Do Si Dos Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Do Si Dos has stormed onto the cannabis scene as one of the most popular new strains. This tantalizing hybrid has built a devoted following thanks to its powerful high and bold flavors that dazzle the senses.

Do Si Dos Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Type: 65% Indica / 35% Sativa

Genetic: GSC x Face Off OG

THC: 26 – 30%

CBD: 0.4 – 0.7%

Terpenes: Guaiol, Humulene, Linalool, Pinene

Flowering Time: 56 – 70 days

Indoor Yield: 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft²

Outdoor Yield: 14 – 18 oz/plant

Effects: Analgesic, Relaxed, Sleepy, Strong

Flavors/Taste: Cotton Candy, Fermented, Sweet

Originating from the expert breeders at Archive Seeds, Do Si Dos offers the best of both sativa and indica worlds – an energetic mental lift coupled with full-body relaxation.

Its stellar medicinal benefits have also made Do Si Dos a must-have for patients seeking natural relief.

Keep reading for the full scoop on this contemporary cannabis legend.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do Si Dos is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Archive Seeds that delivers energizing yet relaxing effects.
  • It was created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG and offers sweet, minty flavors reminiscent of Cookies.
  • With up to 30% THC, it provides a potent high ideal for treating pain, nausea, insomnia, and stress.
  • Growing Do Si Dos produces high yields indoors and out in warm, Mediterranean climates with organic nutrients.
  • Authentic Do Si Dos seeds are sold through Archive Seed Bank partners in regular, feminized and autoflowering varieties.

Do Si Dos Strain Genetics

Tracing Do Si Dos roots provides insight into the genetics behind its unique qualities.

This pedigree tells the story of how two cannabis icons came together to produce an instant classic.

Origins and Lineage

The talented breeders at Portland-based Archive Seeds crafted Do Si Dos in recent years by crossing two of the West Coast’s most acclaimed strains – Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG.

This powerhouse pairing unites the delicious flavors of Girl Scout Cookies with the staggering potency of Face Off OG, yielding a versatile hybrid that delivers on all fronts.


After its initial launch around 2015, Do Si Dos quickly won over legions of fans with its multifaceted high and overtly delicious flavors.

Its reputation skyrocketed after clinching the prestigious Best Hybrid title at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Today, Do Si Dos remains one of the hottest sellers among top-tier cannabis retailers in legal states across the western United States and Canada.

Appearance of Do Si Dos Weed

Do Si Dos exhibits the classically indica-dominant visual profile of its Face Off OG parent.

The dense buds form tight conical shapes covered in a blizzard of crystal trichomes.

Sage green and olive hues predominate, with dashes of light green scattered throughout.

Rusty orange pistils curl between the leaves.

The flowers look as if they were rolled in sugar thanks to the thick blankets of resinous trichomes.

  • Colors: light green, sage green, olive green, with orange and amber pistils
  • Bud structure: medium-sized, dense, conical buds
  • Unique visual characteristics: extremely resinous with a frosted appearance

Is Do Si Dos Indica or Sativa?

Is Do Si Dos Indica or Sativa

Despite its indica-leaning appearance, Do Si Dos is actually classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid.

It provides an energizing, thought-provoking head high typical of sativas while also serving up the body-focused effects associated with indica varieties.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

The one-two punch of cannabinoids and terpenes gives Do Si Dos its distinctive aroma, flavor, and effects.

This elite strain packs a complex blend of medicinal compounds and fragrant oils.

Terpenes Profile

  • Limonene: delivers an invigorating citrusy aroma with tropical fruit overtones. It promotes energy and vitality.
  • Linalool: emits a floral lavender scent that induces relaxation. It has stress-relieving properties.
  • Caryophyllene: gives off spicy, peppery notes that stimulate appetite and digestion. This terpene has anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Humulene: produces earthy, woody aromas. It serves as a potent appetite suppressant.

THC and CBD levels


The exceptionally high THC content gives Do Si Dos its intense psychoactive potency.

The minimal CBD does little to offset the soaring THC levels.

The combined effect generates an impactful mental and physical buzz.

Aroma and Flavor

One whiff of Do Si Dos immediately evokes the aroma of freshly-baked cookies right out of the oven.

Hints of sugary berry candy mingle with creamy vanilla in a mouthwatering display.

There are traces of fresh mint, tea leaves, and subtle hash.

When combusted, flavors of sweet cotton candy, mint, and spices dance across the palate.

The flavor profile closely mirrors Girl Scout Cookies, with scrumptious sweetness at the forefront.

Do Si Dos Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

The bountiful THC and terpenes in Do Si Dos deliver a multifaceted high with recreational and medicinal advantages.

Patients and recreational users alike will benefit from understanding the various effects and potential medical uses.



Do Si Dos launches with an energetic head rush that sparks creativity and imagination.

As the high builds, a soothing body relaxation creeps in to melt away muscle tension.

Smokers may feel motivated, stress-free, and immersed in an upbeat euphoria.

At higher doses however, its indica side can trigger heavy couchlock.

Users report sustained focus and relief from chronic pains and aches.


Potential adverse effects include dry mouth and dry eyes.

Anxiety and paranoia may occur in exceptionally large doses.

It’s best to stay hydrated and moderate intake until you know your limits.

