Weed Can Heal Concussions: Harvard Psychiatrist


A Harvard professor has concluded after extensive researches that weed which is the other name by which marijuana is called, can help in the treatment of concussions. Concussions happen when there is damage to the brain after a head injury. All of us have bumped our heads as kids, but most of these incidents do not cause any damage. There are some kids who bang their head pretty hard and this can lead to brain damage and is called as concussion. There could be a period of unconsciousness too because of the injury. Other than kids injuring themselves and getting concussions, there are thousands of adults suffering from concussions die to a variety of reasons. Some of these concussions are very severe and lead to permanent damage to the brain too.

After a lot of research, the Harvard professor has concluded that medical marijuana can help in the treatment of concussions. The study was a well designed one that had control subjects too. The research showed that there was a positive effect of medical marijuana on those who used it to treat their concussions.

How weed helps overcome concussions

1. Increased blood flow: The main benefit of medical marijuana is that it helps in improving the blood flow in the brain. When there is improved blood flow, it leads to quicker healing of the tissues. There is decreased damage to the brain. Other than the increased blood flow, the research has showed that the weed helps in reducing the inflammation in the brain. Any head injury causes immediate inflammation in the brain tissue and this actually leads to major long term complications. Reduction in the inflammation prevents further damage to the brain and reduces post concussion complications.

2. Anti oxidant healing effect: The anti oxidant effect of cannabis also helps in ensuring that there is adequate healing effect. The free radicals that are present in the body prevent quick healing and cause chronic complications. The anti oxidant effect of weed helps to get rid of these free radicals and enhance healing of the brain tissue, thus helping in overcoming concussions.

3. Reduces scarring: The brain tissue can get scarred and this can lead to serious post concussion complications. The regular use of marijuana helps in the reduction of scarring. When there is decreased scarring, it will prevent the complications caused by concussions and there are no lasting effects. Usually it is seen that head injury can lead to permanent damage to the brain. Use of marijuana reduces the risk of such permanent damage.

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