Purple Urkle Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Purple Urkle is the talk of the town in the cannabis world, with its mesmerizing appearance and aroma drawing enthusiasts like bees to honey. This strain, a gem from the West Coast, especially California, has made waves in both medical and recreational circles.

Purple Urkle Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Genetic: Mendocino Purps

THC: 18 – 22%

CBD: 0.01 – 2%

Terpenes: Bisabolol, Geraniol, Limonene, Pinene, Terpineol

Flowering Time: 55 – 60 days

Indoor Yield: 1.1 – 1.3 oz/ft²

Outdoor Yield: 26 – 35 oz/plant

Effects: Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed

Flavors/Taste: Grape, Herbal, Woody

Purple Urkle’s claim to fame is not just its impressive genetics but also its unique flavor profile and undeniable effects that set the mood for a chill session.

Every toke promises a journey, an adventure into the lush landscapes of flavor, aroma, and sensations.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Purple Urkle originates from Northern California, with Mendocino Purps as its parent strain.
  2. With an 80% indica dominance, Purple Urkle offers profound relaxation and sleepiness.
  3. The strain’s aroma boasts fruity and earthy notes, complemented by skunky undertones.
  4. THC levels in Purple Urkle range from 18% to 22%, while CBD content remains below 0.2%.
  5. The terpene profile includes dominant compounds like Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene.
  6. Cultivation of Purple Urkle requires moderate skill, thriving both indoors and outdoors.
  7. During the flowering stage, which occurs between 55 to 60 days, the buds’ trichomes, aroma, and colors peak.
  8. When compared to strains like OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, Purple Urkle stands out for its unique relaxation and sweet flavor.

Purple Urkle Strain Genetics

Delving into the genetics of Purple Urkle is like peeling back the layers of a centuries-old story.

It’s a tale written in the language of terpenes and cannabinoids, narrated by growers, and cherished by users.

This strain’s legacy is a culmination of nature’s finest and man’s expertise.

Origins and Lineage

Embedded deep within Purple Urkle’s DNA is the legacy of Mendocino Purps.

This parent strain, a stalwart of the cannabis scene, has firmly established Purple Urkle’s roots in the fertile grounds of Northern California.

For those in the know, Mendocino County is akin to the promised land for cannabis cultivation.

The area, blessed with ideal growing conditions and a lineage of legendary strains, has birthed many a cannabis marvel, Purple Urkle being one of its crowning jewels.

When talking about origins, it’s essential to understand that this strain is a testament to the perfect marriage of nature’s randomness and a breeder’s selectivity.


Since its debut in the cannabis spotlight during the 1980s, Purple Urkle has seen an ever-growing fanbase.

The era marked a significant shift in the cannabis industry, with aficionados hunting for strains richer in flavor, potency, and experience.

Purple Urkle, with its distinctive aroma and knockout potency, quickly rose through the ranks.

The strain not only satisfied recreational needs but also found favor among medical patients.

From underground cult status to mainstream adoration, Purple Urkle’s ascent is a story of quality meeting demand.

Appearance of Purple Urkle Weed

One glance, and it’s crystal clear why Purple Urkle often takes center stage in cannabis showcases.

Its rich green buds, kissed occasionally by royal purple hues, are a visual treat.

These compact nuggets of joy are generously adorned with trichomes, nature’s own bling.

  • Colors: An artful mix of green with deep purple undertones.
  • Bud Structure: Compact, crystal-laden, and beautifully covered in contrasting orange hairs.
  • Unique Features: The play of colors, from green to purple, interspersed with fiery orange pistils, makes Purple Urkle a visual masterpiece.

Is Purple Urkle Indica or Sativa?

Is Purple Urkle Indica or Sativa

To the uninitiated, this might seem like a simple question.

But in the cannabis world, this distinction defines the experience.

Purple Urkle proudly boasts of an 80% indica dominance.

What this translates to is a deeply relaxing experience, grounding the user and providing a serene backdrop to any activity.

While the 20% sativa ensures that the relaxation doesn’t tip over into complete sedation, the indica roots are evident in every calming exhale.

It’s this beautiful balance that defines Purple Urkle, making it a favored choice for those looking to unwind after a long day or seeking solace from physical discomforts.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Cannabis strains, while distinct in their attributes, share a foundation of cannabinoids and terpenes.

In Purple Urkle, this intricate tapestry of compounds intertwines to produce its signature profile.

Whether you’re smoking it or turning it into edibles, the inherent blend of Purple Urkle’s cannabinoids and terpenes assures a unique sensory experience.

Dive deep, and you’ll uncover the subtle play of nature’s chemistry, each compound elevating the other, crafting a symphony of flavors, aromas, and effects.

Terpenes Profile

Terpenes in cannabis aren’t just about flavor; they’re the soul whisperers, the underlying notes that set the mood.

Purple Urkle boasts a terpene profile as rich and varied as its history.

  1. Myrcene: This dominant terpene imparts earthy undertones, reminiscent of the forest after a fresh rain. It’s the foundation upon which other flavors build.
  2. Limonene: Offering a zesty kick, limonene introduces the fruity twist, a playful citrusy tease to the palate.
  3. Caryophyllene: The subtle spiciness, the slight warmth that lingers, can be credited to caryophyllene, rounding off the flavor experience.

THC and CBD levels

Purple Urkle’s allure isn’t just skin deep.

Dive into its cannabinoid content, and the magic unfolds.

CompoundConcentration (%)
CBD< 0.2

The THC levels, ranging between 18% to 22%, promise a potent experience.

While it ensures a robust psychoactive journey, the relatively low CBD content keeps the experience smooth, without any jarring edges.

This balance between THC and CBD ensures that while users float on a euphoric cloud, they’re never completely disconnected from reality.

