • Now that is going to take reasonably long, and you will not be experiencing anything before 45 minutes to up to 2 hours
  • It necessarily indicates that THC is transformed into both delta-9-THC as well as the more potent 11-OH-THC with pronounced effects

Health benefits

  • Weed brownies offer an excellent way to save one’s lungs from harsh weed vape, especially when you are suffering from asthma or a cold
  • Pot brownies induce superior medical effects; with a longer duration and smoother onset; and are a great choice for kids and older people suffering from chronic pain, seizures, or anxiety attacks

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