Amnesia Trance Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Amnesia Trance sounds like something that will make you forget all your worries, right? Well, you hit the jackpot!  This is not only a cannabis strain; it’s a ticket to a first-class trip down euphoria lane.  Just ask the folks at the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup – it won, by the way!

Amnesia Trance Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Type: 35% Indica / 65% Sativa

Genetic: Super Silver Haze x Cambodian Haze

THC: 22 – 27%

CBD: 2 – 4%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

Flowering Time: 70 – 84 days

Indoor Yield: 1.6 – 2 oz/ft²

Outdoor Yield: 13 – 15 oz/plant

Effects: Calming, Euphoric, Happy, Strong

Flavors/Taste: Floral, Fruity, Peach, Sweet

Amnesia Trance Strain Genetics

In this case, there’s more to a cannabis strain than meets the eye (or the nose). It’s a tale of mystery, cross-breeding, and finding the perfect balance.

Origins and Lineage

Origins and Lineage

Coming from the legendary genetic pool of South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, Amnesia Trance is the proud child of the Super Silver Haze and Cambodian Haze

This dynamic duo has bestowed upon Amnesia Trance a concoction of effects that leave you on cloud nine.

Bred by the prestigious Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS), Amnesia Trance has been turning heads and blowing minds since its creation. 

It’s not just any strain; it’s the brainchild of cannabis connoisseurs, an embodiment of their years of expertise and knowledge.


Amnesia Trance didn’t just land on Earth out of the blue. 

Its rise to fame started with an emphatic victory at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2004

The strain’s unique traits and potent effects created a buzz, and it quickly became a staple in Amsterdam’s coffee shops.

The Appearance of Amnesia Trance Weed

Are you ready to be smitten by the beauty of the Amnesia Trance buds?

Picture this: heart-shaped dusty green nugs with pink undertones, bright orange hairs, and a frosty layer of amber crystal trichomes – it’s like a bouquet straight out of a Monet painting!

Is Amnesia Trance Indica or Sativa?

Is Vanilla Kush Indica or Sativa

Despite its mind-numbing high, Amnesia Trance is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, leaning heavily on its sativa genetics. 

The uplifting and euphoric characteristics of sativa dominate, but don’t be fooled; there’s a bit of that relaxing indica vibe too!

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Take a step into the world of biochemistry. It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise!

Terpenes Profile

Amnesia Trance is a dance of flavors, thanks to the lively mix of terpenes present. 

Predominant ones include myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene

These play a significant role in its unique flavor and aroma profile and contribute to its therapeutic benefits.

THC and CBD levels

Amnesia Trance didn’t get its reputation for being lightweight. 

Sporting THC levels ranging from 22% to 27%, this strain packs a punch that would make Mike Tyson proud. 

And with about 4% CBD, it offers a perfect balance, making the high enjoyable rather than overwhelming.

Aroma and Flavor

Imagine biting into a sweet, ripe peach on a warm summer day.

Now add a touch of rich, spicy rose to it. 

That’s Amnesia Trance for you! 

Its sweet citrusy peach flavor and spicy rose exhale like a symphony for your taste buds.

Amnesia Trance Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

It’s not all fun and games; Amnesia Trance takes its job seriously regarding medical benefits.



Take a puff of Amnesia Trance, and you’re in for a ride. 

The initial hit is an uplifting and energizing jolt, ideal for tackling any artistic task. 

As the high sets in, you might find yourself in a state of light, creativity, and motivation. 

Keep in mind, though, too much can leave you feeling a bit unfocused and stoney.


While Amnesia Trance is a legend in its own right, it’s not without its share of cons. 

Some users report side effects like dry mouth, low blood pressure, and insomnia

Remember, folks, moderation is key!

Amnesia Trance Strain Helps With

Do you struggle with chronic fatigue, mood swings, or headaches? Amnesia Trance could be your knight in shining armor. 

It’s a popular medicinal choice for mood disorders, chronic fatigue, migraines, and even appetite loss

Talk about a multi-tasker!

Growing Amnesia Trance

For the green-thumbed among you, here’s the lowdown on growing this all-star strain.

Amnesia Trance Seeds

DSS offers auto-flowering and feminized seeds of the Amnesia Trance strain, ensuring a stress-free growth experience with only bud-producing female plants. 

You won’t have to worry about male plants crashing your garden party!

Growing Guide

Growing Guide

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, Amnesia Trance won’t give you a hard time. 

It’s suitable for indoor, outdoor, and hydroponic cultivation, taking about 9 to 10 weeks to flower

But be ready; this baby grows tall!

Indoor and Outdoor Growing Info

Amnesia Trance is versatile. 

Whether you grow it inside with the help of grow lights or outside, basking in natural sunlight, this strain will flourish.

Feeding Amnesia Trance Plants

Like any living thing, your Amnesia Trance plants need proper feeding. 

Be sure to provide ample nutrients and watch your baby grow!

Flowering Time and Yield of Amnesia Trance Seeds

Flowering Time and Yield of Amnesia Trance Seeds

Amnesia Trance is a relatively fast bloomer with a flowering time of 70 to 84 days

As for the yield, get ready for a bountiful harvest! 

The average yield indoors is from 1.6 to 2 oz/ft, and an outdoor yield range is from 13 to 15 oz per plant.

Comparison of Alternative Strains to Amnesia Trance Strain

While Amnesia Trance is fantastic, it’s not the only fish in the sea.

It’s worth exploring cannabis strains like Hummingbird Cake, Kryptonite weed strain, Jack Cake, MOAB aka Mother Of All Buds, Forest Fruit, Skunk Supreme, and Limoncello Haze.

Hummingbird CakeUnknownEuphoria, Happiness, RelaxationSweet, Citrus, Earthy
KryptoniteUnknownSleepiness, Relaxation, HappinessSweet, Citrus, Earthy
Jack CakeUnknownEuphoria, Creativity, HappinessSweet, Berry, Citrus
MOAB aka Mother Of All BudsUnknownRelaxation, Happiness, EuphoriaSweet, Earthy, Pungent
Forest FruitUnknownUplifting, Relaxation, CreativitySweet, Berry, Tropical
Skunk SupremeUnknownEuphoria, Relaxation, SleepinessSkunk, Earthy, Pungent
Limoncello HazeUnknownEuphoria, Uplifting, HappinessLemon, Citrus, Sweet


What strain is Amnesia Trance?

Amnesia Trance is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its uplifting effects. It’s a cross between Super Silver Haze and Cambodian Haze.

Is Amnesia Trance a sativa or indica?

Amnesia Trance is a sativa-dominant strain, ideal for daytime use and enhancing energy and creativity.

What are the side effects of Amnesia Trance strain?

Some reported side effects of Amnesia Trance include dry mouth, low blood pressure, and insomnia.

What is the strongest Amnesia strain?

Amnesia Trance is considered one of the strongest Amnesia strains, with THC content ranging from 22% to 27%.

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