Aroma and Flavor

Unlock the jar, and you’re greeted with a burst of scents that play a tantalizing game with your senses.

The dominant fruity aroma mingles effortlessly with earthy notes, while the occasional skunky undertone keeps things interesting.

As you light up and take that first drag, the sweetness fills your mouth, followed by the unmistakable flavors of earth and fruit.

The aftertaste? A delightful blend of sweet and skunk that keeps you coming back for more.

Purple Urkle Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

Purple Urkle, with its rich lineage and expert cultivation, brings forth a range of effects that resonate both with recreational users and those seeking therapeutic relief.

Its impact is a masterful blend, curating an experience that’s both profound and nuanced.



From the first puff, Purple Urkle sets the stage for relaxation.

The euphoria wraps around you, comforting like a warm blanket on a cold night.

But it doesn’t stop there.

As the experience matures, a profound sense of relaxation takes over, making everything seem just right.

And just when you think it’s peaked, a gentle wave of sleepiness rolls in, making it an excellent choice for those nights when you just want to drift off into dreamland.


However, like all strains, Purple Urkle comes with its set of caveats.

Some users report a case of dry mouth, while others might experience dry eyes.

It’s always good to have some water handy, ensuring the experience remains pleasant from start to finish.

Purple Urkle Strain Helps With

Beyond the recreational realm, Purple Urkle has etched its mark in the medical marijuana landscape.

Its unique cannabinoid and terpene profile offers relief from various ailments.

From managing migraines and insomnia to reducing stress, this strain has emerged as a beacon of hope for many.

Patients often recount tales of how Purple Urkle has helped them find relief when nothing else could, underscoring the strain’s therapeutic prowess.

Growing Purple Urkle

A journey with Purple Urkle is not just about enjoying its delightful effects; it’s also about the cultivation story that leads to those prized buds.

For many growers, the thrill lies in nurturing this strain from seed to harvest.

Purple Urkle, with its Californian roots, promises a cultivation journey that’s as rich as its genetic heritage.

Purple Urkle Seeds

Beginning with the right seeds sets the foundation for a successful cultivation journey.

Purple Urkle seeds, while coveted, require a bit of research to source authentically.

Trusted dispensaries or established breeders should be the go-to destinations for authentic seeds.

Remember, the lineage of Purple Urkle is steeped in quality, so starting with genuine seeds ensures you’re carrying forward this legacy of excellence.

Growing Guide

Purple Urkle isn’t just about the end product; the cultivation journey is equally rewarding.

Best described as having a moderate grow difficulty, it’s both challenging and satisfying for cultivators.

While it’s adaptable, Purple Urkle thrives best with a watchful eye, regular care, and a dash of grower’s intuition.

Indoor and Outdoor Growing Info

Purple Urkle’s flexibility shines through in its adaptability to both indoor and outdoor setups.

For indoor cultivators, optimizing the light cycle, maintaining ideal humidity, and providing ample space can result in yields ranging from 1.1 to 1.3 oz/ft².

Outdoor growers, blessed with a mild climate, can witness the magic unfold as their plants yield a hefty 26 to 35 oz per plant.

Whether you’re growing Purple Urkle strain in a grow room or letting it bask in natural sunlight, this strain responds beautifully when showered with care.

Feeding Purple Urkle Plants

Like all plants, Purple Urkle has its dietary preferences.

Ensuring a balanced nutrient mix is pivotal.

A blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium tailored to the growth stage can work wonders.

Additionally, monitoring for any signs of deficiencies and adjusting the feeding regimen can keep your Purple Urkle plants thriving.

Flowering Time and Yield of Purple Urkle Seeds

Flowering Time and Yield of Purple Urkle Seeds

The magic moment for every grower is the flowering stage.

With Purple Urkle, this moment of truth arrives between 55 to 60 days.

As the buds mature, their trichomes, aroma, and colors come alive.

And once the harvest time rolls around, the rewards, both in terms of quantity and quality, are bountiful.

Comparison of Alternative Strains to Purple Urkle Strain

In the expansive world of cannabis, how does Purple Urkle hold its ground when compared to other strains? Let’s dive into a comparative analysis.

StrainDominanceKey Characteristic
Purple UrkleIndicaRelaxing, Sweet
Granddaddy PurpleIndicaGrape Aroma, Berry Flavor
Alaskan ThunderSativaUplifting, Piney Aroma
Purple CheeseHybridTangy Cheese Aroma, Blueberry Notes
OG KushHybridEnergizing, Earthy Flavor

From flavor profiles to effects, Purple Urkle has its unique space, but it’s always fascinating to see how it stands alongside other cannabis marvels.

Granddaddy Purple: Granddaddy Purple strain is an indica, it features a grape aroma and berry flavor, providing a similar relaxing experience to Purple Urkle with a different fruity twist.

Alaskan Thunder: Alaskan Thunder strain is sativa that offers an uplifting effect and a piney aroma, contrasting with Purple Urkle’s indica relaxation.

Purple Cheese: A hybrid with a tangy cheese aroma and hints of blueberry. It provides a blend of relaxing and potentially uplifting effects, differing from Purple Urkle’s predominantly relaxing nature.

OG Kush: A hybrid strain known for its energizing and earthy flavor. OG Kush strain offers a more energizing experience compared to Purple Urkle’s relaxation.


What sets Purple Urkle apart from other strains?

It’s a blend of its unique lineage, distinct aroma, flavor profile, and the balanced effects it offers.

Where can I source genuine Purple Urkle seeds? 

Reputable dispensaries or renowned breeders are your best bet.

What’s the ideal climate for growing Purple Urkle outdoors?

A mild climate with controlled humidity is ideal.

Are there any specific feeding requirements for Purple Urkle plants?

A balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, adjusted to the growth stage, works best.

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