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Dutch Seeds Shop is a reliable online seed bank, giving you the best and widest range of cannabis seeds at reasonable prices. Our mission: We guarantee that your purchase will be discreet and handled as safely as possible. We have more than 250 strains of marijuana seeds for sale. Feminized seeds and autoflower seeds for every cannabis grower, just one click away.

The Best Genetics From Amsterdam

If you like to start growing cannabis for personal use, we have a large assortment of seeds. They range from autoflower seeds, feminized seeds, hybrids seeds, and seeds for novice growers. The genetic determine the quality of your seeds. Therefore, we provide you with high-quality marijuana seeds for growing that are hand-selected and organically grown. Seeds are also regularly tested to determine seeds germination rate.

Whether you are looking for cannabis seeds for sale in general, or seeds to grow potent therapeutic strain, sleepy Indica, or alert Sativa, we have it all in our cannabis seeds catalog. You will also find many award-winning marijuana seeds on our online seeds shop.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale With 99% Germination Rate

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Our customers come to buy cannabis seeds from different countries all over the world and receive their seeds in about 5 – 21 days after placing an order!

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Our seeds are delivered in discreet, crack-proof packaging. If for some reason you do not receive your seeds, we will reship new seeds for FREE!

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The legalization of growing marijuana in certain countries and states is the reason we are still in seeds business. We are delighted to offer our seeds and share growing guides and informational blog articles with growers in regions where growing marijuana is legal.

Our online cannabis seed bank provides you with anything that concerns growing marijuana on your own. From guides, growing tips, troubleshooting, and strain descriptions to strain history and seeds full description.

Cannabis blog section

The purpose of our blog is to equip you with seeds information that can help improve your growing skills and expand your agricultural horizons. This is where you will find most of our popular posts.

If you are interested in cannabis seeds wholesale prices, please contact us so that we can make seeds packs or mix packs with special prize.

Discover Our Qualities And Buy Cannabis Seeds From Us

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