Goji OG Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Alright, cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts, strap in! You’re about to dive deep into the exquisite world of Goji OG, a cannabis strain that’s as mysterious as it is powerful. From its unique genetic makeup to its versatile effects, this baby is the Tesla Roadster of the weed world – sleek, potent, and oh-so-desirable.

Goji OG Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Type: 20% Indica / 80% Sativa

Genetic: Nepali OG x Snow Lotus

THC: 20 – 26%

CBD: 0.3 – 0.6%

Terpenes: Camphene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Phellandrene, Pinene

Flowering Time: 60 – 65 days

Indoor Yield: 1.2 – 1.4 oz/ft²

Outdoor Yield: 22 – 25 oz/plant

Effects: Cerebral, Mood-Boosts, Relaxed

Flavors/Taste: Berry, Cherry, Strawberry, Tropical

Curious about its genetics, characteristics, and just how it might make you feel? Keep scrolling; you’re in for a wild ride!

Key Takeaways:

  • Goji OG offers a balanced high and is genetically descended from Snow Lotus and Nepali OG.
  • The strain features a vivid, multicolored appearance and a complex aroma of berries and earthiness.
  • Indoors offers better control for growing, but the strain thrives in Mediterranean outdoor climates.
  • Three types of Goji OG seeds are available: regular, feminized, and autoflowering.
  • Goji OG is rich in terpenes like Myrcene and Caryophyllene, and offers THC levels ranging from 18-22%.
  • Its potential medical benefits include stress relief and pain management, but it may cause dry mouth and eyes.
  • The strain compares favorably to Blue Dream and Sour Diesel in terms of THC levels and yield.

Goji OG Strain Genetics

Welcome to the genetic treasure chest that is Goji OG!

Known for its delectable blend of flavors and mind-boggling effects, this strain is no accident.

It’s a carefully bred masterpiece that pays homage to its rich genetic history.

But what makes it stand out in a sea of cannabis strains? Read on, and prepare to be enlightened!

Origins and Lineage

Two incredible strains had a love affair to create Goji OG: Nepali OG and Snow Lotus.

Imagine Nepali OG as the spicy conversationalist at a dinner party, offering deep, rich flavors.

Meanwhile, Snow Lotus is the one in the corner, mystical and delicate, with hybrid characteristics that balance out its partner.

Notable breeders have also hopped on the Goji OG train, carefully selecting pheno variations to enrich the genetic pool.

It’s basically the royal bloodline of weed strains!


Goji OG didn’t just wake up like this; it’s been years in the making!

Originating from Bodhi Seeds, the strain has climbed the ranks to become a staple in both dispensaries and grow rooms.

At various Cannabis Cups, it’s strutted its stuff, flaunting high THC levels and a terpene profile that could make a grown man cry.

Whether you’re an experienced smoker or a curious newbie, Goji OG’s reputation precedes it, making it a must-try in the cannabis community.

Appearance of Goji OG Weed

First impressions? Goji OG could be a supermodel in the weed world.

With vibrant green color, lavishly sprinkled with orange hairs and crystal trichomes, it’s a sight to behold.

The bud structure is tight but not compressed, allowing those gorgeous trichomes to glisten in the light.

ColorVibrant Green
Bud StructureTight but Loose
TrichomesCrystal Covered
HairsVivid Orange

Is Goji OG Indica or Sativa?

Is Goji OG Indica or Sativa

Break out your notebooks; it’s time for a lesson in cannabis classifications.

Goji OG is a hybrid strain, leaning heavily on the sativa side with a ratio of 80% sativa to 20% indica.

This strain won’t have you couch-locked; instead, expect a cerebral high that energizes and uplifts.

The sativa dominance is reflected not just in its effects but also in its tall plant size and elongated cola structure.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

What’s cooking in the Goji OG kitchen, you ask? A medley of cannabinoids and terpenes that’ll make your nose twitch and your taste buds dance.

These chemical compounds are the MVPs of the strain, responsible for all the nuanced experiences you get when lighting up.

Let’s put on our lab coats and dig in!

Terpenes Profile

  1. Myrcene: The relaxed, mellow vibes? That’s Myrcene doing its thing.
  2. Caryophyllene: Think of it as the spicy wingman, adding a peppery kick to your smoking experience.
  3. Pinene: Ever caught a whiff of fresh pine while puffing on Goji OG? You can thank Pinene for that.
  4. Limonene: This one’s your citrusy friend, lightening the mood with zesty flavors and smells.

THC and CBD levels

You didn’t think Goji OG was all talk and no action, did you? Let’s get to the nitty-gritty numbers.


With THC levels that soar, you’re in for a wild trip.