Do Si Dos Strain Helps With

The dynamic combination of THC, CBD, and terpenes makes Do Si Dos a favorite among medical marijuana patients.

It’s commonly used to alleviate symptoms associated with:

  • Chronic pain – The anti-inflammatory humulene can reduce swelling and discomfort
  • Nausea – The peppery caryophyllene stimulates appetite and settles the stomach
  • Insomnia – The relaxing linalool can ease racing thoughts and induce sleep
  • Loss of appetite – The hunger-stimulating caryophyllene increases food intake
  • Anxiety and stress – The calming linalool helps quiet a turbulent mind
  • Depression – The uplifting limonene boosts mood

In addition to temporary relief, the anti-inflammatory action may also help address the root causes of chronic conditions like inflammatory bowel diseases.

Growing Do Si Dos

The tantalizing flavors and sheer potency of Do Si Dos smotivate many growers to try cultivating this popular strain themselves.

With proper care and technique, home cannabis cultivators can achieve bountiful yields of Do Si Dos seeds for their personal stash.

Do Si Dos Seeds

Archive Seeds offers regular, feminized, and autoflowering Do Si Dos seeds through authorized seed bank partners.

Regular seeds produce a natural ratio of male and female plants.

Feminized versions provide all-female plants.

Autoflowering seeds transition automatically from vegetative growth to flowering regardless of light cycle.

Growing Guide

Growing Guide

Whether growing indoors or outdoors, Do Si Dos thrives in a warm, dry, sunny Mediterranean climate.

It responds particularly well to organic nutrients and soil amendments.

Here are some key tips for a successful harvest.

Indoor and Outdoor Growing Info

When grown outdoors, Do Si Dos yields about 18 ounces per plant.

Indoors, it produces around 1.3-1.6 ounces per square foot of grow space.

Outdoor plants can grow quite tall.

Indoors, employ pruning techniques to control height and encourage bushy growth.

Maintain daytime temps of 70-80°F and nighttime temps around 65-70°F.

Lower humidity is better for avoiding mold and mildew.

Feeding Do Si Dos Plants

Use organic soil enriched with compost, worm castings, bat guano, and other natural amendments.

Feed with organic nutrients high in nitrogen in the vegetative stage, then switch to phosphorus-rich formulations in flowering.

Flush the medium in the final weeks to eliminate undesirable flavors.

Flowering Time and Yield of Do Si Dos Seeds

  • Flowering time: 56-70 days
  • Yield: Indoors – 1.3-1.6 oz/ft2; Outdoors – 14-18 oz per plant

Comparison of Alternative Strains to Do Si Dos Strain

Let’s provide a brief introduction and comparison of alternative strains to Do Si Dos:

CharacteristicDo Si DosWedding Cake x Do-Si-DosGirl Scout CookiesGelato x Do-Si-DosPeanut Butter Breath
THC Content26-30%25-28%19-28%25-29%23-26%
Terpene ProfileSweet, mintySweet, nuttySweet, earthySweet, nuttyNutty, sweet
Medical UsesPain, nausea, insomniaPain, nausea, insomniaPain, nausea, insomniaPain, nausea, insomniaPain, insomnia
Flowering Time56-70 days60-65 days56-65 days56-70 days60-70 days

Wedding Cake x Do-Si-Dos

Comparison: This strain offers a THC content of 25-28%, making it slightly milder than Do Si Dos. It shares a sweet, nutty terpene profile and similar medical applications, making it a viable choice for those seeking relief from pain, nausea, and insomnia.

Girl Scout Cookies

Comparison: With a THC content ranging from 19-28%, GSC strain provides a broader range compared to Do Si Dos. It features a sweet, earthy terpene profile and addresses pain, nausea, and insomnia, much like Do Si Dos.

Gelato x Do-Si-Dos

Comparison: Boasting a THC content of 25-29%, this strain offers a higher potency level compared to Do Si Dos. It shares a sweet, nutty terpene profile and targets pain, nausea, and insomnia. Keep in mind that it comes with a medium-high yield and a similar flowering time.

Peanut Butter Breath

Comparison: With a THC range of 23-26%, Peanut Butter Breath strain is slightly milder than Do Si Dos. It features a nutty, sweet terpene profile and primarily addresses pain and insomnia. Its flowering time and yield are similar to Do Si Dos.

These alternative strains each bring their unique characteristics to the table, from THC levels to terpene profiles and medical applications.

Consider your preferences and growing conditions when selecting the strain that best aligns with your needs.

Happy growing!


What kind of seeds does Archive offer for Do Si Dos?

Archive Seeds provides regular, feminized, and autoflowering Do Si Dos seeds through authorized distributors. Each has its own advantages.

How much yield can I get growing Do Si Dos outdoors?

When grown properly outdoors, Do Si Dos typically yields around 18 ounces per plant. Indoor yields are slightly lower.

Is Do Si Dos easy to grow indoors?

Do Si Dos can be grown successfully indoors with proper lighting, temperature control, ventilation, and organic nutrients. Employ pruning for space management.

What terpenes are dominant in Do Si Dos?

The predominant terpenes are limonene, linalool, caryophyllene, and humulene, which give it a sweet, floral, spicy, earthy profile.

Does Do Si Dos have purple colors?

No, Do Si Dos does not exhibit purple or blue hues. It ranges from light to sage green with orange pistils and frosty trichomes.

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