But don’t sleep on the CBD; even though it’s low, it adds a balancing touch.

Aroma and Flavor

The aroma and flavor profile of Goji OG is like a symphony for your senses.

When you take that first whiff, you’re greeted with a burst of berry sweetness, almost like you’ve walked into a fruit market.

As you dig deeper, earthy undertones come into play, enriched by subtle hints of black pepper.

It’s a complex tapestry of smells and tastes, worthy of a Michelin-star menu.

Goji OG Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

Is Goji OG just a pretty face, or does it pack a punch where it counts?

Spoiler alert: This strain has more layers than a wedding cake, providing a range of effects and medical benefits that’ll have you coming back for seconds.



Upon inhaling, you’ll first notice a wave of euphoria sweeping over you, lifting your spirits higher than a hot air balloon.

That’s followed by a jolt of creative energy, like your brain just chugged a double espresso.

But wait, there’s more! As time progresses, the effects mellow out into a relaxed state of mind, perfect for deep conversations or Netflix marathons.


Goji OG isn’t all sunshine and rainbows; let’s talk shop about the potential pitfalls.

The most common complaint is dry mouth, so you might want to keep some water handy.

Some users have reported feeling a bit anxious or paranoid, especially at higher doses.

It’s the price you pay for a potent strain; tread carefully if you’re a newbie or sensitive to THC.

Goji OG Strain Helps With

  • Pain Management: The high THC levels make it a champ in combating various kinds of pain.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Those terpenes aren’t just there for the aroma; they help melt away stress like butter on a hot pan.
  • Insomnia: Despite its sativa leanings, Goji OG can bring a gentle, calming effect that may help you catch some Z’s.

Growing Goji OG

Think of Goji OG as the dreamy horticultural canvas waiting for your green thumb.

Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or a newbie dipping your toes into the ocean of cannabis growing, this strain has something to offer.

Let’s unbox the how-to of cultivating this botanical masterpiece.

Goji OG Seeds

Not all seeds are created equal, and that’s definitely the case with Goji OG seeds.

You can find three types:

  • Regular Seeds: The genetic lottery! You might get male or female plants.
  • Feminized Seeds: All-female plant batch—ideal for those focused on flower production.
  • Autoflowering Seeds: No need to adjust light cycles; these babies flower on their own schedule.

Growing Guide

Before you strap on your gardening gloves and start growing Goji OG strain, here’s what you need to know: Goji OG isn’t overly picky, but it does like its comfort zones.

A balanced environment and some attention to detail can work wonders for your yield.

Indoor and Outdoor Growing Info

  • Indoor: Better control over climate and pests. Goji OG loves hydroponic systems, but soil will also do. Keep an eye on humidity!
  • Outdoor: Loves the sun, baby! Make sure it’s a Mediterranean-like climate. Beware of pests and be prepared for a taller plant.

Feeding Goji OG Plants

Your Goji OG isn’t going to thrive on sunshine and good vibes alone.

It craves a rich nutrient mix.

Think higher nitrogen levels during the vegetative stage and more phosphorus and potassium during flowering.

Bone meal? That’s like candy for this plant.

Flowering Time and Yield of Goji OG Seeds

Flowering Time and Yield of Goji OG Seeds
  • Flowering Time: Roughly 9-10 weeks. Mark that calendar!
  • Yield: Indoor yield can be up to 16 ounces per square meter, while outdoor can shoot up to 20 ounces per plant.

Comparison of Alternative Strains to Goji OG Strain

Step right up for the main event – a face-off between Goji OG and its closest competitors.

StrainTHC LevelsYieldTerpene Profile
Goji OG18-22%HighMyrcene, Caryophyllene
Blue Dream17-20%MediumMyrcene, Pinene
Sour Diesel19-25%LowCaryophyllene, Limonene

Blue Dream: Blue Dream strain has THC levels of 17-20% and a medium yield. It shares myrcene as a common terpene with Goji OG but also features pinene. This combination may provide a balanced effect with potential relaxation and heightened alertness.

Sour Diesel: Sour Diesel strain boasts THC levels between 19-25%, but it offers a lower yield compared to Goji OG. Its terpene profile includes caryophyllene and limonene. This strain leans towards an uplifting and creative high, differing from Goji OG’s potential balance between relaxation and euphoria.


Is Goji OG good for beginners?

It’s a mixed bag.

Easy to grow but potent when smoked.

Proceed with caution.

How does Goji OG make you feel?

Expect a rollercoaster – from euphoric highs to relaxed endings.

What’s the primary aroma?

Imagine diving into a basket of fresh berries with a sprinkle of earthy undertones.

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